We’re going to Vegas and we want you to join us!

Thanks to our pals at Flair Airlines, we’re heading down to Vegas for a weekend bash of hockey and good times! Need any more motivation to join us? It’s a Tier 1 trip for Tier 2 pricing!

Times are tough here right now. It appears we’re on the verge of yet another season on the outside looking in and it’s a situation I don’t think any of us would have ever expected. You’ve been watching the team all year, it’s been taxing, it’s been difficult, it’s been exhausting, and you need a retreat. You need a way to unplug and unwind and reconnect with your inner self. What’s the best way to do that? By heading on down to Vegas with us for some much-needed fan therapy.

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If there’s anything we know better than anyone, it’s how dedicated Edmonton hockey fans are to the team regardless of circumstance or how poorly things are going at any given moment. We know that no matter how badly you might want to turn your TV off, you won’t because you’re loyal and hope will never die. We get that, so we want to bring you along with us to a place with all the lights, booze, and distractions your heart can desire all while you still get your hockey fix.

Interested? Here are the details…

  • On Friday, March 15, we’re jumping on an airplane at the Edmonton International Airport and flying to Vegas.
  • After we land, we’ll be checking into the Excalibur Hotel and getting a good night’s sleep. 😉
  • On Saturday, we’ll take in the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas Strip before heading to a famous sports bar to watch Edmonton and Arizona.
  • On Sunday, we have another day to enjoy the Strip and the Excalibur’s hot tub before heading to the stadium to watch Edmonton play Vegas. We’re in the standing room all you can eat and drink section for the game.
  • On Monday afternoon, we’ll fly back from Vegas to Edmonton.
  • The total cost for the trip, flight, hotel, and ticket included is: $1,288.60 per person OR $1,032.38 per person for double occupancy. 
  • Ready to dive in? Click this link.

Hurry, this thing is going to sell out fast. It isn’t very often you get the opportunity to head down to Vegas with all your Nation pals at a price this good!