Inside the Nation: Trading the first rounder, Nuge rumours, and Ken Hitchcock

Welcome, citizens, to yet another episode of Inside the Nation with Dusty Nielson. This week, he takes a look at moving this year’s first round pick at the upcoming draft, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins trade rumours, Bob Nicholson, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s episode, Dusty jumps into the mix with a look at Ken Hitchcock’s future with the Oilers. After reports came out that Hitchcock signed a three-year deal with the organization, we try to figure out what exactly that role might look like. An advisor of some kind? Next up, Dusty looked at the Oilers’ first round pick at the upcoming draft and wonders whether or not it might be worth moving it for immediate help. Would it make sense for the Oilers to go fishing with what looks likely to be another top 5-10 pick? From there, Nielson breaks down the ridiculous rumours that are circulating right now with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins being the centrepiece. Would it make sense for the Oilers to move RNH to try and land a top-pairing defenceman? It worked well the first time, right? Needless to say, it was another jam-packed episode of Inside the Nation and you’re going to want to check it out.

Watch this week’s episode:

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  • Rusty Patenaude

    It would not be a good bet to move that draft pick…especially when you are talking about a cap challenged team like the Oilers. The value of a high draft pick on an entry level deal for 3 years versus an established player earning far more cannot be ignored. Hughes and Kakko are not the only quality prospects available in the draft. A player liker Arthur Kaliyev who is a legitimate sniper (51 goals in the OHL) will likely be available. Teams who try to escape mediocrity by throwing away draft picks do not ever succeed. That short cut mentality inevitably results in failure.

    • Anton CP

      I would trade that pick, but only for more picks in return. The Oilers need a deeper prospect pool instead of just high-end talents. I still don’t think that Jack Hughes is really a can’t miss talent and if he is the consensus first overall pick then it is a weak draft year. I don’t see much of the seperation between 6~20 picks so if the Oilers will be drafting outside of top 5 then flip it for more picks will work out better for the Oilers in a long run.

  • Spoils

    forgive this post, I haven’t listened to the podcast yet… I just happen to be thinking about the first rounder just as I clicked on this link.

    I feel like there are just too many gaps to fill for us to be a contender… even with a good GM..

    I draw up the future Oiler team like this:

    T1 – McDavid – FA1
    1st 2019 – Draisaitl – Yama/Pulj
    Yama/Pulj – RNH – Benson/Maroody/AHL
    Lucic- Khaira- AHL

    Klefbom – Larsson
    Nurse – T2
    Jones/Bear/AHL – AHL


    T1 = Traded for 2020 1st and 2nd and prospect for a top line scoring winger.
    FA1 = big free agent signing
    T2 = ??? not sure how you make this trade
    T3 = ??? not sure how you make this trade

  • Oilerz4life

    Love the Hitch but there comes a time when old people just can’t relate to youth. I’m sorry but it’s true. These are professionals we’re talking about here. They have been playing hockey their entire lives. They don’t need someone trying to force the trap. I like TMacs idea of loose concepts, or Glen Sather. Just open the door for McDavid and let him fly, spot some pointers here and there. I’m sorry but Hitch is a senior citizen and the trap? Nice having you in town Hitch but maybe the minor hockey boys could appreciate your expertise. Time to give back to the community or whatever. Sorry, love the Hitch but he’s too controlling and the trap? No, sorry.

    • Anton CP

      Hitch is not as flexible as Trotz, Trotz is doing a wonderful job in NY by getting bunch of the offensive minded players to play tough defense. Hitch has a mentality of favoring certain players that buy into his coaching and his own ego can also get the better of him.

      For the next coach? I’m still favoring having Todd Nelson to return. He has proven himself in AHL for awhile and the Oilers should hire him back as the head coach.

    • camdog

      Jim Mathewson has been twittering about it for awhile too. Funny thing he wants to trade him for a Justin Schultz type player in Risto out of Buffalo. The same guys happy with a third round pick for Schultz now want to trade RnH for a Justin Schultz type d-man that’s worse in his own end, unbelievable.