GDB 59.0 Wrap Up: Leads are overrated, Oilers fall 3-2 after third period collapse

We won if we ignore that hockey games are three periods. Final Score: 3-2 Bruins

After what amounted to a horrible road trip for the Oilers aside from Sunday’s win in Colorado, I was hoping that these next two games at home would be what the doctor ordered. Maybe a couple days of sleeping in their own bed would give them the rest and energy needed to rattle off the 20 straight wins needed to get back into the playoffs. Alright, so maybe I’m a dreamer. It’s either that or I’m losing my mind slowly with every can of beets that goes down the hatch. All I did know for sure is that I had a good time with my beet free Sunday and I would have been extremely grateful had the Oilers been able to repeat their end of the bargain.

Is it bad to say that I actually felt hopeful after the Oilers made it through the first few shots and more than 15 full minutes without allowing a goal against? Hell, remaining goalless was the best start to a hockey game that we’ve seen in ages and I was way more excited about it than what was probably necessary. That’s why I lost it when Strome opened the scoring. No joke, when Strome scored on only the third shot of the night I screamed and then burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all. The Oilers didn’t deserve to have a lead but it had been so long since they scored first that I got excited and almost lost control of my hands. Then when Khaira scored a little bit later to put the Oilers up by a pair, I was convinced that Edmonton might actually steal a win or that I was watching some kind of replay from a year ago. I mean, the Oilers were leading by two goals after 40 minutes — what could go wrong?

And then, in a glorious fashion that only the Edmonton Oilers could pull off, they blew their two-goal lead by allowing three straight markers against in the final frame. They had managed to fight off the Bruins all night long but then the wheels fell off entirely in the third and they couldn’t stop the walls from caving in. Ah well, at least it was fun for 40 minutes.

The wrap.


  • Ryan Strome finds himself on a two-game goal scoring streak as he opened the scoring with a quick wrister that beat Khudobin. Strome came down the ice on a 2-on-1 with Cammalleri and had the goaltender thinking pass, giving #18 a chance to rip it into the back of the net.
  • Jujhar Khaira is one of my favourite stories of the season as he keeps impressing with timely goals and a level of play that I doubt anyone would have expected from his this season. Khaira put the Oilers up by two goals after he cashed in a quick snapshot from the high slot that beat Khudobin and got a friendly bounce in off the post.
  • Personally, I think Cam Talbot had two of his best games of the season in the back-to-back set from this past weekend. Early goals aside, after settling in he was square to the shooter, controlled his rebounds, and made plenty of big saves throughout both games to keep the boys in it. I know he allowed three goals in the third period but I would not hang this loss on him, considering he stopped 42 of 45 shots, ending with a .933 save %. The team in front of him could have helped a little bit.
  • Anton Slepyshev had all kinds of chances tonight and even hit the crossbar late in the third period. Since being back in the lineup with some regularity, Slepyshev has been one of the most consistent bottom-six guys they have. Not sure why they’re want to trade him considering the depth on the right side.
  • Kris Russell had a really solid night on the back end for the Oilers. As you’d expect, Russell was throwing his body in front of every puck sent his way (he finished with five blocks), but he was also jumping up into the play and contributing on the offensive side of the puck with a couple shots on goal, including a post in the first period.
  • The penalty kill was solid for the Oilers tonight, killing off all three chances they faced. It probably won’t affect the fact that the home PK is historically bad but it does (kinda) make us feel better.


  • Noel Acciari got the Bruins on the board after he threw the puck out front and got a friendly bounce into the back of the net off of Ryan Strome’s shinpad. It was the kind of bad luck goal the Oilers have seen a lot of this season, and it seeing another go against them wasn’t exactly surprising.
  • The Bruins got the Oilers scrambling in their own end to the point where it looked like they had no idea what they were supposed to be doing. By the time Grzelcyk found himself with a tap-in goal, the boys in orange had gone full yardsale all over the ice and were caught well out of position.
  • In the most Oilers move of all time, David Krejci scored the game winning goal with only 1:04 left in the game with a shot that beat Talbot high, over the shoulder. Only the Oilers could make losing a 2-0 lead with 20 minutes left to play look so easy.
  • Make it 23 games without a goal for Milan Lucic. I was hoping he’d get one against the team that drafted him but no dice, at least not this time. The struggle continues.
  • Giveaways, man. They were the problem that sunk the ship in the third period. I don’t know why the Oilers seem to enjoy passing the puck to their opponents as often as they do but the spirit of giving is real.
  • Let’s check in on the power play, shall we? *crowd roars no* But we must, my friends:
    • The PP finished at 0/1 on the night, as per tradition.
  • Oilers got KILLED in the faceoff circle, winning only 34% of the draws they took. Ugly.
  • Getting killed on the shotclock is never a great look but when the shots are 45-20 then you probably deserved to lose.
  • According to John Shannon, Cam Talbot will be fined by the NHL for calling them out on their incompetence this past weekend. I’m thinking we should start a GoFundMe.
  • As I’ve said in the past few wrap ups and will surely say many more times before we’re done, I’m just here for the McPoints. All I want is Connor McDavid to win his second straight Art Ross win. After a season like we’ve had, is that so much to ask?
  • This one hurts. Nothing will ruin the glow of a long weekend quite like doing a #BeetCast on my first day back to work. We spent the morning having a productive meeting about the future, but then game time hits and blam — beets again. As always, you can follow along and join in over on my Twitter.



18:29 Edmonton Ryan Strome (9) 0-1


11:38 Edmonton Jujhar Khaira (9) ASST: Anton Slepyshev (4), Darnell Nurse (13) 0-2


04:37 Boston Noel Acciari (7) ASST: Torey Krug (28), Brandon Carlo (6) 1-2
11:42 Boston Matt Grzelcyk (2) ASST: Riley Nash (18), Charlie McAvoy (22) 2-2
18:56 Boston David Krejci (11) ASST: Danton Heinen (27), David Backes (16) 3-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 02/20/2018 – 10:00pm MST

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i’d like to say i’m surprised by the Oilers blowing the game in the 3rd period, but i’m not. it’s just the way things have gone for us this season! #becauseOilers

    • BringitbacklikeSlats

      On the first Bruins goal Klefbom was pathetic … yet again. His refusal to finish his check is unfathomable. time and again he lets his man slide right by him with almost no physical contact only to pop out into the slot for an easy goal while #77 looks the other way. So tired of watching this guy.

        • jultz=2cups!??

          Classic schultzhescores!! What did benning do wrong last night? What do you expect from a 3rd pairing guy? Lol. You and your hatred for Benny are hilarious! Do you expect him to play like Brent burns?? Wow. Benny was solid last night. Made good passes and even threw a big hit. Classic oilersnation always pinning the blame on the wrong guy. At least bringitbacklikeslats has been watching the same hockey team I have because that’s exactly what I’ve been saying about klefbom all year. Who is SUPPOSED to be a 1st pairing dman.

    • nijames

      well unfortunately he was not good at all on the last Boston goal. Neither him or Klefbom are two guys you want to see on the ice in the last couple of minutes of a hockey game.

          • BringitbacklikeSlats

            So what exactly do you suppose a winger should be doing in the defensive zone exactly? Hate to break the news to you but it’s a 5 man unit out there. As was the case in the play at issue…If Klefbom has a man towards the corner and Russell is watching the puck carrier behind the net and trying to prevent the pass to the slot… then it’s a forwards job to cover anyone sliding down into the slot. It could have well been the Centres man on that play, but it looked like our middleman was tying someone else up… and Maroon was seen coasting through the zone towards the net with no man covered. They even mentioned it on the replay of the goal.

            Irregardless though, a defender only as one stick and cannot be expected to cover two people. It was a characteristic of Oilers teams throughout the DOD that their D zone coverage as a unit was awful. Team Game.

  • oilfan4ever

    Drake is this years version of Toby Peterson and sooner or later Connor will be fedup and become this years version of Taylor. Thank you Todd for the wonderful way you deploy the little talent we do have. Please go away and take your two sidekicks with you.

  • camdog

    Bagged milk if you start a Go Fund me campaign for Talbot’s speech donate the money to people with vision problems in Cam Talbot’s name or to research into preventing gout from consuming too many beets…

  • ScottV

    Geez. Its hard to watch those post game McL pressers. Soft ball questions. No personal accountability. No one asking him to take any. I guess the process is for show.

  • Natti_89

    #trampoline4talbot he played well. Face offs lost this game meh #trampolines4oilers = 2020 good luck boys and go bruins they have always been my firstborn .

  • Natti_89

    Also can someone give me something to actually be positive for this year for the oil? What should we look forward to or what’s our goal to get us on a positive note? Please tell me #buytalbotatrampoline

  • Heschultzhescores

    We didn’t deserve that game, it was really only a matter of time. There is not team worse in their own end than us! The guys were waiting to lose with the rest of us. It’s a SAD team!

  • slats-west

    Face-palmers? What a game by our trade baits especially Maroon. He gets more ice time with the best player on the planet, and has one mission – go to the net ASAP and let Connor bounce one one in off your a$$. Really they are trying to get this guy a big contract (probably his last) and this is how he shows up? Wasn’t even noticeable, no touches of puck, no hits, no agitation = 3 year deal for $1.5M vs the $4MM you could’ve got if you got 20+G from last year plying with McDavid.

    James Neal would score 50 with MCD. Sorry Big Rig but you’ve become Big Disappointment.

    • Heschultzhescores

      I noticed him out there. He was the stationary guy out there that should have had a pylon on the top of his helmet so nobody accidentally ran into him and made him pout or retaliate.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Why can EVERY team forecheck us to death? Yet our forecheck is virtually non-existent? Is it that our D is that poor and other teams is that good, or is it we just don’t have the tenacity of other team. I think it’s a combination of both. We give the puck away countless times!

    • Kneedroptalbot

      A quote from Rob Brown on the post game show, “Boston is a fast team, they beat us to the puck all night. Oilers couldn’t keep up”. That pretty much sums it up.

  • 40 Year Re-build

    McDavid: Haha okay boys let’s get serious now.
    Team: We have to go 21-1-1 to get 95 points Connor.
    McDavid: ……….
    Leon: ……Nurse, your sister in town?

  • Petrolero

    “According to John Shannon, Cam Talbot will be fined by the NHL for calling them out on their incompetence this past weekend. I’m thinking we should start a GoFundMe.” Ehhh, no. You want to give your money to a millionaire be my guest, I’m good.

  • OnDaWagon

    What you talking about, parity in the league? How come the league is keeping secrets from the Oilers? Not fair. Proof tonight, that the Oilers didn’t get the memo.

  • cityofchampions

    Our drafting, development of prospects and trading history is generally regarded to be amongst the worst (if not the worst) in the league. We have let low-cost effective options (Oesterle and Pitlick) go for nothing while overpaying Drai, Lucic and Russell. We are going to be in cap-hell starting next year with no effective wingers, mediocre defence and questionable goaltending. I love the Oilers, but its hard to be optimistic until we start running a professional organization. Get people in who can scout, who can draft, who can develop players, get coaches who can implement systems that take advantage of our player’s abilities, get GM and management who understand the salary cap and the types of players needed to win, get in veteran leadership who can pave the way for prospects, and don’t give a F*&$ if any of them have ever played for the Oilers or know someone who has ever played for the Oilers. Bring in professionals, pay them well, and let them do their jobs without any oversight from ownership, friends of ownership, or alumni Oilers. Be a professional organization instead of the mickey mouse organization you have been since 2006. Rant over.

    • Gravis82

      My thoughts since the Reinhart trade. After the Hall trade I rarely watched games after not missing a single one in the DOD. It was clear they were incompetent. The hall trade was the nail in the coffin for a chance at a cup anytime soon. And then it got worse with the eberle trade and …dear lord…watch nuge get traded for a winger now to address our lack of depth on the wing….insanity.

      I honestly am so frustrated that I want McDavid to request a trade…resulting in literally everyone getting fired from Assistant coach to Katz. Everyone. I think it might be the only way the Oilers win a cup again…a mass firing…and I am not sure what else would actually lead to a mass firing than a McDavid trade request.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      hell and i thought we had already done this when we cleared out most of the Old Boys Club? guess not so i suppose we can try it again? but if we start moving out the GM, the coaches and worst of all more players, then get ready for our endless rebuild to continue!

      • Dirtbag Daddy

        The old boys club is still intact and is obviously still pulling strings. The puppets respond. The worst scouting and management from the top down. Quit looking at prospects for the Oil Kings.

  • bazmagoo

    Can anyone tell me what the heck Talbot was doing on the game winning goal. It looked like he pushed off away from the shooter instead of towards the shooter to cut down the angle. Horrible goaltending on that one, although I didn’t watch the rest of the game and it sounds like he was ok.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      You can’t be serious. Guy had an krejci had an ETERNITY in front of him. There’s not a goalie in the league that stops that shot. Anybody who cheers this comment needs to learn hockey better……

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I don’t know if it was him blowing off steam, or him reading about how all of YOU have turned on him, but Talbot has been SOLID these last 3 games. He’s given Edmonton a chance to win these last 3 games, and I really hope he keeps this up.

    • hammer313

      You mean to play?! He could not do worse than what we are witnessing. Lucic and Cammalleri on a NHL 2nd line, embarrassing, no other way to look at it. This group should be ashamed.

  • Oilswellthatendswell

    March will be a much better month. We play the Flames twice, both on the road. That’s 2 solid wins almost guaranteed, and McGreatness could/should be able to pull 8-10 points in those games.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Classic oilersnation. Now that you’ve made such a bold prediction when the oilers are playing their worst hockey of the year, I don’t want to see you guys crying if the flames win both games and flamesnation comes to give it to you guys.

  • Top_Shelfie

    Breakdowns in front of Talbot was the difference in this game. Poor coverage. McDavid get wood on a couple of those passes from Drai, and the outcome is in the Oiler’s favour. Good team effort! Nice to see Cam and some of the role players have a decent game.

    Go Top Shelf.