Inside the Nation: #SummerOfLineys , Rasmus Ristolainen, and Tomas Jurco

It’s Tuesday afternoon and after a quick trip to Montreal (and subsequently being trapped in an airport), Dusty Nielson is coming to you live from Facebook to make sense of all things Edmonton Oilers. Missed the live show? That’s okay, but next time make sure you follow @Oilersnationalt on twitter for all the updates and posts of when to be ready.

To start off today’s episode, Dusty jumps right in with a look at the Oilers’ third jerseys that leaked from this past week. Do you like the look of the navy blue? That led to a conversation about what is the best Oilers jersey of all time? Naturally, the answers that came in were all over the map. Next up, Dusty addresses the Rasmus Ristolainen trade rumours that are circling and wonders whether or not there would be a fit for him here in Edmonton. What would you give up? Could Jesse Puljujarvi and a pick be a starting point for a trade like this? Ristolainen rumour behind us, how could we run through an episode of Inside the Nation without revisiting the #SummerOfLineys? This week, Dusty shakes things up by having Sam Gagner up on the top line with McDavid and Draisaitl, leaving the rest of the roster a little more balanced than we’ve seen before. Could it work? Does Gagner have the smarts to play on the top line? Lastly, Tomas Jurco hasn’t received much attention around here lately and we close out this week’s episode with a look at the former Red Wing and a guess at whether or not he’ll be able to crack the roster in October.

Watch today’s episode below:

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Previous Episodes:

  • Fireball

    This lineup I could make some sense out of compared to some I’ve read. I said when they traded for Gagner that he is a guy with high skill and if he was going to have real success and impact in Etown it would be in the Top 6 wing positions. Not sure he can keep up with the big guns but he’s highly skilled and has a deep tool box. He is not a centre but he can take draws on his strong side. I still don’t see how Kassian doesn’t end up there.. he’s my first pick for the position., he was on pace for 28 goals over 82 games in the second half once he got to play with Connor.. I think it would be absolutely insane to not let him try to do that., at least a long hard look., he was drafted 13th overall to be a complementary power forward that can skate, hit, shoot and fight., that is exactly what he looked like in the second half. He’s put the work in kept his nose clean and deserves that spot. If he can’t do it for the whole season then deal with it when that day comes.. and at least you have him on third line ahead of Archibald who has a grand total of 121 games over 9 years. I still think there’s a good chance Benson steals the left side job with RNH which pushes Neal to right and Chaison down to the 3rd line RW that he’s built for. If all that were to happen the oilers would be in a good situation.. it would make Gaggy all but expendable .. I do like that Gaggy can plug almost any role on the team if some has a injury but he’s slight, not physical, paid to much, and not a bottom 6 player in my eyes.. yes if you had a ligit 3C .. brassard or Boyle type than Gaggy might very well succeed on the third line. But outside of that any of the kids on ELCs could likely fill that role., which brings me to my next issue.. Grandland hasn’t really ever established himself as a centre in this league.. he doesn’t win faceoffs. I see him with similar skill set to Gaggy where he could plug the hole ., and he can take draws on his strong side but if he’s the 3C were in trouble ! Haas is a big ?? But that forth line looks great if they can all handle 82 games in the best league in the world.. to me it’s the type of line that could be a 3b situation more than a 4th line.. that is of course if they project in the best possible scenario that obviously someone sees them as or they wouldn’t had signed them.. maybe it’s a 4a / b situation if they don’t lol.. Colby Cave wins faceoffs .. plays with pace.. I’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t land a full time job.