Watch all 50 of Leon Draisaitl’s goals from the 2018-19 season

If you’re looking for ways to kill time today, I’d recommend spending the next 26 minutes of your life watching every single one of Leon Draisaitl’s goals from the 2018-19 season.

Considering the players that have dawned an Oilers jersey over the years, you might think that more guys would have accomplished what Leon Draisaitl did in 2018-19. In reality, he actually joined some very elite company, becoming only the fifth Edmonton Oiler (92nd player in NHL history) to score 50 goals in a season. Before Leon, only Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri and Glenn Anderson hit the half century mark in the goals column and they did it in an era where goalies used Sears catalogs as goalie pads, which, to me, makes Draisaitl’s accomplishment that much more impressive.

It goes without saying that Leon Draisaitl had a hell of a season for the Edmonton Oilers. I mean, what else can you say about the first Oiler to score 50 goals since the OBC patrolled the ice? It’s a hell of an accomplishment no matter how you slice it. For a guy that was generally known as a passer, something he does very well I might add, having Leon rip 50 goals home in 39 separate games was a wonderful surprise and a silver lining on what was otherwise a trying season. The guy had the kind of year that we haven’t seen in decades and I wanted to re-live it, which made me excited when I found this compilation of all 50 of his goals wrapped up in one tasty little video.

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Now, I don’t know who EpicHockeyFan is but I want to take a minute to salute this hero for putting in the work and tracking down all of Leon’s goals, compiling them all in one spot for the rest of us to enjoy. Sure, we could go to the NHL site and watch the clips one-by-one but who wants to do that? From start to finish, this mashup was a wonderful trip down memory lane without having to suffer through the losses and I would certainly encourage you to hunker down and watch the whole thing. One thing I noticed as I was watching was how many different flavours of goals that Draisaitl scored this year.

From coast-to-coast beauties to one-time clappers and everything in between, this video has a little something for everyone and I know that you will not regret putting the time in to watch it.

Check it out:

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2018-19 82 50 55 105 2 52 16 29 3 3 5 3 231 21.6
NHL Career 351 125 187 312 -17 126 38 78 6 7 14 7 779 16