GDB 78.0 Wrap Up: We’re sorry you wasted your night, Oilers fall 5-1 to the Ducks

The best part of that game was probably the final buzzer. Final Score: 5-1 Ducks

Regardless of what happens with the wild card race or anything else that’s going on, I always feel like I can get fired up for a game against the Anaheim Ducks. For me personally, I feel just as much hatred or disdain towards the Ducks as I do for any other team in the league and that includes the rest of the Pacific Division and beyond. So I didn’t care what the odds said or what anyone else thinks of where the Oilers are at as a franchise, we’ve got plenty of time for that in the offseason, I wanted to see a win. I wanted to see the Oilers beat the Ducks not only for the points they so desperately need but because they’re the kind of team where everyone can get behind their failure.

When the game finally got underway, I was expecting the Oilers to come out like a house on fire. Given the injuries that the Ducks are playing through and the fact that they lost last night in Calgary was reason enough to expect a beatable team. Instead, what we got was a back and forth start that saw the Ducks open the scoring with a goal that you’d want to have stopped every single time, leaving the Oilers to chase once again. In the second period, the Oilers started the frame with lacklustre attention to detail and absolutely no goaltending to speak of, which allowed the Ducks the daylight they needed to extend their lead and put this game in a chokehold. By the time the third period rolled around, I was trying to see if there was any paperwork that we could fill out to have the league run the clock out.

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At the end of the day, the Oilers looked like they were not at all ready to play and the Ducks, albeit a skeleton squad due to injuries, found a way to take advantage of their sloppiness. For a game that Edmonton desperately needed to win, they didn’t play with any urgency and finished their night with one of the more disheartening losses in recent memory.

The wrap.


  • The game is over now.
  • Sam Gagner got the Oilers on the board, ruining John Gibson’s shutout bid, with a one-timer goal that came midway through the third period and at a moment when it looked like they might not get anything.
  • Shout out to Anthony Stolarz for having to come into what can only be described as a dumpster fire of a situation. Stolarz finished his night with 16 saves and a .941 save%.
  • Another shout out to whoever won the 50/50. At least someone had a good night.
  • At least the Oilers won 58% of the faceoffs? Anybody? Bah. =


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  • Corey Perry opened the scoring with what can only be described as a dogshit goal that Mikko Koskinen should be able to stop 10/10 times. We all know that Mikko’s been having glove hand issues, but this one literally hit him in the mitt and the puck still managed to make its way through.
  • Early in the second period, Rickard Rakell extended the Ducks’ lead to two goals when they capitalized on a terrible giveaway by Adam Larsson on his own end. Larsson whiffed on the clearing attempt and Rakell beat Koskinen up high and, all of a sudden, the Oilers were down by a pair. Rakell added another goal a few minutes later in the period to put the Ducks up by three and the Oilers down on the mat, locked into a submission hold. Unfortunately, Rakell wasn’t done yet as he ended up paying homage to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and finished off his hat trick before the second period was through.
  • Only moments into the third period, Sam Carrick won a clean draw right back to Devin Shore who absolutely ripped a snap shot past Stolarz and into the top corner. At this point, Shore’s goal was the hockey equivalent of beating a dead horse.
  • Getting outshot 38-31 by a team that got torched last night is not a good look.
  • Who started in net? You know it was Mikko Koskinen. As we’ve seen since Cam Talbot was traded, the big Finn is being played until the wheels fall off which would have been nice to see before he was signed to a new three-year deal but what are you gonna do? Needless to say, tonight was not Koskinen’s night as he could not stop anything to save his life in the second period and ended up getting the hook after Rickard Rakell finished up his hat trick. Koskinen finished his night with 17 saves and a .810 save%.
  • From the giveaways to the missed saves to the poor choices with the puck, the Oilers looked like they were not at all on the same page tonight and that was clearly reflected on the scoreboard.
  • Speaking of giveaways, tonight was not Adam Larsson’s night. I hate to single the guy out but he was not very good tonight and that can happen for a guy on the top pairing that plays as many mintues as he does.
  • Over their last seven games, the Oilers have only been given a single power play in each so I was very curious to see how many they’d get tonight. I find it seriously hard to believe that their opponents collectively played seven hours of hockey while only cheating seven times, especially when tonight’s opponent was the Anaheim Ducks.
  • Late night beets are the worst kind of beets.  As always, you can join in on the #BeetCast conversation over on my Twitter account.



15:17 Anaheim Corey Perry (6) ASST: Adam Henrique (24), Hampus Lindholm (21) 1-0


01:21 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (16) ASST: Jakob Silfverberg (16) 2-0
08:48 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (17) ASST: Sam Steel (5), Korbinian Holzer (3) 3-0
15:13 Anaheim Rickard Rakell (18) ASST: Jakob Silfverberg (17), Hampus Lindholm (22) 4-0


01:29 Anaheim Devin Shore (10) ASST: Sam Carrick (1) 5-0
13:09 Edmonton Sam Gagner (6) ASST: Milan Lucic (14), Oscar Klefbom (22) 5-1


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 3/30/2019 – 10:30 pm MT

  • GK1980

    The more I watch and see what the future holds the more Pi£|£seed off I am at Chiarelli. He has royally screwed this team and city. I mean seriously, what the hell just happened this year?

    • camdog

      I’m pretty sure the significant majority knew PC needed to be fired last spring. This season as far s I’m concerned is100% on Nicholson. If your GM is going to the year expecting to be fired, he should have already been fired. One thing to have a coach on a short leash another to have a coach and GM on short leash.

      A GM and coach both getting fired mid season doesn’t happen in the NHL, this “play” by the Oilers is on Nicholson.

    • Alfonso

      Sesame Street … “One of these things is not like the other”

      2011-12 … 29th
      2012-13 … 24th
      2013-14 … 28th
      2014-15 … 28th
      2015-16 … 29th
      2016-17 … 8th
      2017-18 … 23rd
      2018-19 … 24th

  • Serious Gord

    After last night:

    1. The oil are one point ahead of the ducks and second-last in the west.

    2. At 77 points one point behind last season’s total of 78

    3. With four games left the max they can have is 85 – just 7 better than last year.

    There is no way of arguing that the team has gotten significantly better than last season.

    And while there is always hope, what else can one go on that the oil will be significantly better next season? Three career years from the three best players and still this org is mired in awfulness.

  • Dark Knight Returns

    Really anyone going to the “party” in Calgary?
    Proudly wearing paper bags?
    It’s gonna be so ugly…. one team best in the west without a “generational” (leave alone 2) talent. That team will be sparring a little bit and tuning up for a playoff run…
    The other team…. well Cactus Club is Calgary is really good too.

    Save your money.

    • Serious Gord

      Interesting. When the cubs were awful they were the lovable losers. So were the Brooklyn dodgers way back in the day.

      The oil have embarked on a losing tradition since 1992 – 27 years ago.

      Yet they aren’t lovable. Fans of other teams generally don’t see oil fans as a part of a cheery group supporting a hopeless cause. Then neither do oil fans themselves. Perhaps the oil fan base has to change how it sees the team before the rest of the hockey world changes its view.

      • Kool-Aid Man

        No F’n way! I love my team, I loathe the owner and his crony management scheme. If the world views the Oilers as a grossly mismanaged team and because of it; they are the laughingstock of the NHL… they are correct.

        The team is run by losers, that’s why it is. Nothing is loveable about that.

        • Serious Gord

          That it’s run by losers and owned by someone who is blind to it is EXACTLY what the Cubs were like for about a century.

          And yet they were loved. Cubs fans were welcomed at other fields and admired for their pluck and good spirits after yet another loss or lost season.

          At some point the tragedy becomes comic. Not yet for the oil apparently.

          That noted – once the cubs became competitive the fan base became as sour as the other perennial losers who were also perennially competitive – the Red Sox. How the fan base treated Steve Bartman is one of the darkest bits of baseball history.

  • Clayton

    Another solid D effort by #97. A cool -3 on the night. Please stop any conversation of him being the best player in the world until he learns there are two ends to the rink. 114 points and barely a plus player? NOT GOOD ENOUGH for $12.5 Million.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      1. The Oilers are better defensively when McDavid is on the ice
      2. 114 points on this sad sack squad is a miracle given how much Chiarelli gutted this team of depth scoring.
      3. McDavid is the LAST person who should have criticism or negativity thrown his way. He plays with pride and passion, yet this organization rewards him with 1 playoff appearance in 3 years (I don’t count his rookie season because, did he even have one?)

    • Memyself&i

      You’re right CLAYTON, McDavid not only should score all the goals but also cover all 5 of the opposing team players whenever he’s on the ice. All 5. Yep. Quit being a troll.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I pin this one on #19 and the defence. The fact that Koskinen didn’t come up with the saves needed (especially the first one where he tips it back into the net), illustrates the need for a bona fide #1. And you can say “well the Ducks dominated them all night long”, to which I say “look at the Leafs-Sens game”. Toronto COMPLETELY outplayed Ottawa that game, and yet Craig Anderson managed to steal that game for the Sens. I’m sorry, but it’s time to get rid of Mikko. His contract extension is utter BS and wasn’t necessary. He had no proven track record and how has he rewarded his club? Inconsistency. This organization has a habit of counting their chickens before they hatch and it ALWAYS comes back to haunt them. They give up on players too early or believe in them too soon. They never wait long enough to see what they got.

    As for the defence, what’s the point anymore? If they’re not going to do their job, why bother using them? Ever heard of DEFENCE FIRST? Stop cheating on offence and start taking your man! I don’t even play defence, yet I could be a better defender! Heck with the way Mikko has played lately, I’d be a WAY better goaltender.

    I CANNOT wait to see the young talent from Bakersfield come up here. No more of this “you’re a rookie so you’re getting stapled to the 4th line with nobody useful” nonsense. Get a young coach who will actually grow with this team, put players into a place to succeed and someone they’ll actually listen to. You know, someone like JAY WOODCROFT!


    • DraiCup

      Gotta agree with your take on Koskinen. We had two goalies being UFAs in the summer. Did Chia check the market for goalies even? Did he know that nobody in the whole league wanted the starting job besides Koskinen? I doubt it. Anyways the oil should try to go after Lehner if he can be convinced to come here.

        • A-co

          On a positive note there is only 4 years left on lucic’$ contract and koskinen may learn how to play goal in the next 3 years….this team is an absolute joke starting with the owner down…they may as well trade McDavid and draisaitl and get some scratch and win tickets and become the senators of the west….it st to bad Katz was bluffing with moving the team to Seattle….the fans of this city deserve better…stop giving this team your hard earned money….buy some bre x stocks instead…there’s a better chance you make money on that before this team is a contender

      • Clayton

        To me the issue isn’t so much that Koskinen was resigned. He had played well up to that point. To me it is the timing and the value. $4.5 Million? What had he shown to command that level of money? Yes, he probably would have insisted on a raise on his $2.5…but an additional $2 million?

    • What the

      This organization has a habit of counting their chickens before they hatch and it ALWAYS comes back to haunt them. They give up on players too early or believe in them too soon. They never wait long enough to see what they got.

      This applies equally to the fan base.

  • Ivan Drago

    I see Strome scored his 18th. Nicholson you don’t deserve another chance to hire a new GM. I can’t believe you allowed PC to do his damage for as long as you did. We lost 2 high picks, hall, eberle, caggiula, and all we have to show for that is Adam freaking Larson. Oh yeah and were in salary cap hell with Koskinen as our starter for 3 more years and Lucic for 4. Then you blamed it on Toby Rieder! How in the hell am I supposed to feel good about you being in charge of the next step!! Wtf Katz DO SOMETHING SMART WITH THIS ORGANIZATION FOR ONCE!!!!

  • Total Points

    This team is either lacking in skill or is unhappy with the coach (management).

    How else do you explain the massive change from game to game.

    I think it is both