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Around The Pacific: Logjam at the All-Star break

The Golden Knights are running away with the division while a logjam in the middle is being created between San Jose, Calgary, Anaheim, and Los Angeles. The Oilers could be a little closer to a playoff spot, but all these losses to the Buffalo Sabres are adding up.

1st: Vegas Golden Knights

32-12-4 (68 points) / +36 goal differential 

The Golden Knights had a win against Columbus last week and a loss to the Islanders. They rolled into the All-Star break with a 32-12-4 record, which, if we’re being honest, is probably more wins than we expected them to have in the entirety of their first 82-game season. But here we are, and the Golden Knights have a nine-point lead on top spot in the Pacific Division.

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2nd: San Jose Sharks

26-15-7 (59 points) / +10 goal differential 

The Sharks dropped back-to-back one-goal games last week leading into the All-Star break. They lost 5-4 to the Jets in overtime and then they lost 6-5 to the Rangers in regulation. It was surprising 11 goals against in two games for a team that’s generally very stingy on defence. Anyways, the Sharks sit in second place in the Pacific at the break, but four teams are within two points of them in the standings.


3rd: Calgary Flames

25-16-8 (58 points) / +2 goal differential 

After a seven-game win streak rocketed them up the standings, the Flames have cooled off. They’ve lost four games in a row, including three last week to Buffalo, Los Angeles, and Edmonton. Thankfully for them, though, all four losses have been in the shootout or overtime, so the Flames have managed four points during the skid. The big issue for Calgary currently is an inability to put the puck in the net, as the Flames have cored just six goals over their four-game losing streak.

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4th: Los Angeles Kings

26-18-5 (57 points) / +18 goal differential 

The Kings have been scuffling as of late, but since nobody else in the division is playing all that well, they haven’t lost much ground. Los Angeles got pounded 6-2 by Vancouver but beat Calgary 2-1 before the All-Star break. Overall, since the new year, L.A. is just 3-6. They’re having a rough time scoring goals and their goaltending hasn’t been able to bail them out. In better news, Jeff Carter should be back within the next few weeks, which will help jumpstart the Kings offence.

5th: Anaheim Ducks

24-17-9 (57 points) / 0 goal differential 

The Ducks had a strong push into the Al–Streak break with back-to-back wins against the Rangers and Jets. Anaheim is now tied with L.A. for fourth in the Pacific and they’re only two points behind San Jose for second. That said, they’ve played 50 games, the most of the teams in that jumbled mess in the middle of the standings.

6th: Edmonton Oilers

22-24-3 (47 points) / -22 goal differential 

The Oilers rollercoaster took a massive dip last week when the team got hammered 5-0 at home by the Buffalo Sabres. Soon after, though, it worked its way back up, as Edmonton rallied for a 4-3 win over the Calgary Flames in a shootout. The Oilers are 11 points out of a playoff spot at this point, and even though they have a lot of inter-division games left, it’s an absolutely massive task for them to jump over three of L.A., Anaheim, Calgary, and San Jose.

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7th: Vancouver Canucks

19-24-6 (47 points) / -32 goal differential 

The Canucks had a win over L.A. and a loss to Buffalo (who inexplicably swept Western Canada), but at this point, they’re well out of the race. The few weeks without Bo Horvat in the lineup pretty much sewered Vancouver’s very low playoff odds, so the focus shifts to the trade deadline in Vancouver.

8th: Arizona Coyotes

12-29-9 (33 points) / -54 goal differential 

 The Coyotes beat the Islanders and lost to the Blue Jackets last week. The loss against Columbus represented their first game without recording a point since Jan. 12, a streak of five games. That doesn’t sound like much, but the Coyotes only have 33 points, so it was a pretty incredible stretch for them.

  • lee

    The Oilers are 11 points away from making the playoffs, its about time we talked about next year instead of holding on to some false hope.
    The goaltending has been on and off all season, the back end has been shaky most nights and the wingers are not scoring. This hardly constitutes a playoff team.
    The players that PC have brought in to build around McDavid have not worked, and now lots of bloggers are saying the team needs scoring wingers (like Hall and Eberle I suppose). The team needs to play hard and see where it takes them and the management team including ownership needs to come up with a real plan for the future.
    I still think depth is the real problem, the farm team will not make the playoffs again and most nights they look less than stellar. Building this up will fix a lot of problems, yes it takes a few years but trying to trade your way to be a contender is fools gold, especially when you lose almost every trade. By now you would have thought the Oilers would have figured that out.
    When Tampa was still bad, their farm team was young and ripping it up , plenty of those players are now playing big minutes and are critical to the big teams success.
    Look at the forwards on the Oilers farm team, none of them is going to play in the NHL, if you don’t fix this the Oilers will never be contenders.

    • Kneedroptalbot

      The prospect pool is almost bare. I’m not sure how Edmonton plans to improve since if they don’t have many skilled players to surround Mick David, Leon and Nuge.

  • Yourresignationpeter

    The problem with the Edmonton coilers is they have no scouting. No matter who the gm is or who is coaching the scouts still cannot do they’re job. They go out and scout players like Griffin Reinhardt or kailer Yamamoto ? Does that really constitute working for your money? If I phoned it in like that at my job I would be looking for work right now. Now I know chiapeterelli hired scouts and it shows. I think we all see it. But agree can’t trade your way to greatness ! So fire some scouts hire some real scouts and perhaps send chia out of town. Thinking Siberia is great this time of year. Lawyers don’t always make great gms.

    • ricardo2000

      Looking around the league there are many ex-Oilers who look very good. The problem isn’t selection, it is development and confidence. Neither are available in Edmonton where the corporate coach potatoes still think they created and deserved Gretzky.