GDB 12.0 Wrap Up: Koskinever in doubt, Oilers lose the Corsi but win 4-0 anyway

Koskinen we’ve never doubted you! Final Score: 4-0 Oilers

I know we’ve talked about it a lot already but I can’t get over how odd the schedule has been so far this season. We’re already 12 games in and the Oilers haven’t played against anyone from the Pacific Division yet but have had pairs of games against Boston, Nashville, and now Chicago. It’s weird, right? Coming into tonight’s rematch against the Blackhawks, the Oilers had the advantage of going up against what was supposed to be a tired team on the second half of a back-to-back set. But just like the last time these teams met, Chicago did not at all look tired nor did they give the Oilers an inch without having to earn it first, though our boys didn’t do themselves any favours with their apparent love of wishful passes to no one in particular either. Early on, Edmonton tried to force way too many passes into areas that were already covered and it gave the Blackhawks all kinds of unnecessary offence and possession time, but as we’d see a lot on this night, Koskinen was there to shut the door.

After struggling to truly get settled in and weathering the odd storm or five, the Oilers struck first with a goal by Caggiula that gave them a lead that they would not give up. Despite giving up the first goal and three more after it, the Blackhawks carried the play for large chunks of this hockey game, but they ran into a force that they were simply not prepared for. From where I blog, Mikko Koskinen was easily the best Edmonton Oiler tonight and his stellar play actually turned what could have easily been a loss into two huge points. Yes, the Oilers scored four goals which should be enough to win on most nights but I’m not so sure things would have ended up the way they did without the goaltender standing on his head. Whether it was a routine save or a ten-star chance from the slot, Koskinen shut the door time and time again and gave his team the confidence they needed to ultimately get the job done.

For the Oilers and every one of us reading this now, it was nice to see the team get the goaltending and timely goal scoring they needed to grind out a win. I know it’s strange to say considering the 4-0 score, but this win was no gimme and you have to like the overall team effort that made it happen.

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The wrap.

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  • After waiting for weeks to get his first start of the season, Mikko Koskinen was back between the pipes tonight and he was excellent tonight, especially early on when the Oilers had a hard time hanging onto the puck. Frankly, the Oilers depended on Koskinen way too much for my liking and they were damned lucky that he his game was on point because he bailed them out way more often than you’d like to see. This was a huge night for the Finn and now I’m wondering whether or not we’ll see him again on Saturday against Detroit. Koskinen finished the night with 40 saves and the first shutout of his NHL career.
  • A lot of people, myself included, were wondering how McLellan puts Caggiula up on the first line after having a tough game against the Wild but he did his part to prove us all wrong after he scored a big second-period goal to open the scoring. He followed up with a shorthanded goal off of a slick little deke after Jujhar Khaira set him up perfectly in the slot. Caggiula’s second of the night was also the Oilers second shorthanded goal of the season.
  • Jason Garrison put the Oilers up by two goals after he absolutely ripped home a clapper from the point on the power play. Tobias Rieder set him up on a tee and Garrison got all of what became his first goal as an Edmonton Oiler and it put the Oilers up by a pair late in the second period.
  • Alex ‘The Answer’ Chia’s son must have heard us talking about other people challenging for his belt because he came up with a big goal in the third period that put the Oilers up by four and essentially ended the Blackhawks’ will to live.
  • Three cheers for secondary scoring!
  • Tobias Rieder keeps adding more and more assists to his totals, has been playing well, and I can’t think of anyone I want to score more than him.
  • Jesse Puljujarvi made his return to the lineup tonight and I like the way he looked despite only playing just over 11 minutes. He was engaged, used his size a little bit more than he has been, and was far more noticeable than the last time we saw him. That said, the Condors are playing a lot of games coming up and I think Bakersfield would be the best place for him.
  • The Oilers allowed three power play goals on three chances against the Wild but they were perfect on Chicago’s trio of opportunities tonight.
  • Another shout out will go to the power play that came up with a goal and finished the night at 1/4.
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  • The Oilers were heavily outshot tonight (40-29) and were very lucky that their goaltender was there to save them. I’m not saying they should order him an edible arrangement but they should probably order him an edible arrangement.
  • The first Oilers power play of the night was all kinds of ugly. Toews got a breakaway, they gave up a 2-on-1, and couldn’t even manage to get a shot on goal. Fortunately, they found a way to score later in the game but that first one had me every shade of nervous.
  • The NHL’s site had the giveaways at 23-8 for the Oilers and I believe it. For some reason, the boys had all kinds of trouble with their passing and transition game because the Blackhawks seemed to read them like a book.
  • I wonder what’s going to happen (if anything) with the Brandon Davidson elbow on Darnell Nurse that happened late in the third period. Both guys were fired up after the play and were each ejected as to prevent further shenanigans from going down. It was definitely a hit to the head by Davi so we’ll have to wait and see what comes next.
  • Ryan Strome may never score again. Gord knows I’m pulling for him but the offence is just not going his way right now and I think I might head out into the cool November night to find some kind of sacrifice that can end this drought.
  • Not a great night for the Oilers in the faceoff circle (47%) but it could have definitely been worse. Something to work on.
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No Scoring


00:18 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (3) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (11), Connor McDavid (10) 0-1
19:23 Edmonton PPG – Jason Garrison (1) ASST: Tobias Rieder (6) 0-2


06:49 Edmonton SHG – Drake Caggiula (4) ASST: Jujhar Khaira (2), Matt Benning (2) 0-3
10:38 Edmonton Alex Chiasson (5) ASST: Tobias Rieder (7), Leon Draisaitl (7) 0-4


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You’ve spent the last week pining away for a new episode of the Real Life Podcast and the wait is finally over! This week, the boys are bursting with excitement as the Oilers find themselves near the top of the Pacific Division standings for the first time in a while and they just can’t hold it in.

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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 11/01/2018 – 10:45 pm MT

  • Harry2

    What the hell does lose the corsi battle even mean. Corsi is completely subjective. If a team enters the zone and scores on their 2nd shot after entry their corsi is going to be lower than a team that enters the zone and needs 7or8 shots before the puck is turned over or the play is blown dead.

    More and more corsi is becoming a flawed stat

    • ed from edmonton

      Corsi, or Fenwick, or plus minus, or scoring chance stats or SOG are all stats and are nether good or bad they are information that should tell something about the event. Some people seem to put a lot of importance in the Corsi stat as a leading predictor of success, others stress scoring chance data as being a better predictor. It would seem that BM is in the Corsi camp.

    • Harry2

      It just odd that someone can look at some stats and think CHI carried the game when in fact thats not true.

      Watch the bloody game thats how you tell who the better team was

  • _Bubba

    “Alex ‘The Answer’ Chia’s son must have heard us talking about other people challenging for his belt because he came up with a big goal in the third period that put the Oilers up by four and essentially ended the Blackhawks’ will to live.”
    Bahahaha!!! This- funniest thing I have read all week. Also, gotta love Chiasson!

  • KennyG

    Great game for Koskinen!!(will not get another start until Xmas) Great game for 2nd and 4th lines and Drake. I really hope TM isn’t asking Santa for a new blender!!

    • n(Ice)

      Koskinen saved their butts last night (which doesn’t automatically mean he’s the best goalie in the world or even on the team). I’m glad about the secondary scoring, but aside from a few flashes they played like boneheads. Everybody was coughing up pucks and looking confused. Loved Garrison’s goal — that’s what you are supposed to do from that position. Time to settle things down, Rattie and Cags can alternate on the top line, and yamo and pool can go to Bakersfield.

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      I was just coming to post this:
      The #Oilers have assigned 2018 first-round draft pick, defenceman Evan Bouchard, to the OHL’s @GoLondonKnights & recalled defenceman Kevin Gravel from the @Condors. pic.twitter.com/8G5u1Thwa3
      — Edmonton Oilers (@EdmontonOilers) November 2, 2018

  • Bills Bills

    They were playing 3 men in the O zone for the first 40 minutes and it showed. No zone support from the defence makes for a weak offence. Fortunately, the wingers were not as negligent in their defensive responsibilities.

    All in all they capitalized on their chances and played better in the third. Which is a good sign since they could have easily just rested on their lead.

    Koskinen was massive in the net. Played well positionally and had some great saves. Very happy for him. Hope he gets the next start. He earned it.

    Anyone else notice that at 1.22 ppg there are 23 players that have played all their games and are on pace for 100 point seasons? Not sure when the last time that happened 11+ games into a season. Guess that big chest protector was for a little more that preventing bruises.

    Cam Ward can suck it. Happy every time we beat him. Hopefully he retires soon and never beats the Oilers again.

  • Rusty

    i usually agree with the wraps. But not this one. Yes the Oilers were outshot and Yes kosk was brilliant tonight, particularly when Chicago was shorthanded and had some beauty chances. But I thought the Oilers were by far the better team tonight. especially with breakouts and defensive zone coverage. I felt chicagos chances were mainly long point shots with no one in front or outside shots with little difficulty. i thought strome and lucic continue to be VERY effective overall and Puljujarvi had 1 grade A chance he got stoned on but otherwise was invisible. He can catch the next bus to bakersfield. i thought Nuge and Drai were the best forwards for the oilers but overall i thought all 4 lines were effective. But reading this wrap you would get the impression the oilers never played in the opposing zone. Its like there were 2 different games happening. Oh well we see what we want to see i guess. Maybe milk wanted to see bad and i wanted to see good. Somewhere in the middle is the actual game. Hopefully a new streak is starting! GO OILERS

  • jr_christ

    I actually really enjoyed watching this game. After reading the article, I realize we sure did make a lot of mistakes and things didn’t all go our way. However, all I really want to know is if they boys are playing their hearts out. Win or lose, I just want to see a group of guys play some entertaining hockey.

  • Chaisson has 5 goals on 10 shots (50%) in 7 games with 12:43 TOI/GP. He’s played a total of 89 minutes. That’s a shot every 8.9 minutes and a goal every 17.8 minutes of playing time.

    McDavid has 9 goals on 44 shots (20.4%) in 12 games with 23:11 TOI/GP. He’s played a total of 278 minutes. That’s a shot every 6.3 minutes and a goal every 30.9 minutes of playing time.

    Chaisson is therefore currently 42% more productive on goals than McDavid!

    Just sayin’.