Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Hockey is back, baby!

Another Wednesday is upon us, which meant that it was time for your boy to jump on the radio with the fellas from The Locker Room to discuss all things Edmonton Oilers. This week, we had an actual game to talk about.

Last night, the Oilers played their first game in 139 days and even though it didn’t mean anything in terms of the playoffs, it was clear how much it meant to everyone that watched so the first question Lochlin asked was about what it was like to have hockey back. Obviously, I was about as excited as one can be after spending the last four months hoping that the show could get back on ice. Even without fans in the building, I couldn’t help but feel excited about watching the boys do their thing again and it made me even more pumped up about the playoffs getting underway on Saturday. From Connor McDavid’s pair of goals to strong goaltending performances by Koskinen and Smith, the Oilers’ return was a morale boost for so many of us an exactly what we needed after spending the last four+ months filled with uncertainty. Hockey is back, baby!

Listen to today’s appearance below:

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