Edmonton Oilers Pre-Draft Rumour Roundup

With the NHL Draft kicking off in a few minutes I figured I would put something out real quick about the rumours that have been flying around the Internet. Some are interesting, some are complete fiction. Which is which? I’m here to help you find out.

1. Colton Parayko

This Colton Parayko rumour has been flying around for a few days now after Bob Stauffer tweeted about it a few days ago, and then Elliotte Friedman wrote about it last night. The thing really picked up steam on social media this afternoon after both Dusty Nielson and Stauffer (and others probably) talked about Darnell Nurse being a major piece of the return that the Blues would want. Chances are there could also be a pick swap in there somewhere but who really know what’s going to happen. At this time of the year, the rumours are rampant and the stories are flying, so we’ll have to see what happens tonight if anything at all.

2. Klefbom for Krug

According to a couple reporters out of Boston, the Oilers could be sending the farm over that way for Torey Krug, prospects, and the kitchen sink. Torey Krug’s name has been flying around for a while now and you’d have to think that if anyone is going to know what they’re getting in the player it’s Peter Chiarelli and Keith Gretzky. That said, this is a pretty major deal that I don’t particularly care for but I’m hoping that it’s too far-fetched to really get done. I’ve seen a story or two just like this over my time and the Nation and they rarely come to fruition. Maybe I’m just being hopeful? Who the hell knows what’s going to happen? Grab a drink and settle in. We could be in for a wild night.

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3. Cam Talbot for Gord knows what

For some reason, the Fourth Period was really into the idea of the Oilers trading Cam Talbot to all kinds of different teams for whatever they could come up with. This afternoon, Jason Gregor, Dustin Nielson, Ryan Rishaug, and Bob Stauffer all killed the rumours. No chance the Oilers move Talbot with their goalie depth looking the way it does.

4. Ryan Ellis for who knows what

Ryan Ellis is a name that we’ve seen a lot as Oilers fans. Right now, there are people on Twitter talking about the Oilers being in a conversation to get him out of Nashville but I can’t see any possible way that this happens. Why on earth would the Predators give him up unless the Oilers threw a fastball down Broadway in terms of return? I’d say don’t buy this one.

5. Dougie Hamilton

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This one has been around a lot today in many different locations, so I just grabbed the latest tweet I could find with it. Anyway… We know that Peter Chiarelli tried to get Hamilton out of Boston at the 2015 Draft but he ended up in Calgary instead. Could I see him trying to get him again? Absolutely. Hamilton is a very solid right-handed defenceman and the Oilers are obviously in the market for that. Would the Flames trade him to the Oilers, though? I doubt it. Oh, and Hamonic? Hell no.

Anything else that I missed? Buckle up, Nation, tonight could get interesting… or be incredibly boring. Enjoy the Draft!


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