(Video) Nation Talks: Eastern Conference Brackets

The Oilers are done and have missed the playoffs again so the boys at Nation HQ decided to sit down and talk a little playoff hockey. On today’s edition of Nation Talks, the boys were joined by a very special guest, Rick from the Pint, who was fresh off pouring drinks for the masses and taking care of everyone at the 10th Anniversary Party on Saturday night.

Today’s topic of conversation was focused on the Eastern Conference brackets and the guys broke down the matchups one by one:

Pittsburgh / Philadelphia:

Chris the Intern has some must-see (below) scalding takes about the Penguins and their lack of trying this regular season

Washington / Columbus:

Cooom calls this one in three somehow

Tampa Bay / New Jersey:

No love for T Hall and Patty Maroon

Toronto / Boston

A regular contributor to Blue Jays Nation, Cam, doesn’t believe in his Leafs.

Have a watch here:

BONUS CONTENT: as a result of the newly announced Nation Drafts: Playoffs 2018 today, the guys break down one of the most hotly contested “Boxes” within the draft. That being Box Number Four, which consists of:

Taylor Hall, Claude Giroux, Auston Matthews and Artem Panarin.

The boys argue over what is a good strategy when it comes to picking playoff pools in general.

So what say you Nation? What are your predictions for the series? Who do you have in Box Four? Let us know in the comments below.

For your viewing pleasure (and to call them out when inevitably wrong) here are their picks.