GDB 15.0 Wrap Up: Oilers finish road trip with 4-1 loss against the basement-dwelling Panthers

Boy, that was disappointing. The Oilers wrapped up their four-game road trip and span of eight games in 13 games with a game against the last-place Florida Panthers. On paper, this looked like an easy win and a nice way to wrap up this tough stretch. Unfortunately, the games aren’t played on paper.

Edmonton got off to a quick, hot start as the Panthers looked sluggish having not played since they returned from Finland last week. Roberto Luongo made a few huge saves, robbing Leon Draisaitl and Ty Rattie, and that seemed to give his team some momentum. The Panthers would score a couple goals in the first period and then hold the Oilers down for the rest of the game, ultimately coming up with a 4-1 win.

As a result, the Panthers earned their first win at home on the season AND their first win at home against the Oilers since 2002! Because of course!


  • I don’t think Cam Talbot played a bad game tonight. He faced 32 shots and allowed three goals. The first one Florida scored was essentially Edmonton’s blueline getting manhandled by the Panthers’ top line and the second involved Nick Bjudstad casually skating into the slot for a rebound. The third was the only one that was pretty weak as Talbot was totally fooled by a fake-shot-pass on the power play that gave Jonathan Huberdeau an open net. Errr… Wait, this is the bright side section. My bad, Generally, it was a solid game for Talbot that included some big stops to keep the team in the game.
  • ……. *crickets*
  • There really wasn’t much to be excited about this game. The Oilers looked exhausted and generally got outplayed by a pretty mediocre Panthers squad. There were bursts in which the Oilers looked good, but, more often than not, they just seemed burnt out. On the bright side, this tough stretch in the schedule is over. As I said earlier, this was their eighth game in 13 days, so it’ll be nice to get home on a more relaxed schedule now that this is over with.


  • It’s frustrating to lose a game against Florida, given the fact they came into the game dead last in the league. I know, as I said earlier, the game isn’t played on paper and no wins are automatic, but this was a low-key must win after the back-to-back losses against Washington and Tampa Bay earlier this week. The team came out pretty strong and then just went completely flat after Luongo made his few huge saves. It really had a 2017-18 team tone to it in the way the energy just sort of evaporated.
  • One thing I was particularly disappointed with tonight was the power play’s inability to come through with a big goal. I can empathize with not having the legs to outskate the Panthers at even strength given the relentless schedule the past couple weeks, but one of Florida’s weaknesses and one of the reasons they had THREE wins coming into this game was a putrid penalty kill. The Oilers went 0/2 on the PP this game and didn’t look very urgent. There was a lot of standing around, looking to force passes, and not a lot of moving around to create room.
  • Zack Kassian got called for one of the softest penalties I’ve seen called in this league. Apparently, this was charging. Uh, okay? The NHL now stands for the No Hit League, it seems.
  • It looked like the Panthers were doing a Dress up like an empty seat night promotion. I hate to fan shame and this isn’t really all too relevant to the game, but it’s a major facepalm seeing a half-empty stadium out there.



No Scoring


06:45 Florida Evgenii Dadonov (7) ASST: Aleksander Barkov (8), Mike Hoffman (4) 0-1
08:12 Florida Nick Bjugstad (3) ASST: Bogdan Kiselevich (2), Jared McCann (3) 0-2


00:23 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (10) ASST: Connor McDavid (13) 1-2
03:43 Florida PPG – Jonathan Huberdeau (3) ASST: Vincent Trocheck (7), Keith Yandle (10) 1-3
19:11 Florida EN – Colton Sceviour (2) ASST: Vincent Trocheck (8), Mike Hoffman (5) 1-4
  • Boba The Fett

    I can’t wait if the Oilers win a few in a row or go 5-3-2 in next 10 and then all the flip flopping happens and people start praising the team. I wish there was a way to click on a commenters name and see their past posts so that they can be exposed for constantly saying what is trendy.

    Everybody tends to just go with the masses and not come up with an original thought of their own. Also if all you can be is negative and never acknowledge if a player does something well then maybe just quit posting because it is tiring.
    Constructive comments are great to hear and debates are awesome to have but the same old rhetoric is getting tiring. If you hate the team so much then do us all a favor and just quit watching.

      • OilerForLife

        Maybe it’s time to do a doomsday tank.

        There seems to be no end to this, and the fans of other teams have been proven right. I give up, the Oilers just suck. I realize it was just a three game snap, but it has gotten uglier every game over the last 3 and the other teams have figured out how to beat the Oilers. Vancouver seems to have proven how to rebuild a team in short order. Fire Chiarelli, and all the coaching except Trent Yawney. Keep Keith Gretzky and make him GM and head of scouting, and add some great administrators to assist him in all his decisions.

        Keep McDavid, Nuge, Klefbom, Russell, and Larsson, and all the contracts 2M and below. Buy out Lucic and Strome who are busts for the money. Trade Draisaitl, Nurse, and PJ for very promising prospects and high draft picks only. Nurse isn’t looking good and Draisaitl is overpaid. PJ is a bust and get the best prospect we can unless he responses to new coaching. Buy out Sekera once he recovers. In 3 years most the contracts are gone one way or another.

        Don’t renew Talbot and keep Koskinen if he takes 3M a year for two years. Bring Montoya up and resign for 1.5M a year for two years. Keep drafting and replace the 2M players one at a time as our prospects and picks develop.

        Leave a bunch of 2M players and below exposed, and any poor performers exposed at the draft for Seattle .Win the Lottery and take Hughes because it’s the only thing the Oilers do right.

        Give a finger to the NHL and anybody else who thinks we are tanking.

      • Boba The Fett

        People need to view last nights game in context. Yes they played poorly, but they came out strong as they knew they needed an early lead due to the fatigue factor. You will see a lot of teams that go through a brutal schedule do this at the end of a long stretch. They know it will be tough to sustain 3 periods of energetic hockey so they try to get a good start and then hold on. When Luongo made some great saves and we didn’t get that early goal the team came out in the 2nd period with a huge lack of energy. I am most impressed with how they were able to find some energy in the 3rd and give it a go but ultimately just didnt have enough.

        People need to remember 8 games – 13 days – 6 cities – 3 timezones. With a schedule like this it is tough to recover properly after games, players dont have the time after games to hit the ice bath, massage table or ride the bike. Hopefully now that this brutal schedule is over things can get back to normal.

        Florida had not played since Nov 2, whereas we had played 3 games in that time all with travel in between. Of course they were going to have a ton more energy.

    • Svart kaffe

      The thing about the game, for me, was how boring it was. Watching from Sweden I get pumped whenever they play on the east coast because it means the game starts around midnight which isn’t too bad. But this time I caught myself drifting doing other stuff all the time. It just wasn’t entertaining. Maybe all the empty seats had a part in that? I don’t know. But it certainly wasn’t an engaging affair.

      Still, some effort was there but the team just didn’t feel sharp. I hope the momentum they had going isn’t starting to wear off.

      I think if this is how they will play from now on then I may have more important things to do than catch the games. Like sleeping for example. Wasted way too much time like that last season.

    • tealyn

      Yeah, sounds good, I am going to go against the masses, We have the best goaltending in the league, that goaltender gets to play behind the best defensemen pairing in the league who get to pass it to the best four forward lines the game has to offer, this is all masterminded by the best coach the game has seen. He gets to use players that the best manager in the league gets through mind blowing trade ups.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      Yeah, but reality is reality… The Oilers just can’t get it together when they have to, that hasn’t changed, even though we wish it. What has changed (and I hope they prove me wrong), is that we keep saying based on previous records that we can’t wait for those Pac Division games…
      The way Vancouver, Arizona & Calgary are playing I think the Oilers will be in tough. Last nights game in my mind was a must win, to put us back on the track. They seem to be derailing, as that game should have been an easy win…
      Hard work & coaching systems aren’t being followed. Watch a Canuck game if you can & see a bunch of “no-names” playing a system & working together. I keep hearing that things will level out & it’ll all become normal (whatever that means). But the Nucks are bought in to the systems they have been presented and are working hard to that end. The way the Oilers & Canucks are playing lately the Oil don’t have a chance I’m afraid. I hope things change, they better, or we’ll be seeing the same result? They sucked last night, no excuses, there is no time for that.

      • Goaltender Interference

        No need to jump off the bridge rail yet… That time will come starting next week if the boys drop clunkers like last night against the Flames and the California teams.

        History suggests they will but the games they played in October suggest there might still be hope. In a week and a half or so we’ll know which Oilers team really came to play this season.

        • Boba The Fett

          How does history suggest they will lay down against the Pacific? Their best record over the last 3 years by far has been vs the Pacific. If history suggests anything its that the upcoming schedule favors us.

    • Real Oiler Fan since 83

      @Boba The Fett

      Well said. I can’t even bare to come on this site after a loss. It’s insanity at its finest. It truly makes me question if some of these posters are fans or just trolls. Stay positive people!! This is sports. Keep it light. Keep it fun. Don’t lose your marbles and start personal attacks on our players.

      • Boba The Fett

        Bung, in 16 games we have lost to ONE club at the bottom of the standings and it was at the end of a grueling stretch. How do you suggest this is a trend where we keep losing to bottom feeder clubs? Your reasoning on every comment is so biased and ignorant its laughable. Just once I would love you to actually refer to a stat or fact or something that has some thought put behind it.

  • Heschultzhescores

    Too bad Oilers fans were not more like Florida fans. Bad product, don’t go. If that was a Canadian team you can Bet Bettnan would be moving them. Why are we having an expansion draft. Move Florida. Nope. Gotta subsidise and cater to American franchises.

  • Odanada

    If you have 13 minutes to spare, here is a youtube clip of a 60 Minutes Sports feature they did on Connor. The thing that haunts me in this is when he talks about how much he hates losing.

  • Quoteright

    One of the constant themes that has plagued this team is the dam blender. Teamwork is the game. Passing comes with chemistry knowing where players are going and how fast. Timing is huge and it takes familiarity.
    Since Kruger, every coach has blended the krap out of this lineup. Player turnover huge, constantly giving away players who didn’t reach their potential. This was one year were finally we didn’t trade the mall and I support that move because our players are generally undervalued as they continue to play in a difficult situation.
    Everyone says our defence is garbage, but my feeling is that it’s the lack of commitment from the backcheck from our over gifted forwards that makes the team look so bad.
    Also the passing through the neutral zone has always been garbage.
    Partly because their is no chemistry no team…
    We now have a single player who actually doesn’t need any help as he can skate it through the neutral zone and the coach and the media have wasted all the talent to find him a winger.
    Really Conor doesn’t need help. He needs north south effort.
    2nd point
    Why the heck has Nuge and Leon never been tried with all the blending, it blows my mind that those two cerebral passers and cyclers have never been tried. They could totally nurture pool party into a player.
    Blender, lack of imagination, and now he just looks tired. Time for McLellen to go.

  • Derzie

    In today’s NHL, the league wants their fans to focus on and watch every game their team plays. That leaves little time for watching other teams.

    I tuned in for a bit and watched the Oilers game and I have a question: Are they always this sloppy looking? I honestly had moments when I thought I was watching junior. The D all looked a step behind and scrambly. Connor and Leon looked like visiting dignitaries to a charity game. Miles better than the rest of their team. When Talbot was hugging his left post and a Florida player had nothing but net from the right face-off circle on a power play I actually gasped. I’ve never seen such an open net from that far out on a power play.

    Maybe it was an anomaly. The standings indicate that the team is around average. But holy moly I was taken aback. If this is how they play, give McDavid every personal award the league has right now. One man band.

  • Absolutely the worst 2nd period they’ve played in a long time. Only three 5v5 shots–and they weren’t even from close to the net.

    Game after game lately, the Nurse-Russell pair and 3rd line have become a joke offensively and defensively.

    The PK is atrocious. The PP is in decline.

    This is not a playoff team. Only half the team is good.

    • Boba The Fett

      The 3rd line may be bad offensively but have only conceded 2 5v5 goals against with lucic and strome together. Strome actually has the 2nd best SAT percentage among forwards and Draisaitl the 2nd worst.

      2nd D pairing, I agree has been aweful when compared to the rest of the team.