Photo Credit: © Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Video) McDavid Mic’d Up

Making it’s rounds last night across the interwebs was a video of a compilation of the top “mic’d moments of 2017-18.”

If you haven’t taken the time to watch it, I highly recommend. In a league of “lobotomized” twitter accounts and “cookie-cutter” interviews that we never really get to see the human side of things in, having something like this to watch is special.

I took some time to cut down the video into the best parts, and low and behold, they were all of Connor McDavid, and a, shall we say, highly pleased Drew Doughty (That laugh will haunt my dreams).

Sadly, the only time the marketing wizards over at the NHL took the time to wire up our boy Connor was at the All-star game. The best player in the league, but I guess he plays for a Canadian team, so that’s ok.

Connor has some fun making sure that everyone keeps the one Ts to a minimum (he knows the value of himself to us; and also wants to protect the crown jewels) Then after you cringe listening to Drew laugh, be amazed as PK Subban goes from calling himself Connor’s daddy, to rattling off some of his favorite recipes at Connor during the game. Then listen as Connor pays his respect to the man who willed the Preds to the Stanley Cup finals. Finally, talking to Stamkos about his frustrating time at the All-star game with his four assists in two games.

More of this please NHL. In fact, put the microphone on 97 always and forever, thankssss.