GDB 70.0 Wrap Up: Three leads couldn’t get it done, Oilers lose 4-3 in OT

Leads are overrated anyway. Final Score: 4-3 Sharks in OT

After last night’s loss in Calgary, the Oiler didn’t have much time to dwell on it with the Sharks in town for the second half of their back-to-back set. Frankly, I had hoped that the Oilers were still annoyed after last night’s game. Losing to Calgary is bad enough on its own, but to do it because Mike Smith pretended like he was in the running for the Vezina was like having no mustard on a turd sandwich. Needless to say, it’s tough to win hockey games without any goals so I was really hoping that getting shutout last night means that the floodgates would open tonight. When Drake Caggiula opened the scoring less than three minutes into the first period, I had big dreams that they’d make it rain goals all over us like dollar bills at a strip club. Instead, the Sharks tied things up almost immediately, a trend that would continue throughout the night. Life as an Oilers fan, I guess.

As the game went on, both teams had their fair share of chances and they both traded punches at a pretty even pace, so it wasn’t exactly surprising that the game was tied after 40 minutes. For a team that was playing back-to-back games, the Oilers had some jump and were able to put together a nice effort for themselves, but they were never able to hang onto a lead which is always a problem. On three separate occasions, the Sharks were able to score a goal quickly after the good guys took the lead and that resilience kept them in it long enough to get the game to overtime. In the end, the Oilers being unable to hang onto their leads or find a way to score a second straight goal cost them the game. I couldn’t tell you how many games specifically that the Oilers have lost because of bad turnovers but you can definitely add tonight’s L to the pile.

The wrap.

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  • Drake Caggiula opened the scoring after a beautiful pass by Zack Kassian from behind the net gave the Drake a wide-open side to shoot at. With Jones looking behind the net at Kass, Caggiula was able to slip into the slot unnoticed and made no mistake of sinking the perfect set up.
  • Oscar Klefbom gave the Oilers back the lead after he clapped a shot from the point that beat Jones and went in off the post. Considering the fact that Klef is having some weird “may get surgery, doesn’t want to get surgery” stuff going on, this goal came as a result of a big shot from the point. Basically, what I’m saying is that Klefbom’s injury situation is weird. That’s all. It’s just weird. Regardless, he finished the night with a goal and an assist as he looks to finish the season on a high note.
  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored his 19th goal of the season after perfectly deflecting the Oscar Klefbom point shot past Jones and into the net. I love that Nuge scored because the panel was talking about whether or not he could get anything done while playing with McDavid in the first intermission. Ridiculous, I know, considering how many chances they’ve been getting, and I laughed out loud when Nuge put one home.
  • Connor McDavid is worth my time every single night he’s playing hockey. Regardless of the bad season for the team around him, he makes every night a little bit more bearable and for that I thank him. Fortunately, we still get to cheer for the Art Ross Trophy race and he added two more assists to the pile tonight.
  • Ethan Bear keeps getting better and better as he plays more and it’s nice to see. I could use some good news at this point in the season and he’s fitting the bill a little bit. Bear played 17:29 tonight with one shot on goal, two hits, and one takeaway.
  • At least losing to the Sharks hurt the Flames.
First update on Rogers Place flood damage


  • Leon Draisaitl got caught on a bad turnover at the blue line as he tried to force a cross-ice pass through to Lucic but had it easily intercepted instead. From there, the Sharks walked the puck down on a 3-on-1 break with Tomas Hertl finishing it off with the tying goal. Those turnovers, man.
  • Drake Caggiula got a four-minute penalty for high-sticking and Logan Couture was able to take advantage in the first half. Couture walked in and ripped a shot past Montoya to tie the game up at two apiece.
  • If I told you the Brendan Dillon hadn’t scored a goal in 31 games but he did tonight, would you be surprised? You wouldn’t, would you? Of course not. It was another tough giveaway for Draisaitl on this play as Big Sexy 2.0 did not have the best night.
  • Al Montoya made his seventh appearance in net for the Oilers tonight and they needed him to be sharp from the jump to buy them some time to get their legs into the game. While he was okay in the net, the Oilers really need him to come up with a couple more saves to preserve their win. That’s not to say that I’m blaming him for the loss, but he definitely needed to be better to help them win. Montoya finished the night with 36 saves and a .900 save%.
  • Kris Russell left tonight’s game after what looked like he took another shot to the hand. Normally, Russell comes back from these things so the fact that he left and didn’t return means that the injury must be more serious than normal. Fingers crossed that he’ll be back soon.
  • It’s that special time in the Wrap Up where we take a look at the special teams. Excited? Of course you are:
    • PK went 1/4 which wasn’t horrible but they really needed a clean sheet.
    • PP went 0/1 on the night.
  • The Oilers had another mediocre night in the faceoff circle as they were only able to win 49% of the draws. Not horrible, but not good either.
  • Doing another #BeetCast after back-to-back losses is like a kick to the pills that I just didn’t need right now. Up until last night, I was having a really nice break from the red death but now I’ve had two cans in two days. As always, you can follow along and join in over on my Twitter. Tonight, I’m doing Gregor’s horrible “Hot Beets” idea from this morning’s GDB.
  • Pumped on the shot clock, 40-28. Lost the game and the Corsi.
  • Seriously, Mike Cammalleri may never score again.
Bad back kept Adam Larsson out of Edmonton Oilers play-in games



02:39 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (9) ASST: Zack Kassian (10), Jujhar Khaira (9) 0-1
08:03 San Jose Tomas Hertl (17) ASST: Logan Couture (23), Mikkel Boedker (16) 1-1


07:44 Edmonton Oscar Klefbom (5) ASST: Connor McDavid (52), Pontus Aberg (8) 1-2
10:01 San Jose PPG – Logan Couture (28) ASST: Brent Burns (44), Joe Pavelski (38) 2-2


01:26 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (19) ASST: Oscar Klefbom (16), Connor McDavid (53) 2-3
09:05 San Jose Brenden Dillon (2) ASST: Mikkel Boedker (17) 3-3


02:40 San Jose Tomas Hertl (18) ASST: Logan Couture (24) 4-3


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 03/14/2018 – 11:00 pm MST

    • TruthHurts98

      I got trashed for saying he’s way overpaid. Pastrnak may get 6.7 mil/yr and that’s what you call a good value contract. Leon isn’t as good, not even close. Sure he’s a centre but won’t do much away from Connor. And if were to trade him the return would be less because of his grossly inflated cap hit. One good playoff series, now he can coast around like Looch and laugh all the way to the bank!

      • Big Nuggets

        Maybe, but lets revisit this question after a couple more seasons and see what it looks like then. My guess is the contract looks better over time. It sure would have been nice to lock him up long term for less money but the guy is going to be a stud for a long time.

        • TruthHurts98

          I don’t dislike him, but that contract along with Lucic, Russell, Connor and then Nurse means PC will offload Nuge. Since he’s never won a big trade ever and traded away the most first overall picks it’s going to put this team back even more. And that pisses me off.

          • OilersGM

            Hey I agree with you but let’s put the blame where it belongs and that is on Chiarelli, he should’ve been fired long ago but what do you expect from this organization.
            If you just take away Lucic and Russell’s contract away from this team we would be sitting pretty well.

      • crackerjack14

        Unless he and Klefbom are traded for Hoffman and Karlsson. OTT gets their #1 or #2 C and a decent dman to replace Karlsson. EDM gets their shooter for McDavid and their high scoring RHD. Gotta think EDM would still have to move some money out though.

      • JimmyV1965

        Wonder how many goals Pasternak would have playing with Lucic and Cammy? Hmm. How many would Drai have playing with Bergeron and Marchand? Keep being on Oiler fan. You guys always bring a fresh perspective.

    • Leo Tard

      Although I don’t agree that Leon is grisly overpaid, last night was probably the worst I have seen him play in a while. (Since his first year) Sloppy passes and generally slow moving all night did not look good on him and a brutal giveaway in overtime reflected how his night went.

    • The Greaser

      One play does not a season make. But man, Drai was out hustled & out muscled on the o.t. winner. His give a crap meter is showing ‘low’ these days. Can’t says I actually blame him. That Ethan Bear pick is gonna pay off so long as the management group doesn’t destroy his development. They have a track record for doing that sort of thing.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    This loss is what I meant about hurting the Flames. Beat the Flames and let other Pacific teams beat us to hurt the Flames. That overrated club needs to not embarrass Alberta in the post-season again

    • McDavid's Comet

      What you meant to say ” That overrated club needs to not embarrass Alberta anymore than Edmonton already has”

      Sorry man but we were toted to go to SC finals this year and here we are in the lottery. That’s embarrassing!! What’s more embarrassing is Oilers management taking complete advantage of Oiler fans and screwing with their love and dedication to this team! Hope Karma bites them in the arse.

    • Atomic Clown

      Big talk from a perennial crap team. How oilers fan can harp on any other team is beyond me. No matter how atrocious the other team may be, just remember, the oilers are worse.

  • OilersGM

    Strome has the game on his stick twice once in regulation on a 2 on 1 and hit the post and in O.T. Which he should’ve one timed it. That’s what happens when you trade 30 goal scorers for 15 goal scorers, the ones that score 30 will bury those chances but I digress.

  • Arfguy

    While I will fully say that Leon played his worst game of the season, I will also propose that he will bounce back in a big way. The problem the Oilers have now is that McDavid is playing with RNH and they are generating chances. Leon’s strengths aren’t speed or zone entry. His best asset is being able to open up space with possession in the offensive zone. McDavid would mostly breach the offensive zone, hand it off to Leon and they’d find each other. Now with Lucic on his wing and Puljujarvi not quite used to playing with Leon, Draisaitl is finding himself having to gain zone entry and then find players.

    McLellan should not change the lines, IMO. Let Leon and Jesse get used to playing together. Jesse clearly wants the puck. I honestly don’t know what happened to Leon during that 2-on-1 with Jesse in the second period, but he usually makes those passes no problem.

    Leave the lines as they are, Todd. Leon will bounce back and you should soon have two potentially dangerous lines.

    • Leo Tard

      I am not an insider guy obviously, but I recently heard that Leon has become a pretty big problem with regards to attitude. We all know about Leon’s black eye incident in the bar back in late October. That, combined with the fact that he has stated he would rather play with Mcdavid than on his own line, is starting to lead me to believe that MAYBE Leon is a problem amongst the players and coaches. This was confirmed to me a bit last night when Leon’s pass was picked off in the first leading to SAN Jose’s first goal. Leon skated to the bench and said some things that were caught by camera. Although we could not hear what he was saying, it was clearly directed at the coach. (I watched the replay a few times to make sure I was reading what I was seeing correctly). I cannot say for sure, but perhaps there is more than meets the eye here. Suppose Leon does have an attitude problem. That would explain a lot about the disappointing season and the coaches deployment of players. Maybe, just maybe Leon is not the little angel many of us think he is.

      • Arfguy

        It’s entirely possible. There is no way to be sure about what the problem is. Maybe Draisaitl is a bad egg or maybe he’s pissed with himself for making so many mistakes last night. It has been said that he is especially hard on himself when he has bad games.

        Or he could be cussing out the coach. Who knows?

        I’m just saying…as a player, Draisaitl is a hell of a lot better than what we saw last night and I know he will bounce back and be better. I actually have a lot of faith in Draisaitl. I think he is one of the best all around player on the team. He can win face-offs, play the wing, play centre and he is can shoot and pass. I think he should be our number two centre. I just think he needs players that can actually put the puck in the back of the net and I would sorely like that to be Puljujarvi.

      • Arfguy

        Honestly, as an Oilers fan, I am not looking for the bright side of things when we have one of the most dynamic players and maybe the future best player of this league in our line-up, but…

        …there has been plenty of games where the 2-on-1 between Draisaitl and McDavid has lead to goals and plenty of winning goals. Not even mentioning all the 2-on-1s that connected to get the team a win from last year, this year alone has been two goals between Draisaitl and McDavid that has led to a winning goal in OT.

        Yeah, this season is an immense disappointment, but I am not going to overlook some things that do work.

  • Gary

    This is just sad folks, even me making fun of myself for supporting the Oilers. Its just sad. Nothing will ever improve until every single one, and I mean every single one of the OBC is gone. Absolutely nothing will change until then. I think a change of ownership is needed.

  • Heschultzhescores

    No goals in 31 games. How do we keep doing it? And a PP goal against at home again. But let’s keep the same coaches. This IS about coaching, or lack there of! The team does not get better, they do NOT learn. That is mindboggling!

    • Johnny Zylon

      After the Sharks tied it at two there was 50 seconds if 4-4 due to Sharks penalty and Caligula still in the box. Who’s on the ice for the Oilers? Yep, that high scoring whiz bang player Cammalleri who hasn’t scored since Hector was a pup. He promptly missed his man Burns who got a breakaway. McLellan needs a psychologist

  • Heschultzhescores

    Nuge is great with McDavid. But Drai is not much without McDavid. Drai is great with McDavid though, so let’s put them back together. Nuge is a better guy to adapt to a different line. Nuge deserves this opportunity more than anyone, but we have to work with what we have, and Drai can’t perform without McDavid! Another overpay, and I said that from day one! How do people not see that Drai was never worth that money. For that money we can buy a proven star who plays every night! Drai just takes too many nights off.

    • Seriously Bored

      We could have Bobby Ryan or Brent Seabrook for that kind of money! Drai can perform without McDavid, he has shown it before.

      You don’t get to blame the center constantly when neither of his wingers have scored in almost half a season. If these guys actually put the puck in the net both Drai and McDavid would have considerably better stats.

  • KateC

    I enjoy the intelligent and insightful comments from posters who seem well versed in the sport of hockey. As a lifelong fan of the Oilers and someone who has enjoyed and celebrated the highs and suffered miserably through the lows over the many years of this franchise, I am at a loss to know how to feel this season. I watch each game because that is what being a fan does and every time the team loses, I swear I wont watch again but invariably I do. Every game in every season. Because I hope. I am appalled but not surprised by the posts about Oiler players and how quickly “fans” turn on them. I understand that this is an opinion forum and in many cases it is just simple frustration and sadness that leads to negativity. As fans, we all want to see our Oilers in the playoffs, challenging for the Cup, and this year we wont have the joy of seeing that. I cannot believe for a moment that any of the roster players are happy about this and certainly not what they expected this season. Blaming individual players for a down night or a goal slump is not the answer or part of any solution. Nor is blaming /coaches/management/ownership. A winning team or any winning work unit is in large part due to chemistry at the right time and in the right place. There is no magic formula for this, it just happens.

    I made one previous post about this and was trolled and attacked personally. This is simply my opinion and as a sports psychologist it is one I stand by based on 20 years of experience working with athletes.

    • Gary

      The players are not the problem. The OBC is THE problem. Whats wrong with Dubnyk? Justin Shultz? Taylor Hall? Cogliano? Petry? Eberle? All still playing and all belonged to the Oilers who got not much in return.

      • Seriously Bored

        Come on man, Dubynk went through 2 seasons and three teams to get his game back. Petri plays on a team that is as bad as the Oilers and would not crack a lot of teams top 4 defensive core. Cogs was cogs, took anahiem several years (and he admitted himself he needed the trade) to turn into a checking third line center. Schultz is having success on a team that is exactly suited for his style of play and is currently gearing up for a third cup run.

        Hall I think we could have got a better player or another asset for but I don’t think we got destroyed in the trade.

        The eberle one to me was silly, if that was the best return we could have held out but if it allows us to keep Nuge I am happy.

        The problem is this team is getting crushed in the special teams and had sub par goaltending for over half the season. If we were average in all those categories we would be talking about which wildcard spot we were in. Chiapete can’t afford anymore mistakes and at this point I am not imagining all the coaching staff will return. I look for one or both assistants to be replaced but I wouldn’t get your hopes up for drastic roster changes.

        • Prairiechicken

          If I weren’t so lazy I’d go through the games and see what scores would be if you took away all power play goals (and empty netters).
          I bet we’d be quite a bit better but not in a wild card spot. That said I’d love to be proven wrong.

          It’s definitely a fault, but I’m not sure management can just take the easy way out and blame it all on special teams (nor do I think they will)

        • camdog

          Devan played 2 games in Nashvillemand then went to Arizona where he had .916 save percentage. I wish people would stop pretending he struggled in the desert.

    • McDavid's Comet

      @ KateC

      While I agree with most of your post; you are wrong on your point concerning Oilers management. In what business have you seen a failed or failing management keep their jobs for 10+ yrs and still allowed to continually fail? If someone constantly failed at their job would they expect to be fired or be promoted?

      The problem is really the fans like Gary(no offence intended), he pays exorbitant amount of money to watch the team he loves and the owner consistently slaps him in the face yr. after yr. by continually employing a team of managers that are only good at failing miserably at their jobs. The only measurement of success he is concerned about is the money that flows into his bank account therefore he considers his management team successful.

      @ All Oilers fans

      We as a collective MUST STOP supporting the Oilers financially. If the seats are empty, the merchandise sits one the shelves collecting dust and the money stops flowing into Katz bank account, then maybe that will get his attention. Perhaps that will induce change and just maybe he will purge the OBC form the Oilers organization. Hit Katz where it really hurts: his bank account.

        • Leo Tard

          Not sure why this main comment is trashed. Mr comet is exactly right. If no change is forthcoming and fans want mAnagement changed, the only way to accomplish this, is to not go to games and stop buying the merchandise. If the paying customer refuses to buy what the OEG is selling then changes will be made. If fans are sincerely interested in making change to a stubborn staff then they have to prove it. Or, you can come to sites like this and whine. The only people that can be blamed for no change is the fans who continue to pay real money for ? product.

  • GK1980

    As the year goes on this team is looking a little better then it has previously this season. Drai has a terrible game though. The team needs to pass with purpose and not just because the option is there.

    Before cags tried a 100 ft pass across 4 shark players I was yelling st the tv, then of course he did pass it and got picked off. Silly plays.

    • BingBong

      Ha I was yelling after that pass attempt as well. WTF was he thinking? That was with 45 seconds left in the game was it not? In any event, a complete lack of hockey sense on that play.
      I like Cags, and he works hard, but he makes plays like that far too often. He doesn’t score enough to make up for it either.
      Drai turns it over as well – especially last night – but at least he scores to make up for it.

  • champski

    Caggiula… cammalleri…. Lucic… if those guys are on the wing next season your still missing the playoffs. Throw Benning in there too. Man has Chirielli done just a horrific job of trading assets for nothing. This is the guy that traded freaking Seguin for Ericsson!!!

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Caggiula played what 12-15 minutes and scored a goal? Actually thought the 4th line has held thier own the last couple games. Cammalleri will not be and Lucic, well can’t play worse can he?

  • BingBong

    And why on earth is Cammallari even playing?
    A slow, past-his-prime UFA who hasn’t scored in over 30 games. He basically brings nothing to the table, and will be 100% off the time at seasons end. So why play him? I don’t get it.
    I guess it makes sense that we couldn’t even get a 7th rounder for him at the deadline. But he needs to sit.

    • Leo Tard

      He is playing because there simply is nobody else. Period. Did you see their AHL roster? Have you not seen the depth chart? He is the best option. And that is why fans are so upset these days. The current roster deploys 10-12 players that are only AHL caliber. What’s worse is that the AHL roster deploys 10-12 players that are ECHL caliber. Where do you think they can get a Cammelarri replacement from?

      • BingBong

        Well they sit either Pak or Slep every game – both are young and there’s a benefit to playing them at this time of year. Why not just play them both and sit a guy who will be gone in a few weeks?

        • Leo Tard

          What has Slep or pak done to deserve the spot any more than Cammi? Nothing. That’s what… there are no better options. Period. To say otherwise is just idiocy. The team has no NHL caliber players. Accept it for what it is.

  • Quoteright

    So I tried to do the math but finding the true numbers of season tickets would take a forensic audit above my abilities
    But for a start season tickets range from 2-10 thousand with other options at 10-15 and plus
    It would seem fair to guess the average is between 5-6 grand. This was before the last two years of increase.
    18 500 seats x 5 000 = 92.5 million
    That’s a low estimate
    I would not be surprised if the actual average was close to 7 grand.
    Add in the beer, bobby burger, concerts, and casino, it’s no surprise that Katz sold his business and is content to milk this cow

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    I’m going to be that annoying math guy… When writing the PK rate the numerator should be the # of successful kills, not the # of unsuccessful kills. 1/4 on the PK indicates a 25% kill rate. 3/4 = 75% which is what actually happened last night.

  • Jukkila

    Ok, the Oilers lost in OT and it’s time for me to go on a rant about how much I hate 3 on 3 OT and the fact that you get 2 points for winning that way. The fact is that 3 on 3 is entertaining, but so would watching the goalies armwrestle at centre ice, standing up, with only one skate on. Problem with that and 3 on 3 is that neither are really hockey.

    So here is what I propose:
    1) if 60 mins end in a tie, one point each. And that’s it. So the teams made a gentlemen’s agreement after the 2nd period that that nobody would pinch in the 3rd… so be it – neither of you get 2 points. Might make for better hockey in the 3rd and restore justice for the team who wins the old fashioned way.
    2) Now I know people love the 3 on 3/shootout, so here’s the deal. If the game is tied after regulation, the teams still play the overtime… but not for points. It would be for draft picks. When the regular season ends, the non-playoff team with the best OT winning percentage gets 1st pick, and so on until all of the non-playoffers have picked. Then we move on to the playoff makers and they pick the same way. Ties settled using the same formula as when teams are tied for playoff spots.
    3) This way, we can have our overtime without giving the same outcome to say, a team who blew 3 leads and saved their bacon in OT (didn’t happen last night, but could have) as we do to a team who locks it down in regulation. It’s just not fair.

    As an added bonus, this system would be anti-tank. I don’t think many teams would choose to fall out of a playoff spot in order to secure a high draft pick. Because let’s face it, fallin’ for Dahlin or McDavid, or whoever is really sickening and cheapens the game.