Nation Donair Tour – Queen Donair

We hosted our season opener party at The Pint on Saturday and, as you all surely know, the Oilers gave us a lot of reasons to drink. Here’s what happens when you’re 2:00 AM drunk at 4:00 PM.

Things got a little loose at the good ol’ Pint and we ventured east down Jasper Ave. to hit up Queen Donair — a staple for Edmontonians who enjoy an evening on the town. It was a hell of an experience because none of us were used to be being there in broad daylight, but they shockingly had their A-game going. Our good pal and well-known donair connoisseur Mandeeeeez joined us and he was so excited he wouldn’t even let us finish the intro to the video before diving head-first into the extremely thiccc bundle of meat.

Watch the full episode below!

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We very much so enjoyed Queen Donair our intoxicated state. Have you ever eaten there? Let us know in the comments. Also, let us know where YOUR favourite donair shop is in Edmonton & area and where we should go next!

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  • Markiw17

    Robs Donair 232-390 Baseline Rd Sherwood Park. Best Donair going. Rob is an absolute beauty, used to own Famous Donair in Sherwood Park, sold a few years back and opened a new shop. Absolute staple in Sherwood Park