GDB 54.0 Wrap Up: Oilers claw back only to blow it again, lose 6-4 to the Sharks

At least the comeback was fun. Final Score: 6-4 Sharks

After losing the first two games on this California road trip due to slow starts and poor puck management, I think it was fair to be concerned about what the hell was going to happen in tonight’s matchup with the Sharks. All day I was thinking about the Oilers allowing another first-shot goal and it was sending me into a cold sweat, a kind of beet-stinking musk that permeated the air and made those around me feel nauseous. And since I was thinking about it all day I almost feel like it was my fault that it happened again. But this is what life as an Oilers fan has become, unfortunately. Everyone that is a fan of this team is, in their own way, suffering through this horrible season while it slowly kills us from the inside.

Considering the fact that the Oilers gave up the lead only 75 seconds into the hockey game, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I’m not a fan of this horrible version of Groundhog’s Day that keeps happening over and over again. I mean, how many different ways can I write about how bad their start was? It’s basically expected at this point and that’s the saddest thing of all. Fortunately, the Oilers were able to overcome that ghastly first third of the game and claw their way out of a three-goal deficit, temporarily leading the game after a flurry of offence. But once again, the comeback seemed to be the finish line because the Oilers made some deadly mistakes in the final moments of the third period which cost them points in the standings and the shame of a pointless road trip. All you can do is flush this trip and move on.

For the last time on this road trip, we wrap.

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Photoshop: @isuckatpicking
  • Zack Kassian got the Oilers on the board after he got a breakaway chance and followed up on the puck as his shot went wide but banked off the boards right back to his stick. From there, he had tapped the loose puck into the net for his 5th goal of the season. Kassian got another breakaway a little bit later on in the second period and ended cashing in on that one with a nice little backhand deke that opened up Dell’s five-hole wide enough to slip the puck through. Huge night for Kass.
  • Leon Draisaitl tied the game at three goals apiece with a well-timed backhand goal from just above the crease. Draisaitl gathered the loose puck and scored the third straight Oilers goal in a span of 11 minutes as they were able to scratch and claw their way out of a substantial deficit. I’m happy that Todd McLellan stuck with Leon Draisaitl at centre because I am not liking the look of the depth at C with him on the wing and RNH on the shelf.
  • Brandon Davidson gave the visitors a temporary as he scored the fourth straight goal for the Oilers, early on in the third period. Davidson made a nice jump into the play and wound up in the right spot at the right time to find a rebound and beat Dell for his third goal of the season.
  • How about Mike Cammalleri with a quiet two-point night after being a healthy scratch last night?
  • Is there anything weirder than the fact that the Oilers have the top-ranked PK on the road but the worst of all-time at home? Edmonton was perfect when down a man and successfully killed the only chance they faced.
  • At least there was no Drew Remenda to gush about all the good things the Sharks were doing.
NHL History: Edmonton Oilers Mark Messier sets playoff record with ninth career shorthanded goal


  • How many times have the Oilers given up the first goal? 34 times. Now you know.
  • For the 10th time this season, the Oilers have allowed a goal on the first shot on net. That means that the Oilers have allowed a goal on the first shot in 18.5% of the games they’ve played so far. Unbelievable. And to make matters worse, the goal belongs to Joakim Ryan who had never scored in the NHL before tonight. What can you say at this point? Were you surprised when Ryan scored the winning goal late in the third period after driving to the net and sliding him the loose puck in the slot? Of course not. Why would you be surprised?
  • Barclay Goodrow put the Sharks up by three goals early in the second period after the home side was able to hem the Oilers in their own end and make them look foolish. Not only did Edmonton have no answer for the Sharks but the worst part is that they also look disinterested in keeping the puck out of their own net.
  • Darnell Nurse tried to move the puck behind the net but it ended up deflecting off the ref’s skate and hit the cage instead, creating a loose puck at the side of the crease that Joe Pavelski easily put into the back of the net. And for the third straight game on this road trip, the Oilers found themselves down by two goals. Pavelski added an empty netter to put the final nail in the coffin. *farts loudly*
  • Tomas Hertl tied the game up at four which stopped the bleeding for the Sharks after the Oilers went on a four-goal run. Hertl’s goal came only moments after Brandon Davidson gave the Oilers their only lead of the of the night.
  • The Oilers went 0/3 on the power play on a night when they really could have used one. Remember how fun it was when they scored PP goals in back-to-back games? Yeah, that was cool.
  • Al Montoya hasn’t played since February 1st and I was interested to see what life was like with a veteran backup goalie taking over for the night. Unfortunately, he did not have a good night as he allowed five goals on 29 shots, giving him an .828 save%.
  • Make it 18 games without a goal for Milan Lucic and gave up the puck on the game winning goal. Banner night for Sargeant Swagger.
  • The Oilers got killed in the faceoff circle, winning only 41% of the draws they took.
  • Doing a third #BeetCast in four nights… why not? Apparently, Oilers fans can’t suffer enough. Follow along over on my Twitter.
NHL History: Glen Sather leaves Edmonton Oilers after 24 years with organization



01:15 San Jose Joakim Ryan (1) ASST: Joonas Donskoi (13), Joe Pavelski (27) 0-1
07:21 San Jose Joe Pavelski (13) 0-2


02:30 San Jose Barclay Goodrow (5) ASST: Jannik Hansen (5) 0-3
08:49 Edmonton Zack Kassian (5) 1-3
14:20 Edmonton Zack Kassian (6) ASST: Yohann Auvitu (4), Kris Russell (15) 2-3
18:02 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (15) ASST: Oscar Klefbom (11), Michael Cammalleri (14) 3-3


01:21 Edmonton Brandon Davidson (3) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (33), Michael Cammalleri (15) 4-3
03:41 San Jose Tomas Hertl (15) ASST: Logan Couture (19), Kevin Labanc (24) 4-4
17:33 San Jose Joakim Ryan (2) ASST: Timo Meier (8), Joe Pavelski (28) 4-5
18:48 San Jose EN – Joe Pavelski (14) ASST: Chris Tierney (13), Melker Karlsson (8) 4-6


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Photoshop: @isuckatpicking
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  • Where do you buy tickets? Right here, friend. But be warned, this will sell out quickly and you procrastination will not be kind if you plan on coming.

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/10/2018 – 11:00pm MST

  • GK1980

    The 5-4 goal was disgusting. D zone coverage is atrocious. I was screaming st the TV when it started to unfold then the sharks score. This team is a disaster in their own zone. Many things need to change here.

    • WHH

      Another thing. I thought you pulled your goalie when you had control of the puck in the other teams end. Not so with the Oilers at least in these last two games. Dump it in, the goalie shoots it to the blueline and the puck is taken down the ice for an easy goal. In fact, in Anaheim the commentators thought that some of the players on the ice didn’t even know the goalie had been pulled.

  • percy

    This team isn’t much different than last year’s team. The big difference is Talbot isn’t playing lights out hockey. We needed to acquire a goalie that could push Talbot. That should have been nu 1 priority. But the management was more focused on putting on a hollywood show by paying the big salaries.The core of this team is still young and inexperienced. The problem on this team is in management. The management so far hasnt made one step in the right direction. God help us. Clear out the board room and bring in some management that have a vision and know what the heck they are doing. This isnt the 80s its 2018.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Did you watch the game last night?? How can you pin the blame on talbot for this season. 5 goals on Montoya and a pathetic powerplay somehow turns into cambots fault?? ??Special teams are the real villain here. Classic oilersnation always blaming the wrong thing. You guys seriously need to learn hockey better.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Couple of things:

    1. Took me a while to see that the picture is a south park looking charcter, sitting on the curb in the rain with his head in his lap.
    2. Someone pointed this out on twitter, and I think we can all see this. When the team gives a damn, theyre outright dangerous and look like they could push for a stanley cup (special teams aside). But when theyre uninterested or unprepared, we get thos.
    3. Someone mentioned Katz and I’m sadly going to agree. I’ve met the guy a couple of times, and he was a nice guy, but his love for the “old boys club” is dragging this team down


    Okay enough of the Montoya era time to move on. Trade Montoya for a fifth round pick if possible if not waive him and keep him in the minors until next season. I doubt anyone’s claiming him. The season is lost so bring up LB or Ellis to finish off the season with NHL starts it’s obvious Talbot is not a #1. Time to sit Lucic and play some skaters.

  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    The fans of the Edmonton Oilers deserve better. The current players on the team deserve better it is not their fault. Tanking and not improving this team for high draft picks during the DOD has forever cursed this organization. We are officially the laughing stock of all professional hockey. I am embarassed even though for some sick reason I will always be a fan of the Edmonton Oilers I must need help. I live in Calgary and I am traumatized.

  • percy

    Nobody is blaming Talbot. We just needed to acquire a back up that could push him for nu 1 spot. That would be the 1st step. 2nd step would be to make a trade for a nu 1 Dman to quarter back the D and help bring along our D core. Next would be finding a few wingers that could thread the needle. Not rocket science. A process that takes a couple of years but it’s positive steps in the right direction. Instead we have this mixed up mess.

      • Serious Gord

        Their is a legion of players on the team having arguably their worst seasons as pros:

        Larsson (?)
        Others – Benning, Slepyshev, Davidson, Letestu and Strome.

        That’s arguably 10 out of 24 on the roster. Horrific.

        • LAKID

          Talbot is a back up
          Lucic is a 4th liner at best @ 6$
          Larson is good
          Sekera comming off injury
          Klefbom will be better
          I would keep or trade if you can win the trade the bottom.


    For the first time since probably about 2009 I’ve decided not to watch the last two Oilers games, and do something better with my Friday Saturday nights. Boy did that pay off!

  • CMG30

    I haven’t watched the past 2 games because I already know that they’ve quit on the season. Maybe not every player, but enough of them have.

    This team was set up to fail over the off season. Fire Chirelli.

  • McDavid's Comet

    @ LAKID

    IMO I don’t think there is a disconnect between Todd with the players, I believe there is a disconnect between Todd and his assistants as well as the GM.

  • abmule

    Excluding Nurse and Larson the Oilers don’t have any other NHL caliber defensemen. We have run out of town too many good goalies……..nothing wrong with Talbot/Montoya, the puck gets real small when you are worrying about the 2nd, 3rd and 4th save. Lucic is an expensive mistake and maybe he’ll either snap out of it and play with some jam or do the honourable thingand retire. Maroon see’s after the Drai signing the belt will have to tighten and is sulking, he is replaceable. In fact damn near all of them are. With Katz this was always about developing the down town core, thats where he makes his money, hockey is a passing fancy and he will unload the oil once his investment in the down town runs its course.