Inside the Nation: Kassian’s heater, the Mike Gillis grudge, and Ryan Strome

Welcome, Nation, to a brand new edition of Inside the Nation! In today’s episode, Dusty looks at Zack Kassian’s recent heater on the top line, Ryan Strome’s success in New York, Tobias Rieder, and a whole lot more.

To start off today’s episode, Dusty jumps right into things with a preview of tonight’s matchup against the Dallas Stars, including a look at Zack Kassian’s spot on the top line and whether or not he can keep things rolling up there. Has he done enough to earn the opportunity to stick in that spot next season? From there, Dusty touched on Ryan Strome’s success that he’s having with the Rangers after the team tweeted out that no one has scored more goals with their new team this season than Ryan Strome. Happy days are back again!  Next up is a look at the Mike Gillis rumours that came out in the last day or so after Elliotte Friedman suggested that Bob Nicholson wants to bring him in for an interview while other members of the Oilers’ brass are completely against it. The reason? Apparently, some folks are holding a grudge against Gillis for what happened with Michael Nylander… get this… 12 YEARS AGO! Once again, this was a jam-packed episode of Inside the Nation that you will want to introduce to your eyeballs.

Watch this week’s episode below:

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