Nation Donair Tour – Jumbo Donair

Coming off a good old running donair in last week’s review of Best Donair in West Edmonton, the boys rang up Lisa Evans and Ryder of “Hot Mornings with Ryder and Lisa” fame. They were excited and wanted to try out a new stop for them and us with Jumbo Donair in Millwoods.

Chris has clear eyes and a full computer so it took a little time to get this video up but here we are.

The weather is cold so for one week and one week only we retreated to the friendly confines of “Ryderville”, the house that Ryder, Lisa and a few other radio personalities share (you will be meeting them soon in another review).

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This video is as much about the donairs as it is about the Ryder family doggo Gordon Marshmallow (whom you can follow on Instagram here) who really wanted to give this Donair a 97. As the consummate professionals, everyone in this is they soldiered on. Reviewing both the donairs and some sweet bread (that Ryder added to the tab for some tomato sandwiches) with poutine spread on top of it, I don’t know you just have to watch the video below.

Can’t speak enough of how amazing the man behind the counter was to us. He was giving us samples of the meat to try while we waited, and just an absolute beauty. In this review, you will also get a trade break special as predicted by Cam before we set off for this review, the Karlsson trade to San Jose broke mid-donair.

The ratings? Well, you’re just going to have to watch the video below to find out if you agree:

Where is your go-to joint? Got beef with a review we have made? Let us know below.

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  • benlikesbeer

    Dream Donair on 99th and argyle!! I made an account just to say that. Cheese Donair with sweet and spicy sauce is consistently the best meat tube in town! And the people working are crazy nice!