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2019 NHL Entry Draft Countdown: 70-61

Welcome to the Oilersnation Draft Countdown. Over the next week leading up to the draft, we’ll be aggregating content about the top 100 players who will be available in Vancouver on June 21st and 22nd. Here are profiles for Karl Henriksson, Billy Constantinou, Vladislav Kolyachonok, Antti Tuomisto, Brayden Tracey, Sasha Mutala, Vladislav Firstov, Henri Nikkanen, Jake Lee, Trent Miner.

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70. Karl Henriksson

Date of Birth: February 5th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Sweden
Place of Birth: Malmo, SWE
Position: C      Shoots: Left
Height: 5’9″     Weight: 174 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Frolunda HC J20 (SuperElit)

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Profile: Great playmaker who sees the ice well, creatively setting up teammates due to excellent vision and passing ability.

“… On a team deprived of a top 2019 prospect, Henriksson thrived as the team’s first-line center. One thing that really stood out was his net-front presence, likely due to the fact he had two future stars as linemates. Henriksson, who led the Swedish SuperElit junior league with 36 assists, created havoc, both with and without the puck, and showed he can be more than a great playmaker, showcasing his strong defensive play at the tournament.” -Stephen Ellis, The Hockey News

“‘[Karl] is an incredibly important player for us”, Hävelid says. “He is a great distributor of the puck who moves his feet and has great composure out there. He is an offensive force but at the same time, he takes great pride in working hard in both ends of the ice. His work rate is incredibly high.’” -U18 Team Sweden Head Caoch Magnus Havelid via Rasmus Kagstrom, EP Rinkside 

69. Billy Constantinou

Date of Birth: March 25th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Canada
Place of Birth: Scarborough, ON
Position: D      Shoots: Right
Height: 6’0″     Weight: 185 lbs.

2018-19 Team(s): Niagara IceDogs/Kingston Frontenacs (OHL)

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Profile: Offensively-minded defenceman who creates chances and joins the attack with sublime skating and smart decision-making.

“… fine mobile skater who… Displays clean edging and moves laterally to evade checkers. Questionable hockey sense and understanding of his responsibilities in defense zone coverage. This is a long term developmental guy who looks like a solid offensively skilled defender who is still lacking in many areas as a defender.” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“Everything about Constantinou’s skating is excellent, except that maybe he could add a step in his first couple strides. If his edgework, lateral movement, backwards skating and overall agility isn’t the best in the draft class, it’s definitely top-2. When carrying the puck, it allows him to slice through opponents almost at will… His skating and high hockey IQ allows him to join in the rush. His excellent vision allows him to be a set up guy from the point. He can see and find even the smallest of lanes. His ability to move laterally and control the offensive blue line makes him an excellent powerplay quarterback.” -Dominc Tiano, OHL Writers

68. Vladislav Kolyachonok

Date of Birth: May 26th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Belarus
Place of Birth: Minsk, BLR
Position: D      Shoots: Left
Height: 6’2″     Weight: 181 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Flint Firebirds

Profile: Speedy, agile, mobile defenceman with an ideal pro-level frame with offensive instincts. 

“A dynamic four direction skater who possesses natural flair with his offense instincts. His feet let him stay with attackers and he can open up to become a force in the attack zone when he chooses to not hold back as he did in the CHL prospects game. He still needs to progress to where his defensive awareness is instinctual, but he breaks up plays and quickly sends pucks out of his end with hard outlets. With Flint, he was a constant… [up-ice] puck mover many times leading the entries…” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“… While he needs to continue to work on consistency in his own zone, his long reach, speed and agility should make him an easy project for any team willing to take a chance on him. After all, he’s basically just a puzzle with the pieces just needing to be put together properly. With the right development program and system, Kolyachonok could end up being an interesting pick a little further down in the draft.” -Andrew Forbes, The Hockey Writers

“Kolyachonok is an excellent skater with tremendous agility and very good speed. His excellent mobility was proven at the Sherwin-Williams NHL/CHL Top Prospects Game testing both on ice and off ice where he finished fifth overall in the testing. He ranked third in forward skating with the puck, first in reaction without the puck, second in transition agility without the puck and first in transition agility with the puck.” -Dominic Tiano, OHL Writers

67. Antti Tuomisto

Date of Birth: January 20th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Finland
Place of Birth: Pori, FIN
Position: D      Shoots: Right
Height: 6’4″     Weight: 194 lbs.

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2018-19 Team: Assat U20 (Jr. A SM-liiga)

Profile: Offensive-minded defender who is beginning to possess all the pieces that make-up an elite pro-level defenceman: huge frame, hard shot, and smart decison-making with improving skating.

“… Tuomisto is an offense-minded defenseman with good puck-skills and a great shot. His skating is good for someone his size, and it’s been getting better all season long. Tuomisto’s defensive game needs some improvements but because he has great size and good hockey sense, it’s reasonable to expect that part of his game to grow. He hits players to separate them from the puck but doesn’t go looking for big hits. He’s very lanky at the moment and will need at least a couple of years to add more muscle to his frame. Tuomisto has top-four upside, and he’s likely to get drafted in the second round this summer.” -Jokke Nevalainen, dobberprospects.com

66. Brayden Tracey

Date of Birth: May 28th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Canada
Place of Birth: Calgary, AB
Position: LW    Shoots: Left
Height: 6’0″     Weight: 176 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)

Profile: Well-built winger with excellent puck-handling skills and a good sense for getting to quality scoring areas.

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“Solidly built winger who is confident in his carries in the high traffic, and had a 36 goal 81 point season… Light on his skates and edges, he finds the soft areas and is opportunistic in tracking down rebounds, like he was built to be a greasy area scorer.” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“One of Brayden’s best qualities is his puck control. He is a fantastic possession player. He uses his long stick and his frame to protect the puck while his vision finds his teammates with ease.” -Joel Henderson, dobberprospects.com

“Tracey is a strong WHL player, albeit one with a limited sample size at the major junior level. He’s quick. He’s smart. He played with two top flight linemates, but was good enough to keep up with them, bury the chances they gave him and set them up for chances that they buried. He was tied for the WHL league lead in game-winning goals, a sign that he didn’t wilt when games were up for grabs.” -Ryan Pike, The Hockey Writers

65. Sasha Mutala

Date of Birth: May 6th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Canada
Place of Birth: Vancouver, BC
Position: RW   Shoots: Right
Height: 6’1″     Weight: 196 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Tri-City Americans (WHL)

Profile: Two-way winger who’s relentless effort makes up for a slight void of high-end skill.

“Physical player who dominate the U-17 who can cut and stop / start on a dime. Not the most skilled or big forward but simply is the best one by way of his sixty minute relentless effort. Strong enough to deliver one hand passes. Will fire while on the move, and has good hand-eye and redirects many pucks. Strong poke-checker and can bring the puck out of his end. He creates disruptions with his heavy forecheck. Excels in the high traffic areas whether he has the puck or not.” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“… He’s a responsible two-way player capable of contributing offensively but another prospect who won’t ‘wow’ you. Effective, but not very flashy. Good, but not great…” -Larry Fisher, The Hockey Writers

64. Vladislav Firstov

Date of Birth: June 19th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Russia
Place of Birth: Yaroslavl, RUS
Position: LW    Shoots: Left
Height: 6’0″     Weight: 181 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Waterloo Black Hawks (USHL)

Profile: Possesses high-end skill and good offensive awareness, but has a tendency to disappear from game-to-game. Committed to the University of Connecticut for the 2019-20 season.

“A slippery creative winger with a high skill set and the ability to make offensive play with regularity. Plays key minutes in all phases of the game and makes an impact most shifts. Reads well, and has the willingness and competitiveness to play hard away from the puck, but when he does, look for him to use a quick burst and slice through coverages and generate scoring chances.” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“… maybe my limited viewing is to blame, but I have an impression that while having a good shot and creativity, he is not exactly the most consistent performer…” -Cam Robinson, dobberprospects.com

63. Henri Nikkanen

Date of Birth: April 28th, 2001
Nation: Finland
Place of Birth: Mikkeli, FIN
Position: C      Shoots: Left
Height: 6’2″     Weight: 185 lbs.

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2018-19 Team: Jukurit U20 (Jr. A SM-liiga)

Profile: Responsible two-way centre with good size and passing abilities.

“I got multiple views of Henri Nikkanen playing in the U17 World Hockey Challenge… showed very high hockey IQ and good awareness in both offensive and defensive plays… constantly driving the play when he was on the ice, and he has the ability to control the tempo of the game.. While his top speed is not quite high-end, Nikkanen is still a good skater and has enough explosiveness to hold his own in the international level. He also showed his smooth puck-handling skills several times throughout the tournament. As a big player, Nikkanen knows how to use his size and is a dangerous player in front of the net. He also has a relatively good wrist-shot, which combined to his high hockey IQ is a constant threat in the offensive zone.” -finnprospects.com

“Big centre with good size and an effective passing game along with solid defensive instincts. Projects as a possible bottom six player based on his penalty-killing, and his experience playing in the Finnish men’s league. Keeps things simple.” -Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“His numbers were very promising last season and he has some very coveted qualities in that he is a 6’2’’ center who can skate very well. His hockey sense has been a red flag for me in the past, but if he falls to the third round, there is a chance he ends up being one of the biggest steals in the draft.” -Iassialanen, dobberprospects.com

62. Jake Lee

Date of Birth: July 13th, 2001 (Age 17)
Nation: Canada
Place of Birth: Sherwood Park, AB
Position: D      Shoots: Left
Height: 6’2″     Weight: 216 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL)

Profile: A defensive-defenceman with improving skating and under-rated offensive skills. Will play for the Kelowna Rockets for the 2019-20 season.

“Long term developmental defender with nice size and girth. Has skills but may need a bit more time to steady them and adjust to the higher speed of the advanced levels he will be graduating into. Needs to make better decisions with and without the puck, handle the puck with more certainty and get stronger at handling the outside attackers then beat him to the inside…”-Bill Placzek, draftsite.com

“He’s sneaky good. His gap control, stick work, and edgework makes him the best defender in this draft class from the WHL… He’s described as a defensive-defenseman by some but there is a large potential for offensive output. He often makes a controlled pass to exit the zone but can certainly stroll with the puck… His skating is tremendous (except his backwards skating, which is ok). Strong acceleration and lateral movement mean even with mistakes, he’s back in position very fast.” -Joel Henderson, dobberprospects.com

61. Trent Miner

Date of Birth: February 5th, 2001 (Age 18)
Nation: Canada
Place of Birth: Souris, MB
Position: G      Catches: Left
Height: 6’1″     Weight: 181 lbs.

2018-19 Team: Vancouver Giants (WHL)

Profile: Technically-sound goaltender with good awareness and puck-tracking.

“… started as the backup, but then split games with Arizona Coyotes prospect David Tendeck, playing 32. His numbers drastically improved, putting up a 1.98 GAA and .924 SV%. His GAA and SV% were the third-best in the league (minimum 15 games played). He had an impressive 26-5-1 record and added three shutouts. He has a great chance to take the reigns of the starting position next season… Miner’s biggest attribute seems to be his hockey sense. He anticipates passes, which allows him to always seem to be in position. He always knows what’s going on in his end, which is a big attribute to have. His puck handling is among the best of his draft class and he plays a very technically-sound game.” -Josh Bell, The Hockey Writers

“Very confident between the pipes always looking calm and in control. Does a great job squaring himself to shooters and is tight technically, leaving very few holes.”-hockeyprospects.com


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  • Optos

    I’d like to see the Oilers target Brayden Tracey early. His skill package is exactly what is missing on the Oilers wings. Amazing hands in close, can play with skilled players at at a fast pace, excellent IQ to go to the correct places and works hard. Reminds me of what Brayden Point is in Tampa.

    Everything in that video shows that he is a cerebral player with being able to finish plays or be the one to start them. Love the tenacity around the net for those greasy goals.