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Taylor Hall is just going through the stages of a breakup

Every few months it feels like someone pokes the bear that known as Taylor Hall. They ask him something about his days in Edmonton and of course, he responds with a comment that lights up like a golf club held up in the sky during an electrical storm. I usually don’t pay much attention to it. Taylor is gone, and I couldn’t care less about him. However, I did catch the nugget of a quote from Hallsy the other day on Twitter. You know, the one about playing hockey in February? It got me wondering, has Taylor Hall ever been on the receiving end of a breakup? Because I think him and I might have something in common.

Ah, to be young and in love

You fall so fast when you’re so young — Taylor with the Oilers and me with a boy. Now you’re probably wondering, ‘where is Paige going with this?’ but just follow me for a minute. Taylor came to the Oilers as the star of the show. This was going to be his circus and his monkeys. A boy entered my world, and of course, he became the star of my show — my monkey in my circus of life.

My relationship was fun, just as I’m sure Taylor’s was with the Oilers. I’m sure he loved the organization and the city just as much as they loved him.

Life changes

In my relationship, I found that we were going in different directions. I wanted to make it work, but at times felt like I wasn’t his priority anymore. I, however, stuck it through because I liked him.

Can I say for sure that Hall had those feelings after McDavid was drafted? No, but I’m fairly certain Hall knew this wasn’t his team anymore. If he was walking through a mall with Connor, people probably fangirled over McDavid more. Props to Hall for not getting frustrated. He stayed the course and was still a star on the Oilers.

Breakups are the worst

As I’m sure you’ve figured out, he broke up with me. I wasn’t happy at all. I tried to convince him to stay with me, that we could make it work, but we wanted different things in life.

The date was June 29th, 2016, when the news broke that the Oilers were breaking up with Hall. Did he know it was coming? Who knows, but we know he did take it personally. In his presser, he told the media he felt slighted: “I’m a proud person, and I do take this as an indictment on me as a hockey player. I don’t think there’s any other way to treat it. I think it’s safe to say I’m a very motivated player now.”

That bitter feeling

Hallsy’s and my paths differ here. I didn’t struggle after my breakup. I went out to make myself a better person, just as he did as a hockey player. His team, however, did struggle. The Devils didn’t make the playoffs, and to make matters worse, Taylor had to watch the club that didn’t want him finally make the postseason.

Whenever someone asked me about my ex for a while after, I was always eager to slip a snide comment about how much better I was doing and that I didn’t care about him. Taylor was doing the same thing about his former team. The first instance came during a Spittin’ Chiclets podcast hosted by former teammate Ryan Whitney last February. He stated if the Oilers won the cup, he’d be upset.

“Like I said, if they win the Cup I’ll be choked. But they’re going to make the playoffs, and I got my own thing going on here, and I’m getting more and more used to it,” said Hall.

The comparisons between the two of us stop there, I had moved on. For him it didn’t stop there, Hallsy was once again poked by the media in March of last year. When he was asked if he would cheer for the Oilers in the playoffs this was his response: “In the playoffs? No, I won’t be rooting for them.”

Today, Hallsy finally gets the chance to gloat. His team is making a playoff push and he’s a point per game player. Where’s his ex that didn’t want to be with him anymore? That’s right, pretty much where they were when they deleted his number from their phone and removed him on social media. Taylor is a chatty guy, and I for one can understand why he makes statements about his time here or where he is as a player. He’s just a bitter ex trying to make it through the process of having a broken heart. Do you think Taylor is in the right or wrong with his comments? Let me know your thoughts below!


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    • puckle-head

      Haha, the Oilers are in stained sweatpants, eating cookie dough ice cream while they’re new partner (McDavid) is begging them to, if they’re not going to go look for a job, at least shower for f’s sake. And is probably horrified at the mistake he made.

  • Gravis82

    He is giving the media what they complain about not getting, an honest answer from a human instead of a pr robot. And then gets roasted for it.

    Considering the situation I’d say most would feel the same. Just most do not say. So I don’t feel there is much here. The real story is that he is willing to throw it all out there for just a hockey question that could have easily been a canned response. He obviously takes winning very seriously.

    This is how he has always interviewed from day 1.

    • OilersGM

      Gravis82 you are so right we hear so many cliches from players and nice to know how they really feel. NHL players need to learn a thing or two from NBA players.
      By the way Paige you are little late to the party did you just wake up,
      Cam Lewis did a whole article on Hall two days ago. Way to open a can of worms again.
      Start the fireworks here we go again.

    • Spaceman Spiff

      Oh goodness, no. I’m not roasting him for speaking up. He gets full marks from me for his honesty. But I don’t have to be happy about the substance of what he said.

      By “substance,” I mean the part where he cops to the fact he didn’t listen or speak to coaches very much – or at all – during his six seasons here. Perhaps not coincidentally, those were six seasons in which the Oilers missed the playoffs.

      I’ve repeated this, ad nauseum, over the last couple of days since this story broke: Hall has admitted to being a bit of a coach-killer. That’s an absolute cardinal sin for a young player in the NHL, star or not. And if that doesn’t change the prevailing narrative on why he was deemed the asset most expendable in a trade for a defenceman, then absolutely nothing will.

      Mad about him speaking up? Goodness, no. I’m glad he did. And I’m glad he’s recognized the err of his ways. Too bad it took a trade to clue him in.

      • Gravis82

        Taylor hall is not our son that needs to be assessed and critiqued and called out for his moral character and actions in the hope that he learns his lesson and matures properly as a result of our constant public and mostly anonymous judgement. He is a grown man, just like every other grown man IN The NHL, and it’s not my place to pass negative judgments publicly on character traits from afar of s person I literally do not know. Look at anyone close enough and you’ll find some issues. . none of that is my business though. I care about points and having good players on the team.

        Also, depends what your definition of roasting is. This article kind of indirectly called into question his maturity and professionalism, based on answering a reporters question honestly and respectfully. Answer question, respect reporter and don’t lie, take heat from media for stating the obvious and watch them twist words to fit their narrative. Staples peice on this was awful…title was almost fake news.

        And honestly, a good leader makes you want to go through a wall for them…and a good coach knows hockey strategy. I don’t think any coach had both of those things. I bet Krueger and Nelson could have got there with time. Frankly I don’t blame hall for not listening to Eakins. Or Mclellan for that matter, it’s not like his system is that great.

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Taylor Hall said it himself, “I didn’t like to listen to the coaches”. He was so talented in Junior he never had to.
    Back check, nope, didn’t have to do that in Junior either. The Best thing that could of ever happened to Taylor Hall early in his career? If he would of played for Ken Hitchcock, Daryl Sutter, or Jacques Lemaire.
    He could have been better than Jonathan Toews with world class speed.