GDB Wrap up -7.0: STREAKING

That was so much fun last night in Calgary, why not gather round and break down another Oilers outing, this time against the Vancouver Canucks?

The Oilers came into this one with another squad of guys trying to make that all important impact going into the season.



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Talbot (played first 40 minutes)
Montoya (played the third period)

It worked last night, but the Canucks iced a better team than Calgary did in the Oilers first win of the preseason. Let’s have a look.

Period One:

  • The “kid line” of Yamamoto, Mcleod and Benson were buzzing early. Exposing Anders Nilsson’s rebound control which we became accustomed to back when he played for the Oilers.
  • Marody takes a soft slashing call (it was really just an aggressive collision to my eye) but the Oilers have the better chance with Khaira just about connecting on the 2-on-1 pass.
  • Jesse has looked real good along with the rest of his line. Benning finds him in the middle and he snipes it past Anders, 1-0 Oil.

  •  The Canucks pushed back late in the period. Talbot had to be strong and after the Oil lost one of their guys on the play, he did this:

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If this is the form Dadbot is in for the whole season you can book our tickets to the playoffs now. Benson, Yamamoto and Mcleod feels like a heck of line in a year or two from now. The top line of JP, Strome and Jujhar has looked really good and like a unit that can do some damage in the regular season.

Period Two:

  • The Canucks struggled with the penalties to start things off. Off a quick shot there was a mess of players in and around the Vancouver net with Rattie sliding one in that would have surely come back on goalie interference in the regular season, 2-0 Oilers.

  • The ice tilted the Canucks way through the rest of the first half of the second. And on a beauty feed across from Bo Horvat to Sven Baertschi, 2-1 Oilers.

  • Talbot got fooled by that one but looked sharp throughout the bulk of this stanza.
  • Oilers fourth PK of the game had some grade A chances and a post. Talbot came up huge.


If this is the form Dadbot is in for the whole season you can book our tickets to the Cup finals against the Leafs (based off their 4-1 win tonight against the Sens). Knowing our record in goalie interference reviews, there is no way that second goal by Rattie would’ve counted, but this is the preseason so the cameras are given a much needed break. The Canucks were incensed by that no-call (I guess) and they poured it on going into the break.

Period Three:

  • As Jason Gregor mentioned in his GDB this afternoon, the Oilers planned to put Montoya in in the third stanza. He came in as planned.
  • The Oilers came out much better than the last 15 minutes of game time has shown. They were rewarded for their efforts with a goal from Caleb Jones who recieved a nice little feed from Strome behind the goal line, 3-1 Oil

  • After a short lived improved start, the Oilers started taking some dumb penalties. Kassian ran a pick behind the net and went off for two. The Canucks PP was buzzing after getting five cracks at a power-play, and they found the back of the net, 3-2 Oilers.
  • Montoya was solid throughout the middle ten minutes of the third.
  • Ben Hutton bobbled a puck out of mid-air and Rattie said “thank you very much”, slipping it between a guessing Nilsson, 4-2 Oilers.

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  • The Oilers took their seventh penalty of the game late but ended up with the bulk of the chances in the final five minutes.
  • Shout out to Ty Rattie, who in a preseason game with the chance to net the hat trick instead opted to go to the corner and pin the puck deep to kill the clock.

The Wrap

This was an exciting preseason game from both sides. Coming into this one, the Oilers D was not “ideal”


With really only two NHL ready guys there in Benning and Russell, there was bound to be some work to do on the back end. Some great goaltending from the Oilers really spelled the difference. Montoya was a good back-up style player, picking up in the third period while Cam Talbot stole the show with a hell of a save in the first period. The Oilers “top line” of JJ-Strome-JP tonight looked good and my heart wants to believe that is the third line that they continue with into the season. The kid line looked solid tonight as well. On D there were strong nights from Jones offensively and Russell in his own zone. In the preseason you have to take the good with the bad, and a couple of guys (Lowe and Garrison) got caught on two separate occasions giving up partial breaks that they had to take a penalty to stop. Penalties also were an obvious issue that the coaching staff will have to work on.

The Oil now head home for some fresh sheets and home cooking in the friendly confines of Rogers Place for the first game there in 166 days (last home game was a win way back in April).

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    It wouldn’t have been called back on goaltender interference. The whistle blew before the puck crossed the line. But alas, my thoughts.

    1. What a save by Cam Talbot. THAT’S the Talbot I love!
    2. Another good showing by the BMY line. Not as good as when they chewed up the Flames, but still created chances and were an effective trio. Can’t wait to see them in the reg season in a year or two.
    3. The top line (really our Reg season 3rd line) was also effective, and Jesse looked fantastic.
    4. Defencemen were impressive, masked only by a good defensive play here or there, along with Caleb’s goal to make it 3-1.
    5. Rattle was quiet until he wasn’t. Great determination on goal 1, great read on goal 2, and good on him for killing off 20 seconds in Vancouver’s zone. He’s gotten fast which makes sense. Can’t wait to see him with McNuge

    Now for the love of god, can we PLEASE see McDavid and Draisitl tomorrow?

    • Bandwagon jumper

      I’m thinking there is a typo in your #4. I’d say the word should have been Unimpressive. Was it just me or did a few of those D boys seem awfully slow. I’m not a Benning fan, but he and Russell were solid. The rest, meh.

    • Dallas Eakins Hair

      loved Jesse’s game, why TM was sheltering his minutes though was puzzling. I would have loved to seee J3esse play as much as he could to see how he handled the ice time and if his progression thru the game changed, I thought he was dangerous most of the game.

      • 99OilersFan

        If TM was sheltering Jesse (I didn’t notice), probably to give him a confidence boost to start the year. He was lacking in that dept. to end last year…

        • Dallas Eakins Hair

          Even the commentators doing the game picked up on the sheltering of minutes for Jesse, I dont understand why, Jesse was on fire last night, scored and came close to potting another. 6TM moves in mysterious ways so who knows. As for last year, I solely blame the coaches for that when Jesse and McDavid were together and jesse seemed to start to click TM broke them up and then TM had Jesse bouncing all over the line up and I think the poor kid didnt understand what the hell was going on and it dealt him a serious moral buster. I am hoping the coaching staff is going to be a lot better in communication and they stop blendering lines when they start to gel like they did last year, I couldnt figure out what when lines were starting to click they separated them, it was baffling, I hope we get a little more consitancy out of the player and the coaches

          • JimmyV1965

            JP wasn’t sheltered. He played every shift, he played against their best dmen, he played on the PP. He didn’t play the PK and we had seven of them. That’s why his TOI was lower. The broadcasters were brutal. I mean they were awful.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Totally agree, the biggest difference was confidence.
      Although, I wouldn’t call Jesse’s goal a “snipe”… More like a “squibbler”, we’ll totally take it.
      I think even he was surprised? Rattie’s pick pocket goal was awesome as well…
      Let’s see more of what we saw last night… GOG…

  • The Future Never Comes

    Could anyone picture a scenario where they sign Chiasson and Upshall to 800,000 cap hits for the fourth line and trading Kassian and Caggiula for a net savings of 1.6 million. They could use the 1.6 million in fourth line savings plus Sekera money for a legitimate defense signing/trade.

  • Dallas Eakins Hair

    Loved the Oilers PK in the first pressured the puck carrier, wasn’t a fan of all the running around in it at times but it was way way better than that lets play statues thing they were doing in that later half of the second and third period, whoever came up wih that static no movement penalty kill need to give their head a shake, because it just opened up lanes for passes to go thru and by the time the guys on the PK got their feet moving Vancouver was already closing in on the net. Zone breakout was tad worrying especially if they are going to do that take the puck up and then drop it back all the time, teams will figure that out quick. Lets hope they dont rely on the later PK and that same type of breakout all the time

  • RobertO

    Like to see Kassian flipped for a pick and a prospect. Stock the cuppoards with more prospects already simmering on the backburner. Can’t wait for tomorrow folks!