Bouchard, McLeod and Rodrigue invited to Team Canada, World Junior Showcase

Team Canada just announced the 40-man roster for this year’s summer showcase of the 2019 IIHF World Junior Championship roster and all of Edmonton’s first three draft picks from the 2018 NHL entry draft found their names on the list.

Evan Bouchard (10th overall), Ryan McLeod (40th overall) and Olivier Rodrigue (62nd overall) were all selected to join the showcase.

Descending on Kamloops BC in late July (28th to August 4th) will be 40 of Canada’s best hopefuls for the final world juniors roster in 2019. This is a four-nation tournament where teams will be able to showcase some of their talents, build some chemistry and show their skills to coaches who may not be able to watch them play much before the “real” camp in December. Canada will be joined by the USA, Finland and Sweden in the mini-tournament playing each team in a regular team game as well as kicking off the festivities with a split-squad game between Canada and the USA on July 31st.

As for the 2019 World Junior Tournament that this is a precursor for, the Oilers and Oilers fan could see as many as eight Oilers prospects/players for the different teams:

Evan Bouchard (CAN)
Ryan McLeod (CAN)
Olivier Rodrigue (CAN)
Ostap Safin (CZE)
Patrik Siikanen (FIN)
Dmitri Samorukov (RUS)
Kirill Maksimov (RUS)
Phil Kemp (USA)

Being named to this roster doesn’t mean they will be in camp and on the team come December, but it’s a great start.

  • gr8haluschak

    Where are the idiots who were BS’ing nepotism because they drafted Rodrigue, yeah I mean what a stupid pick – drafting a Team Canada invite in the range he should have gone in the draft, but let’s ignore these facts and BS that he was drafted because of his dad.

    • Kepler62c

      I think most people were okay with this pick but had some questions about the reasons for making it – it did continue the trend of the Oilers drafting the sons of staff/former players, and therein lies the (I think) valid reason for questioning the choice.

      In simpler terms: Did the Oilers pick this guy because he was a highly rated goalie and they wanted to add a prospect of this calibre? OR, did they once again pick the son of someone with organizational ties? Regardless of his expected/actual draft position, if it’s the 2nd reason the organization still has a problem with nepotism.

    • Spydyr

      Yeah. it is not like they traded up to get him or anything…..oh wait.

      All joking aside I’m happy they grabbed a goalie and he was the consensus best goalie in the draft. The thing is many here see the Oilers taking ex-players kids or Oil Kings over and over again.

    • Sammy27

      This, was a great pick…However Simpson, Lowe, Musil, Brind Amour Samuelson, and a huge group of Oil Kings drafted before their rankings and very few if any have made an impact, thus the comments i guess.

  • What-a-Mike

    Wow!!!! This is showing very well that the Oilers Scouts and Management are finally getting the Draft Cupboard Charts right these last three years. To naysayers, its not the Oilers picking the WJC teams this year and this showcase of invited talent passes strong praise to the Oilers made choices. With these new first three picks now invited I will give congrats to K. Gretzky, B. Green and even Petey. Also, this just might become the biggest drafting Prospects’ showcase the Oilers ever had for any type single tournament if all these kids make it onto their respective country teams. Congrats again for this. Very positive for a change. I hope this summer mini tournament will be televised so to see the kids a bit more. Last, I say that Bouchard and McLeod were excellent choices whether they were a bit lucky ones at that too, but Rodrigue was actual rated the top Goalie for the league draft no matter if his dad worked for the Oilers or not. The Oilers getting this kid in the 3rd round is a positive no brainer as a term prospect with all the top scouting reports telling/predicting to the NHL that he can likely be a top starter in the future. Also, I like our newer top goalie depth chart now very much especially with Skinner having his most excellent season.

  • OriginalPouzar

    Rodigue would be a long shot to make the team (and is the youngest of the four goalies invited) but, as of now, he’s likely pencilled in to be the starter in 2020.

    Oubviously Bouchard is a lock if he’s not in the NHL.

    Safin would be a lock as well but he may be in the AHL (he’s eligible as a 19 year old even though he is playing in the CHL as he was drafted by the Oilers prior to being taken in the CHL import draft) – I flip flop on where I think he’ll play next year.

    Samorukov is a lock for Russia and, barring regression, I would think Maksimov is as well.

    Kemp was the last cut for the US this past tourney so he has a very good shot as well.

    Great stuff.