Oilersnation Radio Episode 32 – Trade the eighth overall or keep it?

We are back! After surviving our final Nation Trip of the season, we returned to the podcast studio to bless your ears with some end-of-season content.

The big talk of the day was based around the Oilers at the upcoming NHL draft. We learned earlier in the week that the team will be picking eighth overall and fans are split as to whether the team should keep or trade the pick. After that, we got into how the Oilers could clear cap space this summer in order to improve the team.

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Speaking of Cap Space, we’re trying to trade our office monkey in a #OneForOne swap and we have some very intriguing offers so far. We also wrapped up the Lucic goal draft and I let the losers know which shirseys they were going to have to buy and wear to games next season as punishment.

Check it out:

Shout out to Lien Sretep for this week’s Intro/Outro song “Hooligan’s Anthem” from the album “Cut Mid Drill.” You can check out some of their stuff on their Bandcamp page.

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