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UFA Profile: Is a Patrick Maroon reunion possible?

To the surprise of everyone, the Oilers were sellers at last year’s trade deadline. Part of their sale at the deadline involved dealing Patrick Maroon to the New Jersey Devils for a third-round pick. It’s no secret that Maroon enjoyed his time in Edmonton and was a great fit with the team. Is it possible there could be a reunion this summer as Maroon hits free agency?

Remembering Patrick Maroon

I think Patrick Maroon is a massively underrated player. When he broke out for 27 goals with the Oilers in 2016-17, it was widely assumed he was just a product of Connor McDavid. Obviously, McDavid is going to make Maroon better, because he makes everyone better, but Maroon deserves some credit on his own.

I wrote during the season about McDavid and how different linemates perform with and without him. The conclusion I came to was that everyone was horrendous without McDavid except for two players — Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Patrick Maroon. As much as many like to point out that Maroon was a byproduct of McDavid, he continued to drive offence even when on a different line. So not only does he already have chemistry with the MVP, but he’s shown in the past he can be a contributor on his own. I think there’s some serious value there.

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During his 17 games with New Jersey, Maroon put up 13 points. That 0.76 point-per-game pace, though obviously a small sample size, is the second-highest of his career second only to what he produced in the 16 games after being acquired by the Oilers in 2016.

The Big Rig appeared on a podcast last week and Chris The Intern wrote about it for ON. Throughout the podcast, you can tell that Maroon would be happy with a reunion with the Oilers…

I’m really nervous. nervous and excited at the same time. Jersey has my heart, Edmonton has my heart. Obviously, Edmonton traded me so i don’t know if there’s a home for me there. I had my best career year there, I have a home there.. I just want to go to a place that will accept my role, and they want me there.

Of course, he also says in the quote that New Jersey has his heart, too. Being north of 30 years old and being a late bloomer, Maroon’s top priority this summer is getting paid. I’m sure he’d love to come back to Edmonton where he was immediately accepted as a fan favourite and enjoyed a breakout season, but it’s hard to say if he would take a discount to make it work.

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Does it make sense?

The Oilers have about $66 million committed to their roster next year and Darnell Nurse, Matt Benning, and Ryan Strome are without contracts. The cap will rise to $78-$82 million for 2018-19, so the Oilers will have somewhere between $12 and $16 million to work with this summer.

It’s no mystery that the Oilers will need to shed salary if they’re going to make a major free agent stab. Is Maroon a major free agent? I would say that he falls somewhere in the middle. He isn’t a James Neal or John Carlson type, but he also isn’t Thomas Vanek or Michael Grabner. Somebody will be happy to pay Maroon $4 million per year over four or five years. I’m not sure if it’ll be the Oilers, though.

Maroon just turned 30 and, based on history, this is when players start to see a steep decline in their game. As great as Maroon has been and as well as he fit on the team, bringing him back on a multi-year deal when the team already has a few ugly contracts is a risk probably not worth taking. At this point, Peter Chiarelli needs to find 2018-19’s version of the Patrick Maroon he acquired two-and-a-half years ago rather than paying a premium for the real thing.


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  • WhoreableGuy

    What’s the fancy stats on Maroon not being on the top line? If someone could post his numbers playing with McDavid and not it would help. Is he worth bringing in if he’s not playing top line minutes? He looked sluggish at times last season.

  • rivid

    i just don’t see a fit for him here anymore. Patty or Lucic is really what it came down and the oilers chose Lucic due to his tough to move contract. Also if we signed him l think we would have to move out a contract to afford him. Loved this player but its time to move on.

  • Burns14

    I love Maroon, his personality, and his give a crap meter, but I’d be a little concerned if you gave him a deal longer than 2 years. He might be a player that could fall off big time with speed already being an issue.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    I have a love hate thing for Maroon, I like that he bangs and crashes and fights, but I hate his back checking, how many goals did we see last year get scored because he lost his man in front of the oilers net? The other thing about Maroon that drives me is he gets pushed off the wall with the puck too much, for aguy his size I would have thought he would be a little harder to get off the puck along the wall, but not so. I dont know whay the oilers coaching staff havent worked with him on those two crucial things when he was here, its like they never say even thought they saw the guys play every time he was in the line up. I would say if you could get him at a decent number, ok lets look at it, if the number is going to be something stupid then I say pass

  • Leaking5w-30

    Given that he only fetched a 3rd at the deadline I doubt Maroon gets 4×4… I thought we’d get a second for him or some prospects but … the open market has spoken

    • Oilman99

      Maroon’s point production says he gets a 4×4 deal from somebody, his size is a plus come playoff time. Somebody like Vegas who got banged around in the finals will be happy to offer him the bucks.

  • I’d take Patty at 3×3 if we could score it! With all of the talk about a potential Looch move it would be nice to get Patty back on board. The article is right though, he’ll be looking to cash in. This is the contract that pretty much decides if his son ever has to work again or not.

  • C U Next Tuesday

    I can’t recall who reported it but they mentioned that the non-cap budget was cut due to the Oilers missing the playoffs. Hopefully it’s not the scouting department. I guess it make sense why the Oilers have drafted so poorly if they have never had a good scouting department.

    • BobbyCanuck

      We have a mostly new scouting staff, they ones that did all that poor drafting over the last 30 years, and the decision makers have either been let go, or have been re-assigned to non-hockey roles within the organization


    Not sure if he is worth the 4 mill, what if he flops next year ? Everyone will be on here trying to ship him out and retaining half of his salary … pretty sure this is worse for cap management , ie buyouts and paying for players that don’t exist anymore on the team. Kinda like paying two car payments and only having one but don’t worry the payments are only half !
    Sorry but I hate buyouts. I would rather keep Lucic on the 3rd pair for the rest of his contact than to eat another 1-3 million on thin air. Sorry that’s my Friday rant . Rangers have no players due to dumping everyone, I think they will be going after ufas like Marron, Carlson and maybe trade a pick for Hoffman. Big game hunting with Karlson even .

  • Kneedroptalbot

    From Yahoo Sports.
    “Edmonton Oilers — Zack Kassian
    To be honest, the Oilers probably have enough lethargic, unproductive wingers at their disposal that they can spare at least one, so why not Kassian, who posted just 19 points while only managing 11:40 TOI per night in 74 games?

    The 27-year-old is owed $2 million the next two seasons, and the Oilers can save over $1.3 million in cap space in 2018-19 and 2020-21 with a buyout of the gritty forward. It would go a long way in helping to fill the team’s pressing needs on the blue line and in the top six.”