Baggedmilk on #theLOCKEROOM: Fountain of Youth, Stuart Skinner, and Prospects baseball

As per Wednesday tradition, I jumped onto 95.7 Cruz FM’s airwaves to talk to the boys at The Locker Room about life, the Oilers, and about anything else that was on their minds at the time. If you’re looking to kill off five minutes of company time, this clip is for you.

On this morning’s appearance, we started off talking about the fountain of youth and what people can do to try and keep their youthful appearance. As a guy that still looks pretty young myself, I recommend drinking more beer and selling your soul to Satan at your earliest convenience. Next up, Grant wanted to know about whether or not Stuart Skinner is the real deal and if it’s too early for Oilers fans to get excited about him. I tried to temper expectations a little bit. Lastly, we talked about the beauty of Prospects baseball season and how we’re all looking forward to heading down to Re/Max field to drink some beers in the sun.

Check it out:

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