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McKenzie: Jeff Skinner will almost certainly be traded this summer

According to Bob McKenzie, the Carolina Hurricanes appear to be ready to move on from scoring winger Jeff Skinner. The Oilers, as we know, badly need help on the wings. Could Skinner be a fit in Edmonton? To me, it seems like the Oilers and Hurricanes are perfect trading partners.

Skinner is signed for just one more season at $5,725,000 before he’s able to hit the open market for the first time in his career. With Elias Lindholm, Sebastian Aho, Noah Hanifin, and others soon in line for big contracts, it makes sense that the Hurricanes, who aren’t competitive right now, would want to recoup some assets for Skinner rather than letting him walk in free agency.

Skinner had a bit of a down season for the Hurricanes last year, scoring 24 goals and 25 assists in 82 games. The year before that, he finished sixth in the league with 37 goals. Another thing to remember is that he’s put up impressive offensive totals despite playing for a Hurricanes team that has finished in the bottom third in the league in goals for in each of the past three seasons.

I think there’s a fit here between Carolina and Edmonton that could fill multiple holes. I wrote yesterday in the WWYDW that the Oilers should look to fill multiple holes at once like the Tampa Bay Lightning did at the trade deadline when they acquired a top four defenceman in Ryan McDonagh and a good winger in J.T. Miller. Skinner would be an excellent fit on the Oilers as a true scoring winger that they currently lack on the roster, but, beyond him, Justin Faulk could be that right handed, offence-producing defenceman the team has coveted for years.

It seems almost inevitable that Peter Chiarelli is going to deal the 10th overall pick for an immediate upgrade this summer given the position of the team. I would hope that he doesn’t deal it for a player like Skinner with just one year left on his deal but there’s certainly merit to using the pick in a deal involving two players who could help the team right now. Obviously, because of the existence of the cap, you can’t do the 10th overall pick for Skinner and Faulk, but Edmonton and Carolina seem to be perfect trading partners and I could see all of those pieces involved in a deal.

What say you, Nation? Would Skinner be a perfect fit on the Oilers alongside Connor McDavid? Is there more to this beyond Skinner?

  • cmandev77

    I would love to get Skinner. He is still young (26) with 8 years of NHL experience and a proven scoring history. Does Skinner want to come here though…He has full control of where he ends up. I would love to see Skinner slide in beside Draisaitl. McNuge on line 1 and Drainner on line 2…Oh the possibilities!

  • Ever the Optimist

    I would pursue a deal that centers around skinner and faulk for sekera and next years first.

    This would give Drai a sniper, ensure Lucic plays 3rd line and Khaira the 4c role. Also balances the defense with enough cap space to add some pk depth at free agency.

  • Kepler62c

    Klefbom + 10th for Skinner + Faulk + Kuokkannen (Former 2016 2nd Round pick, 11-29-40 in 60 GP in the AHL last season).

    I’d argue this is fair value since Skinner only has 1 year left, Faulk only has 2, and Klefbom has 5 left.

    • Kepler62c

      Kuokkanen is a LH C, and would either project to the wing or 3C in the future. Adding Skinner and Faulk would really beef up the roster.

      Nuge – McD – Rattie/Vanek
      Skinner – Drai – Puljujarvi
      Lucic – Strome – Aberg
      Caggiula – Chiara – Kassian

      Nurse – Larsson
      Sekera – Faulk
      Russell – Benning

  • McRaj

    The basis for a deal is there. But I wonder what the deal would be. Does #10, Sekera, and a prospect and/or pick get us Skinner and Faulk? Does Sekera waive his NMC to go back to Carolina? If we do get skinner, he would be a perfect fit on the Drai Line.
    Nuge – McD – Rattie
    Skinner – Drai – Puju
    Lucic – Strome – Yamamoto
    Cagguila – Khaira – Kassian

    Klef – Larsson
    Nurse – Faulk
    Russ – Benning

    I probably would not trade Klef and #10 for Faulk and Skinner. Would Strome, Sekera, and #10 get us faulk and Skinner. Then we can go free agent looking a 4C, which would bank on Khaira playing 3C.

  • Kybra

    I think it takes the number 10 and Puljujarvi to make this deal happen, and I’d do that 9 times out of 10. The tenth time however, I see we don’t yet know what we have in Pool Party. Would be a shame not to find out.
    Bottom line though, is we aren’t taking the Cup til we have a goalie that can beat MAF. The Pens aren’t getting a three peat, but he may be.
    Let’s the kids marinade another couple years, including this year’s number 10.
    Go Oil!

    • Moneyball

      I’m about the same as you on that deal 9/10. However if Poolparty has another season like the last two he has zero trade value. I’d prefer to get something now to improve the team rather than be in the same situation next year with a worthless asset. Next year Puljujarvi is looking at some kind of a bridge deal because even if he has a better season I can’t see there being the confidence to sign him long term given his past performance.

        • Moneyball

          Except you could see that drainhad potential in year 1. Additionally you can see how Draisaitl trains, works and studies the game. I haven’t seen any such drive or potential from PJ have you?

        • Big Nuggets

          He does not remind me at all of Draisaitl. Drai had obvious skill and abilities even in the games that he played as a rookie. It always looked like it was just a matter of time before he starts dominating games. To my eye Puljujarvi looks nothing like that. I think Puljujarvi should still be in the AHL. Not saying he will never be a good player, just that he is not a good player now and it is not apparant how he will take his game to the next level.

  • RexHolez

    Why would they give any assets for 1 year of Skinner? This team has no depth, I want to see them keep drafting. Build properly instead of chasing after an empty dream

  • Just facts

    Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I wonder with an owner that wants to be hands-on and wants to “change the culture” if there might be an opportunity to do something that would include moving Lucic to them. Sell them on his character, leadership, cup win etc. Lucic would obviously have to agree but maybe at his age the thought of east coast travel would be appealing.

  • CMG30

    It’s a great idea but I doubt it’s even in the cards. Chirelli seems to develop a fascination with a certain player and then spends whatever it take to acquire said player. He doesn’t seem to consider much else except to try and justify whatever dumb thing he just did.

  • Big Nuggets

    The perfect trading partner for the Oilers is any tean willing to take Lucic or Russell. Other than that I find these trade ideas either unlikely or just bad ideas. Skinner will command a large return and he only has 1 year on his contract. Are we a contending team looking to add that missing piece to help us win the cup? Judging by last season that is far from the case so I have no interest in adding a player like Skinner. Even if he signs long term, adding another 7 million dollar contract is not the way to build a franchise. We need players on their ELCs and second contracts so we can get the ’37 goal season’ for less than market price.

  • C U Next Tuesday

    I like the idea of adding Skinner and Faulk but Skinners contract situation is a deal killer. The Oilers don’t have the cap space to resign him…especially if he’s playing with Draisaitl for a season.

  • LordRuggles

    No to Faulk, Skinner and his one year until UFA are not appealing, nor is his handed ness. We have no right shooting d, or prominent right shooting forwards(I really hope Jesse takes big strides but it is no guarantee). I am still hoping we keep 10oa and find some cheaper solutions.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    I don’t think Skinner is a great fit unless he is playing with Drai. Left shot left winger/center, I’s rather see JJ in that spot (cheap) and go after a real goal scorer for RW on the 1st line. Skinner is not a pure goal scorer IMO. Here are his goal totals: (31, 20, 13(lockout season), 33, 18, 28, 37, 24). If the Oil are looking for someone to fill the net, I am not sure Skinner is the guy.

    • crabman

      You took the time to look up Skinner’s stats but if you dug a little deeper and compared his goal scoring to the rest of the league over the same time period you would see he is 20th in goals since he started his career. I would say that qualifies him as a goal scorer.

  • Arfguy

    I do not think getting Skinner should be a priority. I’d love to see this guy play with Draisaitl, but unless the move is to get rid of someone like Lucic for Skinner, straight up…I would not do it. Skinner could come in, score a ton and then leave or get a contract that would be too much for the Oilers.