The Trade Deadline passes, Chiarelli speaks

With the Trade Deadline come and gone, the Edmonton Oilers will now look to play out the stretch by giving their younger players more minutes and figuring out their approach as they head into the summer. Peter Chiarelli had some housecleaning to do and he took a minute to speak to the media to recap the day and go over what happened (or didn’t happen).

To start things off, Chiarelli went over his approach to the deadline and what he was hoping to do.

“We went into this deadline to try and get returns that would assist our organization immediately.

Ah, yes, the ol’ warm body approach. Go on…

We did it in one transaction, we didn’t in two others. It was a tough market out there.”

Davy for a third-round pick – ✅
Maroon for a third-round pick and a dude(k) named JD – ✅
Letestu for a real boy – ✅

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The math checks out.

“It felt like more resistance this year.”

Viva la Resistance! Wait, no that’s a bad thing. We don’t want resistance. That’s bad. BOOOOOOO!

“We’re happy with what we did. It’s not pleasant to be a seller but we felt comfortable in our returns.”

I’m glad you felt comfortable about it because I don’t think I do. With that said, I know I’m not the biggest Chia guy around these parts so I’ll just shut my mouth and hope that things will work out, or that there’s some kind of plan moving forward.

“We’ll try to use those picks in the summer to try and acquire a player in the summer.”

Well, if a fourth-round pick lands you Mark Letestu (CBJ trade) then I wonder what a third will get you?! Steve Stamkos, no doubt. Jokes aside, I would really like to see the Oilers using these magic beans to try and get some actual humans in return because their drafting in later rounds is… ehhhh… not so good.

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On the return for Pat Maroon

When asked about the return for Pat Maroon, Chiarelli talked again about the tough market and how his yearning for live human beings made things even more difficult. From the horse’s mouth:

“I was trying the whole time to get a prospect. We did get a prospect.”

Who is he again? I’ve never heard of this dude(k) until just now. Tell me something about him.

“JD is a good college player. He’s got speed, plays with intensity, and we’ve seen him quite a bit.”

Wait, that sounds like he’s NOT going to play for the Oilers. I mean, you can level with me here, Pete. Don’t worry, no one is reading this. Between you and me, there’s no way you actually expect JD Dudek to do anything, right?

“I would have liked a prospect that was closer to playing but it was a tough market.”

*inserts Devan Dubnyk “oh” face.jpg*

“Maybe part of it was our players, just in general, weren’t as good as they were before. That was part perception, part reality. At the end of the day, it took to the very last second to get it done.”

Ah, I get it. Other teams looked at the guys we had available and didn’t think they were that good, but isn’t that where you come in to sell them? I mean, someone sold you on Louie Eriksson being a major piece in the Seguin trade so surely you have someone to sell your guys for other teams, no?

Henrik Borgstrom and Lias Andersson are possible targets for a Jesse Puljujarvi swap

No, wait, I’ve got it. Maybe there was some fluctuation in the offers you were getting because of who was still available or who wasn’t?

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“No fluctuation. It was just kind of that we were fourth or fifth on the chart and most teams have the same chart.”

That’s not what Ray Shero said. He said your ask came down quite a bit in the last 10 minutes. Maybe your ask didn’t fluctuate? Either way, he waited you out, bro. Seems to me that a guy that’s on pace for 20 goals again on a contract that is basically free (in terms of NHL money) should have been worth more than a 3rd round pick and a dude that won’t ever play, no? Maybe just take the pick in this case.

“It’s a different process when you’re asking for prospects.”

Alright, I’ll buy that. Can you run down the process for me a little bit?

“You have to sort through them with your own scouts and then their scouts. It’s harder. You get something that’s more readily available to you so it’s a harder process.”

Ooooookay… You’re not being honest with me here, are you? I believe that it’s a tougher process to get a prospect than a pick but if the “prospect” you’re getting has no chance at ever playing then what was the point? Why not just take a higher pick in that case?

“Maybe I would have liked a little bit more for Pat, but we’re happy with what we got.”

Ah huh.

On why Mike Cammalleri was not traded

For me, one of the most interesting parts of the presser came when Mark Spector asked why Mike Cammalleri was not traded. According to Chiarelli:

“There was not a lot of interest nor did I actively shopping him.”

Wait, what? What do you mean you weren’t actively shopping him? The guy is a UFA at the end of the year and is playing some of his best hockey of the season and you didn’t think that getting an asset for the guy would be a good idea? Well, I guess they’ll be re-signing Mike Cammalleri then because that’s the only way that this sentence makes any sense.

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On moving toward the draft and summer

When asked about what comes next for the Oilers, Peter Chiarelli didn’t offer much aside from some vague plans that most people would have expected anyway.

“In this next segment, I want to see progress so it’s a period of evaluation.”

I want to see progress too. There are 20 games left and I’d like to eat beets in less than half of those. Progress!

“Once we’re through the season we’ll look through the list and make moves from there.”

Not Nuge, though, right? I mean, if Draisaitl is going to play on McDavid’s wing all the time then you’re going to need a capable second-line centre. That’s Nuge. You know it. I know it.

“I’m not going to project on any current players to see what I’m going to do with them.”

Of course you’re not. I guess I’ll just save my disappointment for whenever #OperationBrownBananas is initiated.

Best Oilers Trades Countdown – Honourable Mentions

On Pontus Aberg

Lastly, Peter Chiarelli was asked about Pontus Aberg, the return from yesterday’s trade that temporarily sent Mark Letestu to the Nashville Predators.

“He’s got some speed, he’s got a good shot, and he competes. We feel he’s an NHL player.”

Personally, I liked the Letestu-Aberg trade because he was a guy that has some actual talent and NHL at-bats under his belt being added to a very shallow prospect pool. If you take a look at the Condors’ roster, you’ll see a team that has next to nothing in terms of skilled wingers and Aberg would instantly become the best player on that team. I assume that he’ll finish the season with the Oilers to see what they’ve got there, and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Any idea where he’ll play, Pete?

“He’ll probably start on the lower lines and work his way up.”

Makes sense to me.


At the end of the day, I’m not overly surprised that Peter Chiarelli wasn’t all that busy on the trade front. What does surprise me, though, is that there were pending UFAs like Mike Cammalleri that he didn’t really try to shop that much. I mean, why wouldn’t he shop a guy that will likely walk away for nothing two months from now? How does that make sense? Anyway, it also wasn’t surprising that Chiarelli didn’t say much in his presser because that’s the way his interviews always seem to go, so expecting enlightenment is a fool’s errand at this point.

For the Edmonton Oilers, this was another deadline where they got objectively worse on the ice and that’s a tough pill to swallow. For a team that had playoff (and Stanley Cup?) aspirations back in September, being a seller at the deadline can be described as nothing short of a failure, a plaque on the Wall of Shame that Peter Chiarelli will have to answer for eventually. When will that day come? We’ll have to wait and see, but what we do know for sure is that there will be plenty more changes between now and when the puck drops on the 2018-19 season in October.

  • 1ncinawhile

    Relax people. Everyone is forgetting that Maroon was GONZO this summer, and we would have got sweet nothing. The teams “purchasing him” are also going to lose him come summer. His value was low low low… and besides, anyone remember what we paid for Maroon? If I recall it was slim to none… so relax – not a single one of you could have done any better – NHL team GMs (including Chai) are sharp business men who ALL know a thing or two about negotiation – not to mention they have a TEAM helping them negotiate. They aren’t trading hockey cards with the neighbour hood alley kids… sheesh – so sick of hearing all the crap comments from arm chair GM’s…. *** end of rant.

    • RJ

      Maroon’s first comments to the media after he learned of the trade was that he’d be open to coming back July 1. That’s hardly “GONZO”.

      Add to that is the NJ commentaries saying Chia should be on speed dial and that this was Shero’s latest Edmonton heist. Sure seems everyone knows NJ paid a low price for a top-6 LW at a time when one of their top-6 LWs is injured.

      • 1ncinawhile

        Maroon coming back = doubtful – it’s common fact that we likely can’t afford (cap space) what he will fetch in free agency. And if we do sign him – the same nay-sayers will be complaining about overpayment… Chai in the Edmonton market = damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t.

        • 1ncinawhile

          You people will run out of town a good GM just as quickly as you will a good winger like Eberle – then b**** and complain about it afterwards… run em out of town – that’s Edmonton style. Run out the goaltenders (few years back)… run out the d-man prospects… or wait… first ya run em to the ground, grinding them down their every move until they don’t even wanna show face in public… then you run them out of town (Schultz)… toxic place this market is… the fans are as big a problem as the media and management… toxic – all of it. Won’t be long before Connor and Leon will be asking for the door…

      • MrBung

        But what is he open to coming back to? Comes down to the dollar bills. Can’t have Lucic and Maroon on roster if Chia and the rest of the incompetent management are going to fill the “holes” that this team has and the cap crunch.

    • Slipknot 8

      Well, tell me why these arm chair GM’s got first round picks for player equal to Maroons production?
      Goals since 2016/17
      Kane 48
      Nash 41
      Maroon 41
      Tatar 41

      So tell us why the sharpe Chiarelli got fleeced by the same GM that he got fleeced from before…….

    • RJ


      According to Elite Prospects, Dudak was the Devils’ 18th ranked prospect.

      If the Oilers had traded a 2019 3rd round pick and Skyler Brindamour for a top-6 LW, then I have no doubt you would tell all of us how great PC is.

      As it stands, the immediate reaction is Chia got fleeced, that this was a heist, the return was disappointing, and that the Devils got a heck of a bargain. Doesn’t reflect well on Chia.

  • Big Nuggets

    Reading a quote from Yzerman ‘we identified some players we were intetested in’ made me realize that Chia appears to only identify players he wants to trade away from the team and appears clueless as to pro players on other teams. If he hasn’t played college hockey in the Boston area then Chia has no idea about the player.
    We are in a critical point with our roster where more mistakes could sink us into perennial losers again. I hope Nicholson doesn’t waste time this offseason and finds a new GM. If he can’t find any qualified candidates then he can hire me. #BigNuggetsforGM

  • DannyGallivan

    Hall 66 pts – 3rd best LW (Lucic is our best at 31 pts), Eberle 45 pts – 19th best RW (Kassian is our best at 16 pts – Strome is C 28 pts), Dubnyk 0.919 mid pack (Talbot 0.904), Jeff Petry (Habs 30 pts), Justin Schultz (Penguins – top +/- D). Great players don’t grow on trees. In return basically we got Larsson, Strome, Hendricks, 2nd round pick 2015, 3rd round 2016.

    Great players cost money, I get that. Lucic and Hall make the same money. That’s a tough one as to who to choose 🙂 Strome has 28 pts and is an RFA next year so his poor production may be a blessing if we can sign him for cheap/long-term – assume he signs for $4M. Dubs/Talbot make the same $. I take Dubs. I will take Petry or Schultz over Russel and pay the extra $1.5M. Keep Petry or Schultz over Larsson, pay another $1.3M and Hall costs the same at Luc, is 3 yrs younger and is locked in until 2020.

    For an extra $5M, we have Hall, Eberle, Dubs, Petry, Schultz who replace Lucic, Strome, Talbot, Russel, Larsson. We get the 3rd best LW in the league/one of the better RW and an extra 52 pts in production, better/more mobile D who have more points, better G. How do we get that? Quite making ridiculous trades to improve the team! Thank god we won the McDavid lottery or we would be in real trouble.

    • gr8haluschak

      wow talk about the revisionist history here – half of those players were ran out by the so called best fans in the NHL. In terms of better D are you f’n kidding me: Adam Larson is a hell of a lot better defenseman than either Petry or Schultz and if you think otherwise you are an idiot.

      • DannyGallivan

        The fans don’t make the decisions, our not so good GM’s and Coaches do. To have Hall we would not have gotten Larsson. Didn’t say I did not like Larsson. I said Petry and Schultz over Russel but Hall with Petry or Schulz rather than Lucic and Larsson. I like Larsson but we have lost our scoring with the loss of Hall and Eberle in favor of Lucic and Strome. BTW: check the stats on Petry and Schultz. They look pretty good compared to Auvitu, Benning, Russel. Read what was said before you call me an idiot.

  • Dirtbag Daddy

    What does Chia do during the season? Does he not keep in contact with the league managers and discuss hockey and the team players? I mean that when the trade deadline appears the panic sets in and he makes foolish trades. These trades could be consummated before the deadline. The return, in my opinion, is another black mark when other players are getting market value. It appears the trades were made because they wanted to make a trade. Hey Chia. Look into your crystal balls and tell me – where is this team going to be in the next couple years. If you continue the way you are are you moving to New Jersey or Vancouver? Need to do favours for others? What gives?

  • When I watch a Stevie Y. From Tampa play his magic year in/year out, I just cry a tad. To have the depth and prospect pool to receive a J.T. Miller (can be a stud) and of Course Ryan McDonagh…AND still have depth/prospects in the pipeline. Me Jealous? Nah.

  • QuitForRealThisTime

    It is time for this organization to stop f’ing over it’s fans….It is time the fans started f’ing over themselves. It is pretty clear to me that posters on this site know how to do Chia and staffs jobs better than they do. I say f’ it lets give it to them.
    Please Meet:
    Serious Gord – President of Hockey Operations
    MadJam – General Manager
    TrueBlue – Associate Manager
    OilerGM – Associate Manager
    The rest of you will be assigned scouting, coaching and training jobs.
    I may sound like I am being sarcastic but I am 100% serious. This needs to happen. It is time for the real hockey minds to take over this team.

  • Spydyr


    We have crapped the bed so bad we don’t have time to draft and develop our own players. Besides are drafting and development is horrendous. So we will just ask for other teams low level prospects.

  • MrBung

    This team is not going to be competitive for the next 2-3 years at least. And that is only if they bring in competent management and figure out what to do with the bad Lucic contract.

  • toprightcorner

    I am sick of these “anti-chia” biased articles that don’t take everything into consideration when passing judgement.

    1) On Maroon – He was 4th-5th on other peoples lists, which I believe, behind Grabner, Brassard, Kane and Nash. Take out STL who shockingly became sellers and WPG, who got Stastny.

    2) After STL turn of events, PC basically had about an hour to find another partner who was not as desperate and of course that GM can wait him out because there is no more serious competition. Shero has zero intention to try and resign Maroon so he would not consider paying full value.

    3) It was take what he could get or be stubborn and not get anything so you find the best deal available in an hour span.

    4)No person will ever publicly say they had to take less than what they wanted.

    5) If Maroon was on pace for 27 goals like last year, he would have been higher on other teams lists.

    6) With NHL instantly changing to a speed game with PIT past playoff success, adding a slow player is not preferred, hence the fast guys went first and cost more.

    8) Pretty hard to sell a GM on Maroon to get more from him when his production dropped from last year, he has not played well the past 10 games, he is slow in a game of speed, not many other buyers and you have to complete the deal in an hour.

    9) On Camarelli, take PC’s comments in context, he had some offers and then didn’t actively shop him. The incoming offers were probably 6th and 7th round picks.

    10) nobody would give up a pick for Vanek who is twice as good.

    11) If a drafted bust is all you could get, or a 7th round pick is it worth pushing hard or do you focus on the other 2 UFA’s

    12) Camarelli is more valuable to the team in the last 20 games being a very good locker room guy and with minimal vets on the wings to help these young guys as they get a chance to prove themselves.

    13) having Aberg, Rattie and the other young guys play with another vet winger on the line to guide them is worth much more than a 7th.

    14) Cammarelli has been hot lately, maybe he is a possible resigning option for $800k as a 12th or 13th forward which forces young guys to earn their spot but if they do, he is a good vet in the room with Letestu now gone, can play up and down the lineup in case of injury and can play on the PP.

    15) I would rather have a vet like Cammaleri be the guy spending half the time in the press box than a young guy who would be better off in the AHL than sitting.

    Making quick uneducated judgments is just stupid. Even TSN and SN say the trade day was fair. They weren’t winners and they weren’t losers. Sure we could hope for more but he got what should have been reasonably expected.

    People that actually thought a 1st rd pick was a possibility were stoned.

    • MrBung

      Chia, is that you? You shouldn’t be spending time on ON but figuring out how not to get fleeced by your fellow GMs from the New York Islanders and New Jersey all the time. Do you have contact with any other GMs? Seem to always deal with the same guys.

  • TKB2677

    First of all, I felt the Oilers had to move Maroon. The season is lost, you have to get something for as many UFA’s as you can. Based on Maroon’s comments right after the trade came down, he wants/his intention is to resign with the Oilers. He went so far as to say he wants to resign with the Oilers on July 1. Whether is happens or not remains to be seen but for all we know, they could have a deal all made up and it’s in a drawer. But regardless, in a lost season, it makes no sense not to trade him and get something for him. I am disappointed with the return for Maroon, I thought they would get more. But in saying that and reading this article and comments, I don’t understand all the negativity. I don’t work for a NHL team but I assume GM’s well in advance let teams know, especially when we are dealing with UFA’s what they want for them. So teams would know Chia’s original ask. The Oilers record indicates that Chia has not done a very good job this year but I have to assume he’s not completely stupid. So just like when you are selling a home, you set the price as somewhat reasonable but it will be higher than what your rock bottom is. So Chia set his price and sat on it. I am sure he got offers for less but he sat on his ask like we all would when selling something. So maybe the ask was a second and a prospect but in his mind he would accept a 3rd and a prospect. When it came down to the deadline approaching and it was pretty clear he wasn’t getting his ask, he ultimately settled for what he would accept.

    So I don’t get why people are mad. It’s all fine and dandy to ask for the moon in the hopes some sucker will give it to you but when that sucker doesn’t bite, are people seriously thinking it would be better to get nothing because you didn’t budge? So if Maroon wasn’t traded and Chia came out after the deadline and said, “I wanted a second and a prospect for Maroon, I got offered a 3rd and a prospect. So I said no”. People would be happy with that and slapping hands he decided to get nothing for Maroon?

  • Cowbell_Feva

    I love how everybody with hindsight in their back pocket is able to sort through numbers and show what GM won what trade or made what bad pick on this draft…..it’s ridiculous.

    Now. Chiarelli absolutely made a mess with the Reinhardt trade, no doubt. But he was forced to ship out Seguin from Boston because of his off ice issues. He said his hands were tied on that trade after it happened. Who’s to say there wasn’t similar issues with Hall cosidering all the rumours you hear about him??

    At any rate, Maroon and Camalleri and Letestu weren’t bringing back much at the deadline. All slow guys that are impending UFAs. Not much trade value people.

  • ed from edmonton

    Now that smoke has cleared and one ca evaluate the Oil’s deadline moves, I offer teh following.

    1. Brandon Davidson – The gift (as a 6th rounder that can play in the NHL) that keeps on giving. Oil have leveraged this guy into a playoff rental who scored a key goal to get into the 2nd round and now a draft pick. Who knows Oil might sign him as a FA next summer, but I doubt it a they have plenty of LHD.

    2. Letestu – Way better return than I expected. Auberg looks like a roster player on the Oil.

    3. Marroon – Disapointing I thought more likely a 2nd than a 3rd and a more likely prospect.

    4 Camilari – I would have like to see him moved, if only for a 6th or 7th rounder. But who knows waht was being offered.

    • Peksisarvinen

      No hindsight needed, I called it right away that we did not get anything close to full value for Hall. You can’t explain Chiarellis incompetence away. He gets paid seven figures, and a LARGE part of the job description is NOT getting double fisted in the ass by seemingly every other GM in the league, at the expense of the team HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE MAKING BETTER.

      Has Chiarelli made Oilers a better team? Has he? No? Then he’s failed as a GM. If he didn’t fall ass first into McDavid his time in the Oilers would be remembered as nothing but 100% congealed failure.

  • 1ncinawhile

    Wikipedia – “on February 29, 2016, Maroon was traded to the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for a 2016 fourth-round draft pick and prospect Martin Gernát”…. So we had him for 2 years and got more in return than what we paid… getting rid of him at the end of his contract… I’d say we did pretty well – someone please tell me how Chai failed us in regards to the Maroon trade??