Inside the Nation: McCrimmon out, new options, and Lucic’s comments

Dustin Nielson’s Thursday edition of Inside the Nation just aired and if you’re panicking cause you missed it don’t worry, we’ve got your recap below!

The breaking news out of the NHL today was that Kelly McCrimmon was announced as the new General Manager of the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Yes, that means that he’s no longer an option for the Edmonton Oilers anymore, and Dusty’s got opinions about it! With McCrimmon out, what are our options now?

Nielson also brought up how Milan Lucic made a comment this past week about how he could see himself playing for the Canucks in the future. It was an odd comment for Lucic to say, and you KNOW that Edmonton is going to take it and run with some stories. Darren Dreger said on the Nielson radio show this morning that there was one team kicking tires on Milan Lucic at the trade deadline. Was that team the Vancouver Canucks? Is a one for one trade with Loui Eriksson a possibility we want to explore?

Other topics discussed include the NHL Playoffs, Brad Marchand, and where he was during the 2006 Edmonton Oilers cup run.

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Watch the video below!

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  • Kg13

    Hey dusty, great podcast. Just a thought though. Why even trade lucic!? I know it sounds ludicrous but I would rather look to move Sekera or Russell. Aside from the manning hit, you gotta factor in mcdavid hasn’t really ever got injured. I don’t know if you can correlate that with a presence of having lucic on the team. As well, Tampa has a bad contract in Callahan and they are still a power house. Boston has backes. I feel
    That lucic in the playoffs would be very valuable. I know the game is moving away from violence but lucic presence in the playoffs would
    Go far I feel. Just like Ryan reeves did for Vegas. I also don’t feel
    Like we should be losing another trade. I also don’t think lucic waives no movement clause to go to Ottawa. I know these thoughts aren’t going to popular with the Oiler public, but I feel a skills coach with lucic could go a long way. I feel the asset can still
    Be saved. Don’t we have a skills coach in Paul Coffey? Does he provide any skills coaching lol?

    • CMG30

      Aside from that time McDavid got injured, McDavid never got injured… lol. (BTW, He’s also injured now on a dirty play by Gio.)

      We don’t just have one bad contract, we have several. Lucic is just the most glaring.

  • #97TRAIN

    Lucic for Eriksson out of Vancouver makes sense for both teams.
    I’d rather have a guy like Eriksson that is more than a one dimensional player.
    Tell me why we let Maroon go? He has been unstoppable down low for St Louis. Exactly what this team needs.

    • stumpy woodpuppet

      If, and it its a big if, the Oilers do make the playoffs in the next four years I would rather have Lucic playing than Ericsson. His physical/grinding style would be more aligned with the way playoff hockey is played. You always hear how the grinders save a game/series

        • cityofchampions

          And Eriksson doesn’t have a NMC so you have more flexibility in trading him to Ottawa or burying him in the minors. Its not a great trade, but no Lucic trade will be a great trade. I think it could work for both teams, and for both players as each could use a change of scenery.

    • Dr.Drai29

      So many people were glad and wishing on maroons departure. But why? Guy is worth his money and can be a beast. Great guy, doesn’t back down and sticks up for everyone on the team. Would rather have maroon than Lucic, cheaper and far more productive. He gave our team that extra jump and you could tell he was loved around the locker room . Need to bring in another maroon

  • Dr.Drai29

    Eriksson had 9 more points than Lucic, he skates faster and can shoot the puck. Put him on the 1st or 2nd line with a change of scenery and he’ll manage 40-50 points. Lucic doesn’t stick up for his boys he’s awful, nurse and kassian are our protectors. Look at gagner coming to Edmonton he was a lot better. I think it’s a good trade for both sides as I’m sure Lucic would play better in his hometown.

    • Cageyvet

      Canucks fan here. Unless you give us something stupendous, I’m calling for Benning to be fired if we trade for Lucic. One for one for Eriksson? No chance. Eriksson brings more to the table right now, as little as that is, his contract is shorter by 1 year, and he doesn’t have to be protected in the Seattle expansion draft. Dream on that we want to turn a bad contract situation into a worse one without some serious additional compensation.