#FranksPicks: Oilers at Devils

Have you ever been confused about who would win a hockey game and who would suffer the crushing blow of defeat? Have you ever planned on spending your mortgage money on a hockey game, but required some assistance in ensuring that you make an accurate selection? Well, you’re in luck!

At the end of last season, I taught my main man Frank how to pick hockey winners and, after a summer’s worth of training and deep study, he’s back for another season of #FranksPicks. Before every game, I set up a matchup for who’s playing, add a treat on top of both, and let my guy Frank used his advanced knowledge of the game to make a choice on who will win the hockey game. Last season, Frank finished his abbreviated season with a .500 record which shows that he has a proven record and an endless supply hockey knowledge so long as there are treats around.

Who will win today between our beloved Edmonton Oilers and the New Jersey Devils? Only Frank knows for sure. Watch the video below:

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