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The Oilers need to sign Nurse to a long-term, low-salary deal

On June 10, 2013, the Nashville Predators locked up Roman Josi to a seven-year, $28-million contract paying him $4-million a year. He was 23 years old at the time and the deal paid him 6.22 per cent of the ceiling at signing.

At the time, Josi was indeed considered a very good young defenceman, but he only had put up 34 points in 100 games.

It turns out that the deal was an absolute steal and one that is now considered one of the best in the league. Josi has is up to 292 points in 481 games playing as a top-pairing defender for the Predators. He has three seasons of 49+ points including a 61 point campaign in 2015-2016.

On April 17, 2015, the Dallas Stars locked up John Klingberg to a seven-year, $29.75-million contract paying him $4.25-million a year. He was 22 years old at the time and the deal paid him 6.16 per cent of the ceiling at signing.

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Klingberg had just wrapped up his first NHL season when the Stars signed him to the long-term deal and much like Josi, he has become a very cheap and very good NHL defenceman.

That first season saw Klingberg put up an impressive 40 points in only 60 games. He’s gone on to have 58, 49 and 67 point campaigns since playing in 303 total games.

At 23 years old, Darnell Nurse is due for his first non-entry-level contract in the NHL.

This past season, Nurse put up a strong 26 points in 82 games — doubling and then some his point totals from his first two years.

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Before we get into some more nitty-gritty, let’s take an analytical approach to Nurse’s contract year, vs. the contract years of Josi and Klingberg thanks to Corsica.

John Klingberg


Roman Josi


Darnell Nurse

On with it!

What we can see is that there are certainly some similarities to Josi and Nurse’s contract years. Nurse’s expected goal differential per hour is significantly higher than Josi’s, while lower than Klingberg.

In the past three years, both Josi and Klingberg have gone on to have seasons posting numbers in the top 10 of scoring by defencemen.

Josi and Klingberg were never offensive weapons in their pre-NHL days. Both struggled to put up any significant numbers whereas Darnell Nurse had offensive seasons that saw him put up 41 and 50 point seasons in the OHL.

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This season we saw Nurse’s game mature before our eyes. He wasn’t shying away from playing an offensive game, using his speed and size to create lanes and drive into the offensive zone.

He began to use his shot more, scoring some nice goals this year and displaying more offensive creativity.

Based on his play from last year, I think it is fair to say he is finally becoming comfortable at the NHL level. He may not go on to score 67 points in a season like Klingberg has, but I think it is fair to say he could be a consistent 40-point defenceman in the NHL.

In my eyes, he is certainly worth a long-term, low-salary contract like Josi and Klingberg.

If he were to sign a deal at say, 6.2 per cent of the ceiling, he would be looking at a deal worth $4.65-million — not far off what Josi and Klingberg make per season.

If I were Peter Chiarelli, I would push for a long-term deal at the aforementioned number.

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    • Finnaggled

      You are obviously talking about lucic and russell right…? You then also realize that both could have fetched more from other teams and both were sought after at the time of the signing. You cant hang a gm because his solid bets didnt pay off. When looch was signed my buddies and i were all high 5’s, as were 99% of oil country. You, as a negative based fan Spyder, have the luxury of hindsight.

      • 0W-20

        What a steaming pile of horse dung. Lucic and Russell were terrible signings and not “solid bets”. You don’t pay guys on the downside of their careers (e.g. after 27+ years), you pay them on the upside. Coincidentally, that’s where Nurse is today. So 7 years at $4.5M per annum is PRECISELY the sort of contract EDM would want to sign him.

      • Spydyr

        Actually I panned the Lucic deal when it was signed because of term but by all means continue to make stuff up that fits your narrative. One of many comments I made when he was signed. Using the luxury of hindsight I was a few years of on him being a plugger.

        2 years ago
        TRASH IT! 10
        CHEERS 21

        He’s worth every penny!

        Remember you said that when they are paying him six million to be a fourth line plugger in five years.


      • Rock11

        Russell literally couldn’t find a job the year before Chiarelli signed him to the long term contract. He was still available to be signed when camps opened. We are supposed to believe there was some impending bidding war for him now that he is a year older. Worst. Contract. Ever.

      • Beer_League_Ringer

        Gregor (two years ago):
        “I’m not sold game is played that way now. It is about speed and pressuring puck all over the ice. Sharks don’t have bruisers. Pens, Hawks don’t. Tampa doesn’t.
        I think Lucic can play and help, but not at that price point. It limits ability to make other moves and overpaying wingers isn’t the place I would overpay. I’d do it on D and C first”.
        ^^^ This is exactly what Oil Country thought of the Lucic deal.

      • nbandito

        Speak for yourself amigo, this guy’s immediate reaction was ‘wtf, he looked horrible in LA’. But what do I know, I just watch a bit of hockey. Can’t understand how he commanded 6 mil. Good for Lucic though, he seems like a solid guy and can’t blame him for accepting the money.

    • OilerForLife

      No doubt a bridge deal is the best in this situation.

      Getting stuck with another long term deal that didn’t work out quite out the way we wanted, would crush the Oilers long term. The Oilers will get a good enough preview of Nurse to determine if he’s the real deal before the next deal.

        • OilerForLife

          I sense that he’s unwilling, at this point, to sign for 6 to 7 for 4 Million, because he’s trending up. If he’s willing to sign for that much – then pull out the pen before he changes his mind. The asking price is probably over the 5M price and that is too much, based on what we’ve seen. These deals always tend to end up to be a little more than the average fan would like. Average fan estimates are bound to leave most of us disappointed when the real numbers come down, and the Oilers still need to manage the cap.

    • LAKID

      Kneedroptalbot, I respect your opinions but Nurse is a below 4M player right now. Why would you pay Nurse more than Klefbom and Larsson? Nurse and Klefbom are Chia’s trading chips. Convince me otherwise.

      • Kneedroptalbot

        In my humble opinion, I think that Nurse has all kinds of potential and will easily be much better than Klefbolm.
        Larsson is also very good, but he is a more Defensive D-man. Also as much as I like Larsson, his deal (great value) was signed 3 yrs ago.

        • free Puju

          I like Nurse as well, but we overpay when we pay for what we hope he will become. The comparable between Nurse, Josi and Klingberg are perfect. We offer the same as what they were offered, 6.2 ish of the salary cap for 8 years. If he becomes another Josi or Klingberg then we got a great deal, if he does not then we still have a good deal. I have always liked Nurse and believe he will come of age even better now with the new coaching staff but he could be at his ceiling for all we know.

  • RexHolez

    Just the fact that your using Josi and Klingberg makes me excited. I’m a big fan of nurse.

    On the other hand I have no problem if they bridge him either.

      • crabman

        The Leddy deal was his 3rd contract and bought 5 UFA years. that costs a team more $ per year. Leddy averaged .35pts/game during his ELC and earned a bridge contract of $2.7M×2. During those years he scored 31 & 37 points earning his $5.5×7 deal.
        Shultz is on his 5th contract. all short deals. he averaged. 49pts/g during his ELC earning a raise to $3.67×1. Put up a 31 pt season and received a small raise $3.9M×1. After being traded to Pittsburgh he received a 1 year show me contract of $1.4M and had a big year putting up 51 points and helped them win their 2nd straight cup Thst’s where he earned his $5.5×3.
        The NHL is a league that rewards scoring. Nurse hasn’t shown he is a consistent scorer yet. He averaged .24 pts/game during his ELC. The Oilers at most would be buying 3 UFA years on a mac length deal of 8 years. He hasn’t shown he is a $5.5M player yet. He may get there but right now that would be an over pay the Oilers can’t continue to give out.

        I think better comparisons would be Severson from NJ, and Trouba from Winnipeg.
        Severson was drafted in 2012, spent 2 more years in junior and then averaged .34pts/g and signed a 2nd contract of $4.17×6 which started this year.
        Trouba was drafted 2012, spent 1 year in college and scored at .34pts/game during his ELC. Trouba signed a bridge of $3M×2.
        Both players had a more productive ELC and neither earned a $5M+ contract. I think these contracts are better comparisons and show a good salary range depending on if Nurse’s next contract is a bridge or longterm. With an increased cap I think Nurse should be in the $3-3.5M×2 range on a bridge deal or $4.17-4.5M×6-8 for a longterm deal. Anything more is an over pay.

  • Moneyball

    I would prefer a bridge. Nurse disappeared offensively for the last third of the season. He needs to prove himself before earning a long term deal and in any event he is not a Mcdavid that you cant replace.

      • oilerjed

        If you shouldn’t pay for potential and paying for past performances is a suckers bet, how should GM’s price a players contract offer? Me personally, would pay for potential based on careful scouting and analysis. Every contract signed is a gamble for the team, make your best guess and go with it.

        • crabman


          I think paying for potential for a player entering his prime is a better option than paying a player at the end of his prime for what he did in his past. But a team can’t have so many longterm contracts based on potential that they over pay all their young players in the here and now.That’s when a bridge contract comes in handy. A young player gets a raise from his ELC to where his play is now and the team gets a better idea how much the player is worth longterm and through his prime in his 3rd contract.
          Of course it’s a balance and there is risk in either a bridge or longterm it’s just a matter of if the risk is worth it. How much does the player want longterm and what can the team afford right now.
          I see Nurse as a prime bridge candidate. Nothing he has shown makes me believe he will be an elite scorer and those are the players that get paid the big bucks. He may become a consistent 30-40 point guy down the road and that will get him in the $5.5-6.5M range on his 3rd contract if he gets to that offence. But right now he is a 25pt guy so why over pay him $1.5-2M now when the team has salary cap issues just to potentially save $1M in 3 or 4 years IF he becomes more of a scoring threat.
          The only way he should get a longterm deal is if it is a team friendly deal in the $4-4.5M×7-8 year range. Anything more and it is too big an over pay now for not enough cap savings in the future. Unless you think he will become a $7M+ defenceman which I don’t think he will.

          • Big Nuggets

            There was a stat bandied about by some commenter that said Nurse’s 5 on 5 points were actually amongst the top defenseman, the difference was Nurse, as far as I know, was never used on the powerplay. If Darnell was getting power play time last season he would already be a 30 – 40 point defenseman. If we bridge him I think we will be disappointed with how much we have to pay him afterwards. The long term contracts have inflation and rising cap in their favour. I’m all for long term. I’m sure they will settle on a number that sounds like a lot now but in a few years is actually quite decent. Of course there is risk to any long term contract, but I prefer betting on young players to realize their obvious potential rather than betting long term on players past their prime.

          • crabman

            @Big Nuggets,

            Nurse was 69th in defenseman scoring. 34th in 5×5 scoring. and was 73rd in 5×5pts/60 of players that played at least 30 games. Nurse was not an elite 5×5 scorer and shouldn’t be paid like one. I agree you would think Nurse would score more points on the pp given more opportunity but how many more? he only got 29sec pp time per game, 39 minutes total all year, but didn’t get a single point. How many pp points would be reasonable to assume he would get if he recieved the Klefbom pp treatment and got an extra 2 minutes pp time per game on the Oilers awful pp?
            I would also assume Nurse would play less 5×5 minutes to balance out his total on ice time. He played about 2 minutes a game more than Klefbom, much of it with Connor McDavid the best 5×5 scorer in the last 30 years, and the majority of Nurse’s points were assists. I would assume with less 5×5 time, unless you think he would have been a 25 minute a game player, Nurse would score less 5×5 points. with 2 minutes less 5×5 per game and his .973pts/60 he would score 3 less 5×5 pts. I’m not convinced with more pp time on the league worst pp tesm Nurse would have been a 30-40 or defenceman this year. And even if he was I wouldn’t want to pay him $5M+ unless he was a 40pts+ player. He is an RFA and no need to over pay now to save money later unless you think the money later is going to be huge.
            $4.5 or less longterm or a bridge.

          • Big Nuggets


            I am not claiming Nurse is an elite scorer but it wouldn’t take a big uptick in scoring for him to hit a higher paygrade. First off Nurse has come into every training camp so far looking better than he looked the year before. We don’t know if that trend will continue, but he is young enough and ambitious enough that it could. Klefbom gets the juicy PP time and he had 7 PP points in 60 some games last year, a season ago he had 16 PP points. If Klef fails to perform on the PP or they want to shake things up and Nurse gets more time lets say he gets between 8 and 16 points. that puts him in the 30s or 40s for points. Defensemen that can score over 30 points and shut down top opposition get payed pretty well. If he manages to hit the 40s he will get a massive payday. The powerplay might have been league worst last season and the Oilers also recieved the fewset powerplay opportunities, but I don’t think either of those trends will continue next season. The coaching staff will not be able to sit on their hands all season like they did last year if the PP is not improved. And if the league doesn’t call more penalties for the Oilers it will start to look too suspicious.

            You say Nurse played a lot with McDavid but that isn’t really relevant when we are talking about potential salaries. If next year McDavid scores 130 points and Nurse gets an extra 10 points out of it, when it comes to negatiation time Nurse’s agent is not going to say it was all McDavid’s work. He will claim that Nurse’s hard work allowed McDavid to thrive and boast about their chemistry. That will still result is a pay increase for Nurse. Not to mention that as I recall Nurse spent a lot of time against top opposition forwards along with some time with McDavid.

            There are a lot of factors that will go into Nurse’s point totals over the next couple season’s, but as player salaries continue to increase I feel it would be wisest to not bet against Nurse and lock him up before its the norm for defensemen to get 8 million per year. Remember when 6 million seemed like a lot for scoring wingers? Well Hall is still making 6 million and it is a huge bargain. Once Karlsson and Doughty get their next contracts, most likely for over 10 mil, every defenseman will be expecting a raise.

  • belair

    That $1-2m difference you’ll save long-term has more of an impact on the cap today than it will two or three years from now which is why I’m leaning towards the bridge contract. Unless you think Darnell is going to break out Chris Pronger-esque, it’s probably a safe bet the inflation he sees two or three years from now isn’t likely to be as impactful as it will be vs the cap today.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    Sign Nurse for 4.167mil x 7-8 years.
    1) it shows Nurse he is equal in value to Larsson and Klef (both on 4.167mil long-term deals); 2) the contract will be a bargain for years to come, even if Nurse only gets a little better than he is right now (just like Klef/Larsson) ; 3) 4.1mil for a D-man is not a hard contract to move in a trade, especially with that term; 4) it establishes a clear organizational (Oilers) standard for young D-men coming off their ELC (think Bear, Jones, etc); 5) He’s big, he’s mean, he’s fast, and becoming more consistent; 6) for the love of gawd Chia… NO MORE NMC’s

    • Locking up Larsson, Klefbom, and Nurse altogether for $12.5M for the next 5+ years would be incredible value, especially if the cap rises sometime in those years. There’s a risk but there’s also a reward, seeing what Yawney did in Aneheim with those young defensemen makes me confident that Nurse will become a monster.

  • Bills Bills

    I don’t think anyone will argue that a long term sub 5 million a year contract is great value for Nurse. Except of course the Nurse camp. I expect a bridge deal. If he bets on himself and it turns out like Subban, I will be very happy.

    • crabman

      this is what I’vr been saying and why I like the idea of a bridge contract. long term under $5M is a team friendly deal if Nurse continues to progress. I think Nurse has enough confidence in himself that he isn’t signing a longterm tesm friendly deal. The only why he signs longterm now is if it is a significant overpay today with the hopes to save money down the road

      • Cleets

        No. Bridge deal is terrible. If nurse turns out to be even 3/4 of the subbans karlsons or doughty he is looking at 8-9 mil a year. It would be better to have him for 8 years at even 5 mil, than 4 at 3 and then 8 at 7-9 mil. D men are about to ask for big dollars. Locking nurse long term is the best way to avoid paying him a huge number.

        • Bills Bills

          To sign Nurse now to an 8 year deal, his camp will want closer to 6 – 7 million would be my bet. Everyone knows that is a huge over payment. I would expect a 2 year 4 to 4.5 million. The problem is everyone knows he was their most reliable guy on the back end for the whole season. I didn’t say their best but they relied on him the most. They will want to cash in on that. If he signs the bridge and shoots the lights out and you find out he is a legitimate top pairing guy, finding room to sign him for 8 or 9 million will be a problem every team in the league would want. He has some intangibles that few other players in the league have. I want him hungry and striving to be the best. So bridge him. If it pays off, it pays off for both sides.

        • thenoble1

          I agree with what you say but that’s only if he pans out. He is still a? He has not proving anything that is why I would go with the bridge deal and take my chances. If he turns out to be one of the greatest ever we can’t afford to keep him anyway. If he doesn’t pan out we’ve saved ourselves millions and millions of dollars and another boat anchor.

        • C U Next Tuesday

          Nurse doesn’t have the skills to get paid $7MM /yr. I don’t think he will ever be a true 1/2 guy. Sorry, I wish it wasn’t true but it is so deal with it.

  • Oilersfisting2dudes

    Zach Laing needs to be signed to a long term low salary deal, it’s not like hockey writers are really reporters plus they’re so easily replace. They make way too much money. I think $5000×5 years is good enough

  • Oilersfisting2dudes

    I guess when you’re poor and don’t make much money a person spends more time critizing what another person should make. You people that talk about Nurse’s salary here is an idea get a real job. Nurse has the right to make as much as he can and if you don’t like it too bad. Losernation!

    • RexHolez

      What are you talking about? It’s a sports team in a salary cap league. People are allowed to talk about it and share there opinion without being insulted by some self righteous blow hard

      • Oilersfisting2dudes

        ^ my point is what do you care how much he makes? The more he makes the more he can take care of his family and his community. Is that a bad thing? Are you going to lose sleep over if he makes too much money?
        We seen how Oilers management waste money, how they change the jersey evey year and raise ticket prices. Everyone is greedy

  • Oilman99

    If a long term deal in the 4’s can’t get done, sign him to a bridge deal , do not overpay for a still unproven product that needs to prove he deserves the money.

  • thenoble1

    I don’t see Nurse as good as you guys do. Offensively he’s okay but defensively he’s terrible. That is my opinion. I would offer him 2.5 million per year for 3 years. And then I would see what he can do. He is not worth four and a half million dollars. I don’t care what any of you say…..he is not worth it.

  • teammate michael

    The CBA csn be killed off in September of 2019. It would end in 2020. Lets think about what happened last time. 2 contracts were allowed to be bought out without cap penalty.I believe this option will become an option for teams going forward every year. It will make teams more competive. Lucic etal will get their money. And good to go. In exchange the NHLPA will insist on Olympic participation or other things. So in terms of Nurse.I would bet on a 8 year deal.

  • Rusty Patenaude

    I don’t subscribe to the popular “way to win” doctrine. There is not one way to win. “Heavy hockey” worked for the Kings and Bruins and everybody jumped on that bandwagon. Then the Penguins won with speed and that became the way to win. Las Vegas (if you take the speed is the answer tact) is winning because they play with speed. The Bruins and Kings won because they played as teams committed to a system of play which the players were adept at playing. AND they received superior goaltending without which they would not have advanced beyond the first round. The same thing holds for the more recent speed is THE way to win. Speed has always been a key to the game. Those “heavy” teams had speed too. But a team coached to transposition quickly from offense to defense brings an effective weapon to the table. It is and always has been a factor in a winning. But make no mistake that the Penguins Cup teams did it with two of this generations best offensive players bringing their A game at the right moment AND great goaltending (this time a tandem). If Vegas can pull this off it will be because they played a system geared to their strengths to a tee. But they would not be where they are now if Marc Andre Fleury were not playing the best hockey of his life. A system of play geared to your players (or players geared to the system of play if you want to look at it that way) plus fanatical buy in by the players plus consistently great goal tending is always the recipe for Cup success.

  • Oilersfisting2dudes

    So Nurse should take a deal when Chia signs retards like Sekera, Russell and Lucic and cheap players like Slepychev, Iiro and Yohann.
    Nurse take as much as you can because in this league the fans dont cares about you they just care about their precious salary cap as if it comes out of their own pocket.
    Nurse get overpaid that is great, means less money to make stupid choices. It’s true Oilers fans are so stupid.

    • Big Nuggets

      Fans are concerned about the salary cap because it effects how competitive the team is, not because they begrudge players making money. If Nurse gets overpaid it means we have less cap space to sign other good players. You’re reasoning is flawed and appears to be based in some emotional reaction, not in reason.

  • Make Another Bad Trade or Signing!!

    Oilers have no cornerstone D right now. Nurse is the only one with potential to be that kind of player. Klefbom and Larsson are important D-men, but neither is a cornerstone type player and they don’t have the tools Nurse has. Absolutely have to sign Nurse long term. Fan base is on him like they were with Schultz, Hall and Eberle, and we have seen how those moves have gone.

  • Carbonrod

    If he will still develop is the question and how much. Nurse is a good option for a weaker #4 d man, certainly a better one than Russel, with some upside. There are certainly thing he could improve on D and on offence, but he’s got size and skating and intensity.

    4.5 or under is a good number for a long term deal, and I think it would be a safe bet. If he can’t be signed for 5-8 years for under 4.5 he should be bridged for 2 X 3-3.5 and told to prove it.

  • ed from edmonton

    Another comparison would be Nurse vs Klef when Klef was signed to his current contract. Nurse had played more tough minutes than Klef when Klef was signed. If the oil sign Nurse to a long term deal it will to be say 1M per year richer than Klef’s, given Nurses performance and cap inflation.


    Nurse is trending in the right direction the key is to lock him up before he breaks out with his potential. If he turns out to be a stud next year because he’s over the 200 game Mark and he’s on a bridge we could end up having to pay double (kinda like Subbans deal) . As of now he’s in the 3.8 to 4.5 range let’s hope we can land him at 6-8 years for that and we are laughing , when he progresses as a 21 year old does it will be a good deal for us .
    The Russel and sekera deals are what is needed for stop gap ufa’s because before chia we had no depth or ready dmen to play at the nhl level. People need to stop complaining about those as he had no choice until the decent drafts pics like Bear come up and replace those guys. Eventually they will push them down in the line-up to the 3rd pair before the contracts are up.

    • btrain

      Stop gaps should generally be valued contract and or expiring contracts of older players. I agree with you regarding Sekera. An overpay but an absolutely necessary one at the time. I still believe he will have a much better season and be a valued asset to this team.

      Russell’s contract on the other hand, was not necessary. They should have projected him as a stopgap and offered him a contract that reflects this. Instead he got as much as he could have possibly expected by any NHL team and then got a nmc on top of that! I actually quite like Russell and what he brings but it’s very aggravating that blue color traits, in this case, were so overvalued. There are numerous professional and beer leagues far beneath the NHL that have an abundance of players with blue color traits, let’s not forget skill is what is most paramount.

    • crabman

      If Nurse can be signed at $4.5M or less longterm that is a deal to do. The issue with a longterm deal is when it becomes a large over pay today to try and save money incase the player has a breakout season. $5M+ now all but guarantees the team won’t be able to upgrade the team much for next season and is an over pay for the player he is today. I agree he should continue to progress as a 23 year old turning 24 next season, not a 21 year old, but how much he progresses is still anyone’s guess. Nurse hasn’t shown anything to make me think he will be a $7M+ player in 2 years. The NHL pays for offence and Nurse hasn’t been an offensive defenceman and even if he progresses it won’t be to the point where he is an elite offensive defenceman needing to be paid like one.

    • The Whispererer

      Players aren’t eligible for NMCs until they have accrued 7 years or are 27 years old. A NMC can be included in contracts where the player doesn’t meet those criteria provided that it doesn’t kick in until the criteria is/are met.

  • btrain

    Completely agree with the article. Nurse should get a long term contract. Look around the league and notice how defenders of his draft pedigree, who have made steady improvement as NHLers, and who are still developing are valued. Trouba, Dumba, Klefbom, Larsson, Lindholm, Parayanko, Ceci, Vatenen, Hamilton, Reilly, etc. Obviously some varied value but even the weakest link on this list, Cici, almost landed in Edmonton for Taylor Hall. At worse these guys are likely to end up as second pairing defenders while first pairing minutes are within the realm of possible. It’s a safe bet to go long term and it’s a move that fully appreciated the teams future rather than more desperate attempts at quick fixes (I.e. sign him short term to save a mill now, because we spent it on a our whim of a backup tender).

  • VK63

    Darryl is not an offensive d man. He has the tools, all the way up to the shoulder pads, and then….. the elevator slows down….. a lot. The kids is a phenomenal physical specimen, like, other worldly physical skill set but the glimpses of his ability to channel that raw material into offensive forays is few and far between.
    To be fair, he doesn’t get the gravy minutes and has been burdened with an arguably unfair workload involving the other teams top lines but there is a ton of risk in a Chia style overpayment for this kid.
    Also of note. Klingberg got extended after an absolute train wreck season. In the way of an analogy, Nill bought a new pair of designer jeans at Winners, Chia (on the other hand) doesn’t know where Winners is.


  • WillyWonka

    OK, one day ON faithfuls are saying Nurse is a top pairing D, next week, saying he should be signed for cheap… so, is he a cheap depth guy or is he a top pairing D man? cant have it both ways

  • C U Next Tuesday

    I don’t believe Nurses ceilings is as high as the other two. I don’t think it’s justified for him to be the second highest paid dman on the team. Maybe closesr to $4MM would be a “value” contract. $4.6MM is paying for potential…save the gambling for the casino.

  • WheatiesHockey

    Roman Josi is one of the top defenders in the league. David Poile is one value shopper for sure. Deals like what Josi got set the benchmark around the league. No GM wants to look stupid. The Oilers are paying about the same for Russell as Nashville is paying for Josi. Go for the bridge deal.