GDB 67.0 Wrap Up: In Connor we trust, Oilers ruin Eberle’s return with 2-1 SO win

Connor McDavid life is a good life. Final Score: 2-1 in the shootout

Tonight was one of those nights where no matter what happened, the side stories were going to take over the narrative one way or the other. With Jordan Eberle (and Brandon Davidson) making his first trip back to Edmonton since being traded for Ryan Strome, you just knew that the story was going to be hammered to death leading up to the game and throughout, and that’s exactly what happened. All I really wanted was for Eberle to not burn us on home ice like so many former Oilers have done before him. To start, my wish looked plausible, as neither team was really able to get much of anything done offensively despite some decent counterpunches being thrown back and forth. The Oilers had their share of opportunities, but they couldn’t cash on anything which was nerve racking, considering this season has trained me to expect a collapse to come at any point.

With the game tied at bagels heading into the third period, it felt like both teams were playing chicken with their first mistake and whoever got there first would end up losing. Unfortunately, it was our boys in orange who blinked first and allowed the game’s first goal 1:54 into the third period, after a bad turnover at the blue line resulted in the Islanders roaring back the other way to score on the transition. As the clock wound down, it looked like that goal was going to be enough and the Oilers were going to go the full 60 without scoring. That was until Connor McDavid came to the rescue as he so often does, banking the tying goal in off Brandon Davidson’s stick and the goalie’s mask. Normally, late goals go against the Oilers, so it was really nice to finally have one go their way to tie things up and get them to overtime.

Unfortunately, heart-attack time didn’t solve anything so the game had to be ruined and the Oilers had to get things done in the shootout. In the end, the good guys got the extra save they needed to close out the win and they were able to ruin New York’s quest for points. As much as it was nice to see Ebs again, I’m not sad to send him away unhappy.

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We wrap.


  • Connor McDavid scored the game tying goal with under two minutes left in the third period after a friendly bounce of Brandon Davidson’s stick and into the net, saving the Oilers from what looked like a shutout loss. McDavid had nine shots on goal tonight and was actually playing on all four lines by the end of the game. McLellan needed a goal and the best way to make that happen is to have Connor McDavid on the ice 100% of the time. I get it.
  • Cam Talbot was really good again and the Oilers needed him to be, considering the lack of scoring. From basically the first period onward, the game felt like one of those nights where the winning team would need to lean on their goaltender to close out the win and Talbs was up for the challenge. He finished the night with 30 saves and a .968 save%.
  • Oscar Klefbom got a very loooooong assist on McDavid’s goal as he made a beautiful 150-foot outlet pass that sent the captain off on his way. Despite being hurt, injured, or whatever, Klefbom played a very effective 23:25 tonight and was arguably the Oilers’ best defenceman. Why anyone in management would want to move him, especially on a down year, is beyond me.
  • Jujhar Khaira is an absolute destroyer of worlds when he drops the mitts and Cal Clutterbuck’s face was the recipient of all kinds of fist kisses as payback for his blind-side crosscheck on Iiro Pakarinen. Before the puck drop, JJ told Clutterbuck they were going and he beat the hell out of him after it dropped. I don’t know why anyone would want to fight Khaira, honestly. As always, you can check out the scrap again here.
  • As a team, the Oilers were a miserable 39% in the faceoff circle. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, however, was 58% on the dot tonight and was the only centre to have a good night in that aspect. The Oilers need this guy more than the media gives him credit for.
  • Welcome home, Jordan. You were a good soldier for a long time and the cap-dump trade that sent you out of town was completely unnecessary for this season, but, what’s done is done and you’re an enemy and that means I hate you now. Even so, it was good to see you back at Rogers Place.
  • Davy, I missed you the first time you left and again the second time too. I know how much you loved playing here and here’s hoping we reunite again in the future. Thanks for the assist on the tying goal, buddy. It’s appreciated.
  • The Oilers were a perfect 2/2 on the penalty kill tonight as they continue to see improvement in that area over the last month or so.


  • Thomas Hickey opened the scoring after the Islanders walked the puck down the ice after a freebie turnover by the Oilers at the blue line. I don’t know how many times this season that the Oilers have given the puck up at either blue line and the other team has turned it around for a goal, but I feel like it has to be at least 20 by now. I’m guessing on that number, of course, but you know what I mean.
  • WHY CAN’T YOU HIT THE NET!? I swear the Oilers need to spend a week just lining pucks up and firing them on the net. If you miss you do pushups and make a donation to charity. Whatever it takes to fix this.
  • Once again, it’s that very special time in the wrap up where I check in on the power play. Are you excited!? *ducks flying fruit* 
    • The PP went 0/1 on the night and actually iced the puck on their PP chance.
  • I look forward to when Andrej Sekera’s robot leg gets the software update. That surgery really sewered his season as he hasn’t been the same since coming back from injury.
  • How bad is the Oilers depth on the wings? Nuge nearly has as many goals this season (17) as his wingers do in their careers combined (18). Not ideal for your second line. I hate to sound negative after a win but I don’t know why Caggiula gets as many chances as he does with top-six minutes? Why him and not Puljujarvi?
  • I mentioned it above, but the Oilers got killed in the faceoff circle tonight (Nuge aside) with a paltry 39% success rate.
  • How did the Oilers win the hockey game without having the most hits? (34-NYI, 33-EDM)



No Scoring


No Scoring


01:54 New York Thomas Hickey (4) ASST: Brock Nelson (13), Ryan Pulock (15) 1-0
18:10 Edmonton Connor McDavid (31) ASST: Oscar Klefbom (15), Ethan Bear (1) 1-1


No Scoring


Edmonton Goal – Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
New York Goal – Jordan Eberle
Edmonton Missed – Leon Draisaitl
New York Missed – Anthony Beauvillier
Edmonton Goal – Connor McDavid
New York Missed – John Tavares


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 03/08/2018 – 10:00 pm MST

  • jultz=2cups!??

    Nuge 58% in the dot tonight. Guy has finally got his crap together on face offs and now everyone wants to move him to the wing. I will never understand oilersnation. Nuge is the perfect #2 centre behind Mcdavid. Leave him there please.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Here is my reasoning:
      1, The season is over so it is a could time for some experimentation. (gather data)
      2, I would like to see Drai get more time at Center (starting next year if he is on McD wing good, but a time may come when he is needed at center and more practice at the NHL level should be better)
      3, Nuge could take the faceoffs for McD as he will take time to learn as the Nuge did.
      4, 5 Minutes left in the game and the oil need goal, Any reason not to have Nuge, McD and Drai playing together? Some familiarity would be beneficial no?

      Mostly point 2 though

    • Hemmercules

      At it early again eh. Why are you so angry at Oilers fans all the time?? Are you a Flames fan?? Do you troll other Oiler sites or just this one??

      I actually agree with your comment though. Drai and McD are so good together just leave them there. Nuge is a good centre. Still want to see Nuge get some wing time with McD for sh*ts and giggles. If he fits there as good as Drai does they will have some nice line options going forward.

      • crabman

        Draisaitl is a better center and the 2nd best offensive threat. Moving Nuge to the wing keeps him in the top6 and on the Oilers, hopefully. He matches up better with bigger centers and does a better job driving his own line. It is like Crosby and Malkin in Pittsburgh, they played great together. Play on the pp together and can be put together to load up a line. But it’s better for the team as a whole to have them play apart for more balanced attack. that’s my argument for Nuge on the wing.

    • IRONman

      How did the oilers scouts miss Barzal? Did they Evan watch him in jr??? Barzal skating and hands are awesome. Nuge gets better. 58% faceoff. Keeper. 97 is just plain amazing. Barzal not fast enough.

    • Hemmercules

      Yeah! Those Jerks! What the hell are they thinking winning hockey games. Disgraceful!

      You paid, they won. In a shootout no less so you got an extra 45 minutes for your money. I have driven 6 hours to see games that they completely mailed in and didn’t score a single goal. Thats called a rip off.

  • Ted

    Well from start to finish I believe it was our best team showing in a long time ( still needing lots of polish) …. But nice to see The Bear getting the start over Benning and not have that Gord aweful feeling every time Benning is out there! Have you in mind Julyz= 1cup 🙂 … Jujahr Boom Boom Boom …. Enough said about that!! And an atta boy for #33 who some how looked like an actual goalie tonight! Lucic OUCH! No hope hope for you, Lucic your expired goods! We were faster tonight against a fast team and it made for an enjoyable night! That Barzal kid is insanely good and NYI best player! Makes the Chindarelli deal that much worse! Cupboards are bare! Lastly when Connor wins the scoring title he should boot T Mac in the balls for making it harder on him than it should with the SLUG!

    • Prairiechicken

      Barzal really is amazing to watch. Always around the puck and although he turned it over a couple times, he almost always does something really positive with it.
      I was / am a big Eberle fan, but after watching tonight, I’m pretty confident in saying that he’s NOT what we’re missing this year.

  • Ranford.85

    I realized this evening… everytime Nuge broke out in the neutral zone, you’d hear the crowd (and myself) yell out “Nuuuuuuuuge”. McDavid deserves a chant everytime he touches the puck… because he creates a scoring chance everytime he touches the puck. Maybe we’d be lose our voices. I love my Nuge but McD is on another level.

  • DannyGallivan

    Excluding Camellerri who will leave the Oil this season, we have the youngest (most inexeperienced) team in the NHL at a 25 yr old average. Brilliant trades over the past few years:

    Mar/15: Petry (#2 D on Canadiens behind Shea Weber, $5.5 M/yr) for 2nd and 4th picks in 2015 which became a very small part of Talbot acquisition and Caleb Jones.
    Jun/15: Perron for 16th 2015 entry draft and Rob Klinkhammer. Pretty good trade as the 16th pick made 9 DAYS LATER was current Rookie scoring leader w 69 pts (ahead of Drai by 9 pts) Mathew Barzal. It was great to get McJesus in that draft but MB….Chia then turned around and gave up MB and our 33rd pick (Mitch Stevens) for Griffin Reinhart. So basically we gave up Perron, Barzal and Stevens for Klinkhammer and Rienhart! Chia’s move.
    Feb/16: Schultz (#2 D on Penguins – stanley cup holder $5.5M/yr, #2 D behind Letang) for Philip Bergland (still in SWE). Chia’s move
    Hall (74 pts YTD at $6M/y – compare that to Drai at 60 pts and $8.5M/y) for Larsson who is second pairing at best. Chia’s Move

    I get it. They don’t fit in the locker room (thought they seem to in other locker rooms), we rushed them in their development (apparently other teams didn’t), we have to make way for salary (ya because Shultz or Petry make $1.5M more than Russell and we don’t have that much cap room or Hall makes the same money as Lucic but only has 42 more points), how were we supposed to know Perron, Barzal and Stevens would be so much better than Rienhart and Klinkhammer.


    • Beer_League_Ringer

      Some OK points… However, Petry? Really? The guy has 32pts and is -26. Yeah, the Oilers need a 6’3 non-physical D-man making 5.5mil. Heck no.

      I’m nit-picking here, but enough already with the Schultz crap. Yes, he has 2 cups and is a good hockey player, but as you pointed out the dude makes 5.5mil/year (that’s Nuge-esque money, you know, our #2C). Also, Jultz now plays for one of the best hockey teams the NHL has seen in the last 10 years. Are you really surprised he is doing better than when he was here in the DOD? Reminder: He played his way off the worst team in the NHL. Off-numbers this year: Jultz has 7 PP points in ~50 games, Klef has 6 in ~60 games (on the worst PP in the league).

      • DannyGallivan

        No I am talking about the lack of return in a number of our last trades. I don’t think there are many people out there who believe that was a good trade for the Oil.

      • DannyGallivan

        No I am talking about the lack of return in a number of our last trades. I don’t think there are many people out there who believe the Larsson Hall trade was a good trade for the Oil.

        • DannyGallivan

          Petry is -26 or -0.38/gm. That is just a bit worse than another Montreal D at -8 over only 26 games which is also not good at -0.30/game. That Montreal D is Shea Weber. Given his poor numbers wouldn’t want him either – or perhaps its just that the team sucks.

          Schultz makes $1.5M more than Russell. Schultz is a +16 with 20 pts in 49 games (0.41 pt/gm). Tough to compare to Russell as Schultz is on a better team but for $1.5M I take him over Russell who is -5 with 21 pts in 65 games (0.32 pt/gm).

          For the rest of the it just makes me wanna cry. Barzal for Rienhart 9 days before the draft when most others had pretty much given up on Rienhart.

        • Schultz plays on a team that doesn’t play much defence. Rarely does Pitty get stuck in there own zone, he was a perfect fit for the Pens. If he was traded to the Arizona he would have still been a hot mess. Comparing Justin to Russell is a very hard thing to justify.

          I think most people saw that he was defensively weak and this team exposed that quickly. He quit though and the boos started and he checked out. He and Eberle are similar stories.

          • DannyGallivan

            I don’t disagree. Team fit is important. My first point was we keep coming out on the short end of these trades because it appears we don’t understand the value of the players involved. Case in point was the Perron trade. Very good right up until we trade away Barzal and Stevens for Rienhart. That may be the worst trade the Oil have ever made. Secondly, we are too young. There are too many players on this team that WILL develop in something special or become superstars. Nurse, Klef, Drai, McJesus, Pulj, Jujhar (the one I believe will be the dark horse). Next year will be much better because our avg 25 year old team will be 26 and be that much better (as opposed to Ott, LA, Ana, Det where they will be one year older than 28)

    • so this season you’re talking about how bad the Hall for Larsson trade was, because Hall is having a good season. you should have posted the exact same thing last season when everything went right for Edmonton.

  • TruthHurts98

    Thanks Connor for putting on a show. What a shootout goal! I’ve been waiting for him to pull a move like that, what a thing of glorious beauty. Nice stop on Eberle, Talbot is definitely playing much better. Hope he can next year too. Big fan of Khaira and Ethan Bear. Congrats on the 1st NHL point. Now can we watch Nuge play with Connor and find a way to trade the boat anchor Looch somehow????

  • Kneedroptalbot

    Good coaching in OT by Todd, to have either Nuge or Mick David on the ice at all times. Good skating and puck control with in OT. Lucic was stapled to the bench.

  • Snoop Scottie Dogg

    To keep beating a dead horse…If the “plan” was to trade Hall for a Dman and Ebs for cap space, why wouldn’t Chai package hem together to get….Subban or anther Norris caliber Dman? I’m sure the return would have been better than Larrsen and Strome (no offence to them).

  • What-a-Mike

    First, Connor McDavid is a superstar!!! plain and simple….and lol…lucky. But he did the magic once again. Second, Khaira did the absolute right thing and he took on a player who deserved a beating. Wished the beating a was bit more severe!!! What Clutterbuck did was offensive, deserved a double minor to match penalty…and… the ref who stupidly called it a basic minor should have gotten in the way after of breaking the one sided fight and then took a shot to the head to get woken up. Other than that, this was a blue collar working game which was kind of sloppy but very chippy until the OT got started. Then we got Hockey!!!!!! BTW… that is the Talbot we needed all season, and will need next year. If I am correct, congrats on your first point in the NHL …Mr. Ethan Bear. I am happy with a win.

  • Prairiechicken

    Thanks Connor!

    Lucic. Yikes. What a funk he’s in. It’s truly painful to watch. Other than his goal the other day I’m not sure I’ve seen anything *good* come of him touching the pick. Have been to many games this year and last, but that’s the first time I’ve heard him boo’ed. I believe it was when he lost control after Mcdavid/Draisaitl set him up for a beauty scoring chance.
    Bear has promise, but needs obvious time in the minors.
    Our 5 top forwards are our “centers”. And it’s not even close. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the gap wasn’t so massive.
    Ok enough with the negativity. The win was fun.

    • GK1980

      Watching live he gets perfect passes from McDavid and drai and just can’t deliver at an NHL level. He needs to be way better. The wiff in the slot the one play was bush league.

  • a-twig

    team played relatively well these past 2… really hoping they stick with what they have and don’t trade anyone else (ESPECIALLY nuge). and please, bench lucic. for the rest of the season. just let him stew in his failures.

  • Heschultzhescores

    You pretty much said it all. Hitting the net would certainly change a lot of outcomes. The PP needs to start moving the puck with confidence and moving themselves as well. Just simplify. Go to the net…put the puck there and take your chances on banging one home. Also would be nice to see guys be in front of the net during 5 on 5 as well. Too many fly by’s.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Worth $400.00 to take the family? That was it, had to wait through a whole game to see them play at the end.
        Oh, and Khaira/Clutterbuck was OK. Great to see that greaseball get some.
        Other than that, the game was a rip-off. They should be ashamed of themselves, only playing for 12 minutes.
        Pretty much sums up the season, I guess?

          • Glencontrolurstik

            Everyone that spent $$ on last nights game cares, if in fact they seek value.
            This team is much more capable of a 60 minute effort & wouldn’t be in the basement of the league if they consistently tried to give more value to the fan, just saying.
            And, I have to ask. What’s the point of shelling out for tickets if they don’t guarantee entertainment?

  • Heschultzhescores

    Caggiula is not a good enough skater or finisher. He works hard but that’s not enough. He is exactly what an AHL player looks like. A few steps too slow and no hands. How do our scouts not see these obvious deficientcies?

  • Heschultzhescores

    I also think you can put the Ebbs trade to rest. The guy still has those soft hands, but thats how the rest of his game is too. Great at the shootout, I will give him that.

  • Spydyr

    Who else took note of Eberle late in the game he has half an open net. Fans on the shot and lets a weak shot go on Talbot. The does he patented leaving the zone last slow line change?

    • he’s just doing his best to make sure the Islanders have the exact same number of wins as Edmonton does at this point in time. He’s also trying to ensure that the Islanders winless streak extended to 8 games. But if Edmonton kept him, they’d be so much better!

  • Snoop Scottie Dogg

    The best line of the night is when Drew Ramenda says, “ it’s like Connor and Leon have a second sense to find each other.” Gee Drew, would that second sense be VISION!?!?! Thanks for the laugh though.

    • oiler_head

      I thought the best part of that exchange was “Leon SEDIN and Conner SEDIN”. They do play like the twins sometimes although I would say Leon is fairly adept at finding anyone on the ice.

  • rivid

    A win is a win and l am happy for this, however If drake is on this team next year and in a top 9 role, then the oilers failed to do their do diligence. This guy should be on the farm learning the game and honing his craft. He really is not NHL ready. Also classy move by the fans to give Ebs and standing O.

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      Agreed, Drake might turn out to be a player. Love his edge, but he seems like he’s swinging the axe and not chopping much wood.

      Eberle is what he is and provided us with some good memories (and some not-so-good ones). The ovation was cool, as was Ebs’ laughing when he got booed before his shootout attempt.

  • Oiler Al

    As a side note…Re: Puljuarvi the guy has size,can really skate and a great shot…I know he is a youngster {so is Brazal}.. but his hockey sense is wanting? If he ever connects the dots he would be a player, thus far he hasnt shown that he can put it together, I am pulling for him. Not sure Oilers can provide the coaching in terms of developing these guys.

    • crabman

      Barzal is draft+3 And had the luxury of playing and developing 2 more years in Junior. Puljujarvi is draft+2 and was the youngest player in professional NA hockey last year all while barely speaking the language. I think this set him back to start. I think we need to be patient he is still just 19 and hopefully in the next few years he starts to put things together because you are right he has all the tools.

      • Oiler Al

        Crabman….good point on +3 for Brazal.Here is hoping that the Oilers coaching staff have the know how andtkae the time with him to turn him north.I dont trust Fleming,so its best he stays with the Oilers.Needs the ice time.I think they have an English tutor for him.

  • Spydyr

    ” the game felt like one of those nights where the winning team would need to lean on their goaltender to close out the win”

    You mean like most games?

    I’m not sure how many times it has to be pointed out that the team with the best goalie wins most of the games.

      • Spydyr

        I would send all my scouts out( not you Howson or Mac-T) to look for the best young up and coming goalie out there and trade for him. I would not try to sign the expensive over the hill free agents. The thing is that takes competent scouting. Something the Oilers have lacked since Barry Fraser moved to Mexico.

        • McDavid's Comet

          The scouts have found a few gems from time-to-time, the problem is the clowns whom are GM (MacT for example) have shipped them out before they reached their true potential.