Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Jason Garrison, Drinking Bets, and D-pics

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of Baggedmilk’s adventures on the radio! As I do every Wednesday, I jumped on the 95.7 Cruz airwaves to talk to the boys at The Locker Room about the Oilers and whatever else is going on in the radio land.

This week, we started out talking a little bit about the Oilersnation Open golf tourney that’s happening tomorrow and I encouraged the boys the start hydrating now because it’s going to be a long shift. From there, we touched on the Jason Garrison PTO that came out yesterday, and whether or not I think he has a chance of sticking with the team. I don’t personally see it, but what the hell do I know? Lastly, a couple of the boys, Grant and Jimmy, made a sober September bet with Lochlin so I offered up a few ideas for punishments that will make them stick to it.

Check out the full appearance here:

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