Need Your Input: Simulation of the Playoffs

The NHL season is on pause right now and the world just doesn’t have a timeline for when this whole thing will be over and done with. With that in mind, we’ve committed to simulating the playoffs for the entire league, with live streams of every single Oilers game right up until the Stanley Cup is awarded.

We are doing this to a) give you something to do at night/day when there really isn’t a tonne to do b) make Oilersnation.com the place to come and spend some time talking to other fans. With that in mind, we want to include you in deciding how we do the playoff simulations. Have a read of your options and give us the feedback in the comments below to let us know what you want to see.

When I started running these sims, I didn’t honestly think much of it/have a plan in place for what was going to happen or how deep down the rabbit hole we would go, so to speak. In that sense, I didn’t save stats as I should have and I apologize for that, so I am coming to you guys for how you would like to see the simulations go. For each “issue” that we have to solve for, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below and we can decide all of this for the playoffs.

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The Opponent:

So this is the big one, and well it plays out a couple of ways because I didn’t sim the first two games of the pandemic pause, and so I want to know how you want to see how the standings break down.

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Option A- Follow EA’s sims of the other games results to find out how all the other teams would have fared and just substitute our sims results to see the outcome.

Option B- I go in and run a simulation of all the games after that point and we get our own simulations results (Playoffs will likely start later in the week as this will take some “work” but I am happy to do it if you folks want it and it would keep you engaged.) and I will just use the points from that for the Oilers to know their individual stats for the regular season (adding to the stuff that they actually did)

Option C- Just revert back to the pause and go with the rumoured points percentage break down of the playoffs in which we play the Canucks in the first round of the playoffs.

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So, only Option C will give you an answer where you know where we go with it. The other two I will have to do some work to announce our first round opponent.

The Lineups:

We have been enjoying you guys and gals putting in input for lineups up until now but do you enjoy submitting/discussing the lineups.

Polls like this have given me a laugh and I think people have liked seeing the weird jersey combos.

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Option 1- Keep running polls/comment sections for you to submit lineups and show of popularity picks the lineup night in and night out

Option 2- Let Dan pick the lineup and allow for the merciless booing of him if he picks wrong *wink*

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The Jerseys:

Another really fun aspect from you guys that we have enjoyed, has been your desire to see jersey changes consistently.

Option I- Stick with the jerseys that the teams should have worn

Option II- Go with the same vote every day with unique options for you to choose from

I know these aren’t the options that people wanted to have to read about, but we hope no matter what you choose to do/options you are able to have a laugh (even at our expense) because well, frankly, everyone deserves one right now.