Happy 3rd Connorversary!

Can you believe that it’s already been three years since the Oilers won the privilege to draft Connor McDavid? It was three years ago today that the lottery gods gave us the nod and blessed our franchise with the best player to hit the NHL since Sidney Crosby, and I wanted to take a minute to celebrate a huge moment in our team’s history.

Do you remember where you were when Bill Daly flipped over the golden ticket, revealing our good fortune and simultaneously pissing off the fans of 29 other franchises? I bet you do. I was sitting on my couch and had no intention of watching the Draft Lottery when I, by the grace of Gord, threw the playoffs on my TV and happened to catch the draw as it was happening. There were no expectations, only hopes. Frankly, if I’m being honest, all I really cared about was that Daly got past the Leafs at four and, when that happened, I already felt like the lottery was a success. Then, the unthinkable happened.

The Edmonton Oilers won the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery with only an 11.5% chance of claiming the ultimate McPrize, which was incredible, hilarious, and all-around beautiful at the same time. The then 18-year-old McDavid was considered a generational talent and was easily the most highly touted prospect since Sidney Crosby starred for Rimouski a decade earlier. That season, McDavid finished third in OHL scoring with 120 points (44G, 76A) despite only playing in 47 regular games, a mind-blowing total that seemed way too good to be true for Oilers fans. For me, the idea of drafting Connor was nothing more than a pipe dream.

Real Life Episode 192 - Draft Lotto Madness!!!

I think the reaction video we posted says it all:

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I mean, just look at the comments section after the lottery win went our way. The Nation was ecstatic, confused, and filled with hope for better days — it was beautiful, actually. In hindsight, it’s crazy to see how things escalated so quickly in the days after winning the lottery: MacT was replaced by Peter Chiarelli, Todd McLellan was hired as head coach, and the Nation was filled with hope again. For the first time in a while, we all felt like there was real change happening and that those moves were going to lead us back to the promised land. Unfortunately, the Oilers have only seen the playoffs once in the first three years of Connor McDavid’s career which is not at all what we expected when drafting him, but that’s not the point of this article.

The point of this is to remember how lucky we are to have McDavid on our team in the first place and also as a note that his career is a finite resource that needs to be respected. If anything, having three years pass with only 13 playoff games under his belt is unacceptable and an indictment on the job done by the current management group. If another year (and another Art Ross trophy) passes without giving McDavid the playoff chance he deserves then every single person at the OEG office needs to be punted to the curb immediately. Gord knows Connor deserves better than what he’s gotten so far.

OEG pushing safety and player experience in bid to be an NHL hub city

Happy Connorversary, Nation. Here’s to many more.

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Regular Season Playoffs
Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- GP G A Pts PIM
2015-16 Oilers NHL 45 16 32 48 18 -1
2016-17 Oilers NHL 82 30 70 100 26 27 13 5 4 9 2
2017-18 Oilers NHL 82 41 67 108 26 20
NHL Totals   209 87 169 256 70   13 5 4 9 2


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  • Pizanno

    I remember that day. I so so mad when they won the lottery. I told anybody who would listen that the Oilers did not deserve another first overall after such poor management year after year. The fans, yes, after the DoD, but not the team. I’m still bitter. They can’t be gifted a fifth 1st overall, can they…?

  • Peff

    That video made me very happy again … almost as happy as when i (still) watch the leaf fan videos .its priceless to watch them cry when they lose what they thought was their right … I’m off to watch one now .

  • D

    On the day of the draft, Steve Dangle posted a live video in which he said one main thing. Edmonton, you got Connor McDavid. “Don’t waste him”.

    Looks like nobody in Oiler management was listening.

  • Alberta Ice

    And now this summer Conner’s paycheck catches up to the cost of what the Oilers won on that draft lottery. (Oilers got a pretty exceptional deal for the his first 3 years. So Hats off for his 1st 3 years; and Caps on from here on out. 8 more years of fun for sure.)

  • Bladesofsteel

    That draft was rigged and they gave us Connor. I give it three years before he demands a trade. The only thing looking up those days was mactavish head into the rafters, catching flies,with his Venus mouth trap.

  • What-a-Mike

    Hell yeah I remember exactly where I was when it was announced the Oilers won the lottery. I was driving back to Saskatoon from Edmonton and as it was announced I yelled out loud so happily and surprised. Hearing my yell…my wife jumped and grabbed the dash thinking that a deer or something had jumped onto the hiway and we were gonna hit it or the ditch. Lol….I was super happy as an Oiler fan but she wasn’t at all … with me…. even as I explained what really was happening… She had her nerves jolted for a few minutes…lol. To this day and moving forward I’m so happy that McD is an Oiler. Now I want the damn team to finally become worthy of him. I hope you Oilers management read this and start acting like smart people for once.

  • What-a-Mike

    Just want to add to the negative psotors on here that there are several other teams which have been screwing up as much as the Oilers lately too. The Senators are blowing it bigtime, Calgary has screwed the pooch, Buffalo has been abysmal, the Coyotes are at the bottom, the Canucks have been going down fast for awhile, and also, the Canadiens are sinking into heavy waters. Don’t give a damn anymore about the DOD, its gone and I’m moving forward with being still a true fan supportive of the Oil. I suffered this season as much as any real Oiler fan has too (with exception to watching McDavid plus Nuge) but lets see what happens by July to Sept before bashing the team any further.

  • Frank Rizza

    The Friday before the draf lottery,I made a bet with a guy at work. He was chirping all day about how the oilers were going to win the lottery. I told him I’d give him 30 to 1 that they wouldn’t. I thought I was going to take a quick $20 from this guy and told him that I wanted my money first thing in Monday morning. Well, I never had more fun paying off a bet in my life. It was worth every penny of the $600 I paid him.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i remember watching some YouTube Leaf fans go bonkers with their reaction to the McDavid lotto….it was priceless and hilarious at the same time! it has given me years of laughs every time i need one and pop a video on !

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I like the draft reaction video of the bearded dude watching it alone who starts screaming “HOLY F*******CK, CONNOR MCDAVID!!!” That was about my reaction too. And the other one where the guy goes, “Quick, now fire MacTavish before he does something stupid!”

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    It was a crappy season, but with McDavey on the team, anything is possible for the future. I really think the Oilers just need a new coaching staff and a couple pieces to be a playoff team again. I just don’t trust Chiarelli to do it.