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Want to see all of Leon Draisaitl’s goals from 2019-20? Of course you do.

On Thursday afternoon, we looked back at all 34 of Connor McDavid’s goals from the 2019-20 season so far, and today it’s time to do the same with Leon Draisaitl.

Looking for a fun way to spend five minutes of your time? Missing the Oilers? You’re in luck. Over at Sportsnet, they put together a compilation of all of Leon Draisaitl’s goals from the 2019-20 season (so far!) and it was the magic carpet ride of wonderfulness that I needed right now. From the moment the season started in October to the time the NHL suspended play just over a week ago, Leon Draisaitl was tearing a path through the NHL and it was incredible to watch. Regardless of what reporters from other markets think about him, I honestly think they just haven’t watched him enough to realize how good he is, Draisaitl was about as clutch for his team as anyone else in the league and I’ll continue to scream his name from the mountaintops as the best player in the NHL this season. When the Oilers needed a goal, more often than not it would come from Leon and this goal compilation was a wonderful reminder of all the times he came through.


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If I had a say in the matter, I would undoubtedly give Leon Draisaitl the nod as the league’s best player based on the warlord-like pace he set for the rest of the league and how stepped up for the Oilers when they needed him the most. Remember when Connor McDavid went down for a couple of weeks with the bruised quad and everyone was wondering what would happen to the team during that stretch? Well, Leon stepped his game up and, along with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Kailer Yamamoto, dragged the team forward in absence of the league’s most electrifying player. Even so, there were plenty of turds out there that still tried to diminish the job he’s done by continually finding new and creative ways to move the goalposts to “prove” that he’s not as good as he really is. Anyway…

Back to the task at hand, I had a great time watching this Draisaitl goal compilation and it was a lot of fun to watch the big man do his thing. From the way he rushes the puck up ice and through defenders, to the way he always seems ready to fire off a one-timer towards the net, Leon has scored an array of amazing goals this year and I had a great time watching all 43 of his goals again as there were some absolute beauties in there. As an aside, even though we all know where Leon loves to post up for one-timers from the right side, I was still amazed how often he actually puts the puck in the net from that spot. I mean, how many other players in the league are consistently popping goals from near the goal line like that? The guy is a machine.

What’s your favourite Draisaitl goal of the season? Personally, and I know that this is a little bit of a cop-out, I don’t have just one goal that really stands out as a favourite, but rather an entire night that I won’t soon forget. To me, the performance he put in against the Nashville Predators earlier in the month was absolutely mindblowing and a testament to how hot this guy has been all season long, and it was one of those nights where everything he touched turned to gold. As I mentioned earlier, if I had any say about the matter, I’d give him the Hart Trophy now for putting up a season the likes of which this league hasn’t seen in years. Leon Draisaitl, we speak your name.


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