One Minute Men – Oilers vs Blackhawks (November 1st, 2018)

Welcome to the MONTH OF NOVEMBER. The Oilers are hosting the Blackhawks tonight so that means that we’ve got another episode of the One Minute Men BAGGEDMILK NOTES EDITION for you! He never learned how to read as a child but we did our best to decipher what he was trying to say.

The Blackhawks are from Chicago so to celebrate the city’s culture we jumped in the car and drove down to Whyte Avenue to grab some Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. Have you ever had Chicago Deep Dish pizza before? What are your thoughts? You’ll see how we feel about it if you watch the video!

This was a special one because our friend BaggedMilk wrote the notes. Welcome to the big leagues, kid! If you haven’t read BM’s game day notes you can find them here. Why do we constantly make these videos you ask? Because we like producing content. Also, because for some people, visual learning for game day preparation is a lot more effective than reading a blog.

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Come with us on this wild journey.

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