GDB 16.0 Wrap Up: The wrong losing streak ended tonight

The Oilers managed to bust a slump tonight, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the right one. The Avalanche rolled into town on a five-game losing streak and the Oilers, being incredibly obliging hosts, let them slide back into the win column.

The story tonight was much like what we saw during the three losses on the road trip. The Oilers came out flat, didn’t look prepared, interested, or particularly engaged, and the other team capitalized. Colorado scored a quick goal right off the hop and then they scored again with a few minutes to go in the first period to give themselves a 2-0 lead.

The Avs would score an ugly one on the power play early on in the second period, giving them a 3-0 lead. The third goal would spell the end for Cam Talbot, who allowed three goals on 14 shots. Colorado would their lead to 4-0 a few minutes later, and while the Oilers did manage to break the shutout in the third period, they were never really in this game.

As I said, it was virtually the exact same story as it was on the road trip. But this time, there wasn’t an excuse. I was empathetic after the Florida game given the team had played a tough schedule with a bunch of games in different cities and they were justifiably burnt out. Tonight, though, they were well rested, facing a team on a five-game losing streak who had come in from Winnipeg, but they got waxed on home ice.


This effort tonight makes you wonder if the team has quit on Todd McLellan.

The bright side

  • Ugh. This is the same deal with Florida again. I’m going to have a hell of a time looking for positive things to say about that game. How has BM done this for all these years?!
  • The fourth line was consistently the team’s best line tonight. I’m not sure if that’s a bright side or a positive but I’m looking for good things to say so I’ll roll with it. Brodziak, Kassian, and Khaira played with consistent energy and physicality and made life difficult for the Avs. While the Oilers frequently got beat to pucks tonight, the fourth line went out there and gave the Avs hell. Kudos to them for that. The team needs all four forward lines doing that on a shift-by-shift basis.
  • Mikko Koskinen played well in relief of Cam Talbot, stopping 12 of 13 shots Colorado threw at him. He also made a few big saves in the third period to keep Edmonton’s faint comeback hopes alive when the game opened up and the team was going into attack mode.

The face palmers

  • This was a perfect opportunity. The Oilers were coming home from a tough four-game road trip and had an opportunity against another slumping team to make a statement. They did the opposite. The Oilers didn’t look like a team playing at home hungry for a win tonight. They came out especially slow and just got blown away by Colorado in the first period. This is an Avs team who, beyond one line, really doesn’t have much depth. Despite that, wave after wave, the Avs just blew past the Oilers, making them look slow, tired, and disinterested.
  • Cam Talbot had a rough game, allowing three goals on 15 shots. I mean, the team in front of him didn’t help out whatsoever so I’m not going to pin tonight’s loss on him by any stretch, but we’re seeing too many of these mediocre outings from the guy who is supposed to be the team’s No. 1 guy.
  • The Oilers have virtually zero offence behind Connor McDavid. When he isn’t on the ice, there’s virtually zero threat to score from this team. Alex Chiasson and Tobias Rieder had a nice streak with Leon Draisaitl for a few games, but we’re back into that mode in which the team looks like they’re just killing time without McDavid on the ice. When there isn’t an attack behind McDavid, it becomes that much easier for opposing teams to contain him. That was the case tonight as McDavid was held off the scoresheet and Gabe Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon were constantly on against him making life difficult.
  •  I thought the refs missed quite a few calls on the Oilers, so that’s one face palmer in itself that we’re used to, but, in the same vein, the power play wasn’t good again tonight. Edmonton went 0/3 on their opportunities with the man advantage and looked pretty stagnant out there.

Scoring summary


00:26 Colorado Mikko Rantanen (6) ASST: Nathan MacKinnon (12), Gabriel Landeskog (8) 1-0
15:33 Colorado Carl Soderberg (6) ASST: Tyson Barrie (13), Matt Calvert (3) 2-0


05:06 Colorado PPG – Alexander Kerfoot (3) ASST: Carl Soderberg (5), Samuel Girard (6) 3-0
10:56 Colorado Tyson Barrie (1) ASST: Mikko Rantanen (20), Nathan MacKinnon (13) 4-0


09:20 Edmonton Ty Rattie (2) ASST: Adam Larsson (6), Milan Lucic (4) 4-1
  • rnj

    “Talbot was bad but it’s not his fault” -every ON writer

    Guys we know the defense is trash but good tenders are still good behind bad defense. It’s absolutely on Talbot as much as the rest of the team

  • PleaseWinOilers

    There’s only one direction for this team: Downwards. Holy crap are they not good. How can a team consisting of Connor McDavid and Leon Draisatl be so boring to watch? If they were entertaining then fine, whatever… But they’re not even ELPHing. They’re just LPHing. Peter Chiarelli needs to be tossed out the side of a bus on Highway 2.

    • OilerForLife

      It’s time to fire MacT because as a big fan I’m tired of watching this team get beat by everybody. I actually think McDavid is playing injured. If he is then they should sit him. PTO Signings area good stop back for a year but not a great long term solution.
      McDavid, Nuge, Larsson, Klefbom, Reider, Caggiula, Marody, Rattie, Koskinen and Russell (for the most part) are all decent to very good contracts for what you get. Kassian, Khari and Benning, are too inconsistent for their current contracts.
      Puljujarvi, Yamamoto, Benson, Jones, Bouchard, Hebig, Legasson, Bear, Persson, and Maksimov all have chances of varying degrees to be in the NHL someday but won’t be ready this year for sure.
      Draisaitl is very good but not 8.5M good. Lucic brings some good assets in his play, but not even near 6M worth and a contract that is bullet proof which means cap trouble until 2023-24. Cam Talbot, who had my support until now, is not an NHL starter. Ok glad to get that off my chest. If Sekera returns this season he will never be the 5.5M guy they signed.
      There is no way in hell the Oilers are going to make the playoffs this year. I think they should protect their assets moving towards the Seattle entry draft. Develop their prospects the correct way. Rid themselves of bad contracts if possible and not take a beating doing that. If in doing all of that they make the playoffs great, but nothing should be forced by panicking or the Oilers are doomed.

      • OilerForLife

        P.S. Just because I say don’t panic, that doesn’t mean is isn’t serious. Fire Chiarelli as soon as possible and replace him with Keith Gretzky in the interim. There is no quick way out of this.

  • Oiler Al

    You know its going to be a long nite,when the starting goalie is pulled, the top pairing defense is on the ice for 3 goals,No.1 line is pointless and the 4th line is your best line! No surprise on the end result.
    Roster depth is a problem, but so is Driasaitl, and Nuge not showing untill the third period.

  • Heschultzhescores

    This is either a really easy fix, or it’s impossible. I am torn. The guys are not giving 100% or even close to that. Did we sign a bunch of lazy guys? Why can’t they be motivated to play at the top of their game? They are not as bad as they looked today, I’m sure of that. Todd has to go, it has to be him. He should have been gone last year. Same team, same coach, same GM, same results.

  • Ted

    Broken record … And repeat and repeat and repeat. Twelve years broken, with one year where the needle caught something and actually played some music to our ears. But on the restart it has found that deep hole again. WHAT IS THE PLAN. THIS ONE ISN’T WORKING. CAN’T DRAFT TALLENT. MCDAVID WAS GIFTED TO US. CAN’T RECOGNIZE TALENT. SIGN AWEFUL PLAYERS TO AWEFUL CONTRACTS. ….. THE BEAT GOES ON. … Oh on the plus side Talbot will make the plays of the week again!!!