Photo Credit: Milan Lucic

There’s a new lil Lucic

It’s the offseason, and sometimes the Oilers positive news stories are hard to come by. Today was not one of those days. Milan Lucic and his wife Brittany have a big announcement to make:

On Thursday night they were busy welcoming a new addition to the Lucic and Oilers family. Very happy to see that everyone is doing well and little Milan is all good. I have no doubt Valentina and Nikolina (MIlan’s daughters) are excited to have a little brother to hang out with.

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Can we please talk for a minute about how he already has his Dad’s fighting stance down pat? I wish they made hockey gloves for someone this tiny and could put those on him. I guess we will just have to settle for little baby taping up of his knuckles in the future. Just too cute.

I have done some crunching of the numbers, and have ran the simulations in the back end of NHLnumbers.com and I am now confident in saying everyone can mark down the date on your calendars, the year 2036, the year the Oilers can add lil Lucic to the mix and have another beast like his dad has been over his career.