Inside the Nation: Nuge’s linemates, Lucic injury rumour, and cap issues

We’re back in the mix with another episode of Inside the Nation with Dustin Nielson!

With the NHL playoffs underway, there is a lot of hockey talk to be had. Even though the Oilers aren’t apart of the post-season, there is a number of hot topics surrounding the Oilers organization that Dusty covers. First, Dusty touches a bit on the rumours circling the Milan Lucic injury. There’s not a lot of confirmed information out there, but Milan Lucic’s leg is in a cast, and no one for sure knows why. He also touches on the McUpdate we received from the Oilers Twitter account on the weekend, and how extremely disappointing it was.

Other topics Dusty covers include the NUUUUUUGE! Nuge made a comment at the end of the season on how he wishes his linemates were more consistent throughout the year. Dustin is working on an article on Nuge’s different linemates from the season, so stay tuned for an in-depth analysis. All I can say is that I feel awful thinking back at all the crap Nuge has endured from this organization over the last eight seasons. Nielson also discusses the Oilers cap space issues, the North American Central Scouting Rankings being released, and what he thinks is going wrong for the Tampa Bay Lightning. He did ALL of that while waiting patiently for the Nazem Kadri suspension details to be released.

Watch the video below!

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