Oilersnation does Movember

Halloween has ended and that means November is here. The month is sometimes referred to as Mo-vember and is used as a springboard to try and bring men’s health issues to the forefront. What started out as a big push for prostate cancer and male depression awareness in Australia and New Zealand has grown to a worldwide movement with Men’s health in general now the focus. The boys at Oilersnation are completely behind this kind of thinking and hope you will join them as they venture into this month of awareness.

We have created a team over at the Movember site (Team name: Oilersnation) and you are more than welcome to join up and help us raise some funds for this worthy cause. Just sign up with your personal account and then join the team and let’s show the world what the nation can do to raise some funds for Men’s health initiatives.

Wanna join the team? Donate? Click here

Three of the Nation crew (and our intern) will be participating in this year’s Movember event. BM will be donating to each of us and we thank him for that. I wanted each of the guys to mention what they will be doing and why they are doing it.

Chris: I’ve always “known” about Movember and what it works towards, however I never knew the in-depth details. Last night I did a deep dive of the many many causes the Movember charity works on and more specifically where the money specifically goes to.  I was blown away by how large this organization is and all the different charities it touches, and I encourage you all to research further. I’ve never been more motivated to help the causes this year, as lately it seems like every month I hear about more people connected to myself, my friends, or my family be affected by mental health problems and cancer. Thank you to anyone who is participating in Movember this year, and thank you to those who donate to the cause.

Cam: I’m anxious to see if, at the age of 25, I can finally grow some kind of respectable facial hair. I’m also doing this for all the dudes out there who are struggling with physical and mental health-related issues and struggling due to the societally-enforced narrative that we, as men, are just supposed to tough it out.

Dan: I will be participating this year with a “no-shave November”, why? because I cannot for the life of me grow anything barely resembling a mustache. So instead you get to see what horrendous things that will hilariously be on my face throughout the month. Why I am doing it? Because I have lost my grandfather to prostate cancer, I have an uncle who killed himself and I myself have depression and ADHD that I deal with every day. It’s not always easy to talk about but anything we can do to alleviate the stigma surrounding these things, we have to. So thank you to anyone who donates or joins us.

Evan the Intern: It’s going to be embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as Nuge’s facial hair. I’m doing this for my grandpa that I lost to Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a great month of people doing good things to try and raise money and awareness for Men’s health. Whether you’re a mo’bro or a mo’sista or you donate, or you even just give this article a retweet or repost, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Over the next month we will provide updates in the quick hits section of how amazing (bad) our moustache growth is and also the generosity of you the Nation.