Ken Holland?

Is Ken Holland going to be named the next general manager of the Edmonton Oilers? According to Rod Pedersen, who is better known for having his finger on the pulse of the CFL than on what’s happening in NHL hockey rinks and front offices, Holland’s the man.

That’s not an “I’m hearing” or “there’s a very good chance” kind of Tweet from Pedersen, who has a lot of credibility as a football guy, if not a hockey guy. That sounds like a done deal, no?

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Mentioning Holland as a potential replacement for fired Peter Chiarelli made sense when Oilers’ CEO Bob Nicholson began his search for a new GM, but many people, me included, didn’t see that being in the cards after Holland was kicked upstairs as senior VP by the Detroit Red Wings for new GM Steve Yzerman back on April 19.


While Nicholson talked to Holland, who he knows well through Hockey Canada, at least once before Yzerman made his return to the Red Wings, my take was that he’d remain in Detroit after all those years and all those Stanley Cups with the Red Wings – especially after receiving a contract extension to stay in the organization alongside Yzerman.

Word in recent days was Nicholson had cut his list of candidates to four or five. Holland’s name was not mentioned among the likes of short-listers Kelly McCrimmon, Mark Hunter, Sean Burke or interim GM Keith Gretzky despite impressive credentials atop hockey ops for an NHL team as successful as the Red Wings have been. Under Holland, 63, the Red Wings won three Stanley Cups — the last in 2008 — and 10 division titles.

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Now, the Tweet from Pedersen. Stay tuned. Update: FWIW, I contacted Pedersen and asked him if he’s certain about his information. He indicated he is.


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Previously by Robin Brownlee

  • Derzie

    The guy who lost steps in the new NHL, replaced by wunderkind Stevie Y, get hired by Edmonton. The good news? The OBC are thinking beyond the 80s. The bad news? They stopped in the 90s. Someone will write a book about this org and no one will ever believe it.

    • Axe

      Absolutely ..I am sure ESPN will feature them in their next 30 for 30 type series (40 for 40?)…US viewers will have to use Google to make sure characters like howllywood Katz, kevin “i know something about winning “Lowe, burger Bob and pistol Pete are not fictional characters

  • CofC

    Ken Holland has an excellent reputation and strong ties, starting with his work as a pro scout, then head scout then working his way to the top; we would be lucky to have him in any capacity, though I doubt it would be as GM – that would be a step down and a re-entry into yesteryear for him; rather a POHO-type position would make more sense, and the organization would greatly benefit from his experience and insight. Should the Oilers place an untested and green GM into said position, KH would be an excellent mentor and provider of “sober second thought”.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Explain how making the playoffs is a a bad GM move? 25 years in a row. Holland being the GM for 22 of those years? Det has missed the playoffs for 3 seasons now. Ken explained once how challenging it is to continue to build a contender while never getting picks in the top 10. After so many year their high end skill dried up and they could no longer contend. So even though DET made the playoffs for 7 of those 10 years he made no good GM moves?