Oilersnation Radio Episode 78 – Should the Oilers bring back Anton Slepyshev?

Can you believe we’re only a week into the NHL’s work stoppage? it feels like years since the Oilers played their last game against the Jets and all of Oilersnation is working to battle the boredom, but even so, there’s still plenty to talk about. On this week’s episode of Oilersnation Radio, we look at the rumour that the Oilers are interested in bringing back Anton Slepyshev, Jesse Puljujarvi’s season in Finland, a ring of honour at Rogers Place, and a whole lot more.

To kick off this week’s episode, we looked at the rumblings that circled Twitter this past week that the Oilers could be interested in bringing back Anton Slepyshev for a second tour of duty. With that in mind, we looked at the roster to try and figure out where he might fit on the depth chart along with how much it would cost to get him here. With the salary likely to remain flat, the Oilers are going to have to get creative if they’re planning on adding players and it will be interesting to see how Ken Holland navigates those waters. We also looked at the interview given by Jesse Puljujarvi’s SM-Liiga coach where he not only declared Jesse to be the most popular player in the league but also one that has regained his joy of playing hockey again. From there, we found a tweet that suggested that the Oilers create some kind of Ring of Honour to give a shout out to those players that may not necessarily deserve to have their jersey hung up in the rafters but definitely deserving of some recognition. Lastly, we finished up with a quarantine-inspired version of the Hot and Cold Performers of the Week which looked at what life has been like while trapped in the house.

An early look at Ken Holland's 2020 off-season

Listen to this week’s podcast below:

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