GDB 20.0 Wrap Up: A weekend filled with failure, Oilers lose 6-3 to Vegas

That was horrible to watch and the Oilers should be issuing apologies to all of us that wasted time on it. Final Score: 6-3 Golden Knights

Can I be honest with you guys for a second? I was super nervous about tonight’s game. With the way the Oilers completely collapsed in the third period of last night’s game in Calgary, I wasn’t feeling overly positive about our chances. Yeah, the Golden Knights aren’t rolling through the schedule like they were a season ago, but they’re still a very hardworking team that will beat you if you give them time and space. Less than 24 hours removed from last night’s BOA loss, I was concerned about the Oilers’ energy level and how they would be able to maintain the pace of the game. The bright side was that the boys got the start they wanted with a pair of goals coming in the first period, though they probably should have had a few more considering the array of chances they got. Unfortunately, the first period was where the fun ended.

Normally, you’d think that having a one-goal lead to start the second period would be a positive thing, but not for our Oilers. Instead, they seemed to look at their lead as some kind of finish line or something because they let the wheels fall off completely. In a span of 2:12, the Golden Knights were able to score three straight goals, completely undoing all of the good work the Oilers got done in the first and derailing the game entirely. Frankly, they were gross to watch from the crease on out and it was soul-sucking to sit and watch the Oilers get dummied by a team that they should beat on most nights. To me, the fact that this is where the Oilers are at in year four of Connor McDavid’s career is absolutely unforgivable and should be grounds for firing everyone. Then again, this is the Oilers we’re talking about here so it’s way more likely that they’ll throw themselves another banner ceremony rather than do what it takes to actually improve the hockey team.

The wrap.

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  • Connor McDavid opened the scoring early in the first period with his team-leading 12th goal after he deflected Matt Benning’s point shot past Fleury and into the net.
  • Alex Chia’s son must have heard us talking about stripping his The Answer title belt away on Friday’s podcast because he’s coming roaring back with two big goals in his last two games. Chiasson scored the Oilers second goal tonight on the power play after ending up as the business end of a beautiful passing playing with Nuge and Draisaitl.
  • Leon Draisaitl scored a really nice goal in the third period that should have made us all happier than it probably did. Draisaitl pulled off a beautiful little toe drag snipe for his 12th of the year, but by the time he scored the game was effectively over.
  • Oilers went 53% in the faceoff circle which is cool, I guess.
  • I really liked the Oilers powerplay that ended up in Chiasson’s first period goal. They moved the puck well, generated plenty of chances, and finished things off with a beautiful goal. More of that, please.
  • The game is over now.
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  • William Karlsson tied the game at one apiece after deflecting Shea Theodore’s point shot past Talbot and into the net. In a lot of ways, this goal was very similar to the one that Connor scored at the beginning of the period and I’m not sure there was much Talbot could have done to prevent it.
  • Cody Eakin tied the game up at two with a shorthanded marker after he picked up the puck in the neutral zone and snapped a shot past Talbot and in. Sloppy passing by the Oilers resulted in a shorthanded goal against because they love to make things harder for themselves whenever possible.
  • Only seconds after Eakin tied the game up at two, Max Pacioretty threw the puck towards the front of the net and had it bounce in off Matt Benning to give Vegas their first lead of the game.
  • Less than a minute after Pacioretty’s goal, Jonathan Marchessault added to the onslaught after he beat Talbot with a wrist shot to the stick side. The puck did go through Garrison’s legs on its way into the net so there was a screen there, but that’s a save that Talbot has to make. Vegas scored three goals in just over two minutes to start the second period and completely sucked the life out of the building. Just gross. Marchessault added another goal less than a minute into the third period, effectively nailing the coffin shut and ending any hope of a comeback.
  • Reilly Smith added insult to injury with the Knights’ sixth goal of the night.
  • Cam Talbot needed to have a good start tonight after losing his last four games but he did not get it. He struggled to control his rebounds, he couldn’t make saves that he should stop every time, and the Golden Knights effectively had a point night because he couldn’t close the door. Brutal night for Talbot as he finished with 25 saves and a .806 save%.
  • Five. Straight. Goals.
  • The NHL site had the Oilers with 19 giveaways but I feel like that’s a little bit light. They did not manage the puck very well at all and it resulted in all kinds of unnecessary possession time for the Golden Knights.
  • Make it two goals in the last 66 games for Milan Lucic. There are deserts that think this drought is getting ridiculous. I don’t know what the big man needs, but I’m thinking we may need to consult a witchdoctor of some kind.
  • #FireTheMall
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00:52 Edmonton Connor McDavid (12) ASST: Matt Benning (4), Drake Caggiula (1) 0-1
12:57 Vegas William Karlsson (5) ASST: Shea Theodore (7), Reilly Smith (5) 1-1
16:32 Edmonton PPG – Alex Chiasson (8) ASST: Leon Draisaitl (11), Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (15) 1-2


02:21 Vegas SHG – Cody Eakin (8) 2-2
03:53 Vegas Max Pacioretty (3) ASST: Alex Tuch (7), Shea Theodore (8) 3-2
04:33 Vegas PPG – Jonathan Marchessault (9) ASST: Colin Miller (7), Reilly Smith (6) 4-2


00:34 Vegas Jonathan Marchessault (10) ASST: Colin Miller (8), William Karlsson (11) 5-2
03:04 Vegas Reilly Smith (4) ASST: Jonathan Marchessault (8), Colin Miller (9) 6-2
03:44 Edmonton Leon Draisaitl (12) ASST: Drake Caggiula (2) 6-3


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This week, we talk all things Oilers, hockey, and Evan the Intern. We take off to Calgary tomorrow to watch the Battle of Alberta game so we’re pretty pumped to leave. We do a lot of speculating on what we expect to see from Koskinen, who is starting in goal, and what we’ll see from Milan Lucic, and who replaces Tobias Rieder in the lineup.

Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 11/18/2018 – 8:45 pm MT

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      • Ted

        Development??… First off these People is not a third liner who is supposed to be scoring with only 10 minutes of playing with time per game! … The answer is not to send him to the AHL and develope with lesser players. He should be given a fair shake and be given at least 20 games on the top line … Please no more Lucic on the first line! McDavid your allowed to vent about having an inept wing on your line. At the very least second line duties! But playing with Strome was a huge mistake. With Pizza the team was winning. No Pizza not so much winning! Give the kid his shot! FAIRLY!

  • abmule

    After the first they all gave up, was at the game and saw a look that was alarming in McDavid…..I hope it was frustration but had a tinge of not give a damn in it. If this dumpster fire infects him then God help them. I said the last couple of years that Katz was only interested in making money out of the real estate in the down town core. Hell of a beautiful building, he got what he wanted but to me it is a fancy cake platter with a turd in it. There is nothing wrong with the goalies, another goalie playing for the oilers and the puck gets real small because of the absolute crappy defense in front. Lucic does not fit in at all, saw him go down ice, have a shot and by the time he got to the red line the knights had gone down shot and the oilers were breaking out with him skating the wrong way! He needs to put people through the boards to be effective and be delegated to 4th line low minutes. Anything else and you are trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. Accept the garbage contract and the fact that there is nothing any team will trade for him…..buy it out and move on.

    • hagar

      I have said that for years as well. The entire reason Katz fought for that downtown rink location was because he already bought up all the land around the site.
      When he tried that stunt going to seattle to force city councils hand, and the city freaked, Katz didnt take that full page ad apologizing because he worried about dissapointing the oilers fans, he took it because the fans could have sunk his billions in realstate futures he leveraged on.
      At this point a couple years in, he has paid like 50 million into the rink, edmonton tax payers have paid the rest with conditional pay back, while katz has slayed the profits off the project.

  • hagar

    I could see him running the oilers group section of his investment into the ground without care, worst case for him, he closes off the company, and the city is on the the hook for the building.
    It isnt the same company that owns the oilers as all the property. Two entire different entities.

  • Burnward

    Tough weekend guys.

    Just remember, it’s only hockey.

    That being said: kassian and lucic are frauds ands punks. Evidenced by both just letting reaves do whatever he wanted and running guys. Sure is easy to tough up on a Tkachuk.

    Drai is a pissy malcontent, RNH is broken, the rest of the forwards are replacement level, overpaid and in large cases untradeable.

    The defence has three second pair guys in nurse, Larson and klef. The rest are unmovable and overpaid or just crap.

    There are no goalies signed to the roster past this season and Talbot should run for the hills (Fla?) While koskinen should just run.

    Now to fix it? Well, you trade Boucher’s, yamo or pulj because they are the only things with value in this organization.

    Connor is Connor but he’s just one guy.

    Tough run. But you guys gotta start going to these games and demand better.

    They’ve got you so Stockholm’d it’s frightening.

  • Goaltender Interference

    Well, the good news is that I won’t feel burned by giving up my season seats this year only to have the boys cruise to the playoffs…

    These games against the Pacific teams are so crucial for the Oil to at least compete in… This weekend was an embarrassment.

    The weeks not over yet and the club could still turn it around, but at this point that really seems like foolish optimism. Somebody needs to get sacked.

  • Alberta Ice

    What a painful weekend for Edmonton Oiler fans. The BOA game was an awesomely hard fought battle, but the Oilers petered out and couldn’t hold the lead. Same thing against the Knights. Points to management not doing enough over the summer to shore up depth; but then again, management giving huge, long term contracts out over the past few years has led to cap hell and very little money wiggle room. Who would have thought that Chiasson is looking like the best addition cheapest deal of this new year?

  • Does Todd know how to motivate? What did he say in the 2nd intermission against Calgary to UNmotivate the team? Or was it his stupid line juggling that the players don’t respond to because of a lack of chemistry? Either way, he has appeared to have lost the room.

  • Karl Canada

    Clean house, hire Quenville to coach, make Gretzky prez and his brother “gm”. Make McDavid the actual gm to get rid of ANYONE that doesn’t measure up in terms of talent and work ethic that HE doesn’t like. I’m not talking about just getting sweaty hair in a hot building, I’m talking about hard workers that actually put in an honest hours work for an honest months pay. Blue collar, lunchbox toting, hard workers know what I’m talking about.