Oilers finally win a goal challenge

When was the last time the Oilers won a challenge? Can you ever remember? Well, they finally won one tonight as an NHL booth review overturned the game-tying goal in tonight’s win against the Kings. 

It feels like it’s been that long doesn’t it, advanced age Kate Winslet.

Not since the second round of the playoffs have the Oilers won a reviewable play. (That includes challenges from the coach and the #shituation room) That run of horrible luck includes all kinds of failed reviews such as.

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The goal denied goal that lead Connor McDavid to recommend that the refs check upstairs.

Remember when the league went back on its own call a week later and admitted that it should have been a goal? We remember.

Then you had the Corey Perry goal count because it’s Corey Perry.

Then there was that time when the league was more worried about upsetting Perry than getting the call right.

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And then of course the infamous..

Need we say more?

By now we have seen everything the NHL could throw at us, and then some. It was times like these that caused Cam Talbot to let the league know what he thinks of their review process.

“There’s just no consistency and I’m [expletive] sick of it. It’s [expletive] ridiculous. You can quote me. They can fine me> I don’t give a [expletive] anymore.”

Then tonight:

The officials initially reviewed the play and determined that the puck had gone in. That review was then immediately reviewed when the situation room announced that the goal was now under review for goalie interference. Clear as mud, right? After a second review that was actually quicker than normal (by NHL standards), the referee returned to center ice for the second time to announce that it was “NO GOAL”

Now, along with Todd McLellan, Oilers fans, and the rest of the world, we can finally say that we know what goalie interference is.

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Just kidding.