Jesse Puljujarvi hitches ride home with a fan

If you’re looking for more reasons to love Jesse Puljujarvi then I just found a video to add to the list. Our favourite large adult son was leaving Rogers Place and making his way home after cleaning out his locker when a fan spotted him crossing the street and offered him a ride. As expected since I’m writing about it, Puljujarvi thought it was a good idea and jumped in.

Before we get to the video I need to go on record and say how much I love everything about this. Not only is Puljujarvi trusting enough to jump into a stranger’s truck (not advisable btw) but he also saw no problem in posing for this dude’s Snapchat video as he guided him home. The kid is a sweet, trusting legend and I love him for it. How’s that for a taste of small town living right here in the big city?

I’m pretty sure I’ve watched this video about 30 times at this point and I find something new to love every time I do. My list:

  • Dude’s duster and super thick Canadian accent is the stuff of legends. Actually, this guy is almost like a throwback to a White Snake video, and I like that a lot. The only thing he was really missing was a jean jacket, mullet and a dart. I don’t know who this guy is or what he’s all about but I can guarantee you that he can polish off cold ones with the best of them. Logan, if you ever read this I want you to know that I’m not making fun of you in the slightest but, instead, think you’re the hero that this city needed right now.
  • Shooters shoot and this guy took his shot by offering Jesse (uses the correct pronunciation of his name too) a ride home. You’ve gotta respect that.
  • The guy had to get a video of this because there was no way his buddies were ever going to believe this happened without it. Again, shooters shoot.
  • “Right here? Okay, buddy, wicked. WOOOOO!”
  • Jesse Puljujarvi keeps making memories for the locals and I love every minute of it


  • Don’t Snap and drive, people.
  • Baresnake

    This is a quote from the guy’s facebook page:

    “I’m literally sitting at the cross walk near Rogers and see a guy with a bundle of twigs and an oilers bag and I’m like “ Oh man that’s jess” so I decide to snap a snap while he walks in front of me so I gave him a big friendly wave and no word of a lie he walk over to my passenger door and opens it. “Do you want to give me ride ?” With that big silly pizza devouring-tongue-out face of his and I ask “Jesse, is that you?” “Yes it is” “Bag in the back, buddy!” So he loads his junk in the old bush banger and we’re off to the races.”

  • Used bag'o' pucks

    This…..should be on the big screen at Rogers next season. You could spend a million bucks and not get this kind of marketing. Logan…you da man!

  • Ssseth

    So awesome epic and absolutely needed to pick up spirits. I love it! I love both of them!

    I have the same question as a couple comments above though. Why the hell was Jesse wondering the streets? Maybe it was his call but it sort of smells of further mismanagement of our kids. Someone should be looking out for these guys. Thankfully he met that beauty though. Awesome.

    • Ssseth

      I take back my last post, was just watching today’s episode of Nation Talks and heard BM say Jesse loves super close and walks home all the time. One with the people. I love it. Someone should have mentioned how he played outdoor hockey with those two kids earlier this year.

      Go Pool Party.


    Awesome post and good on Puljujarvi ! I do have a question, Why is Puljujarvi on the left, if Logan is driving? IS Snapchat like looking in a mirror or something?

  • Rob...

    Hilarious video, except for the part where the jack@#$ is recording himself while driving a vehicle. For @#$@ sakes can’t we start roasting people for selfish illegal behavior that can result in the deaths of others! Enough outrage over this sort of thing and maybe we save a few lives the next time a trucker is approaching a stop sign when he thinks he can treat it like a yield!