The 2021 NHL Fantasy Draft Kit from DailyFaceoff.com

Are you into fantasy hockey? Do you want to rule over the other participants in your office hockey pool and hold the victory above their heads for the rest of the year of even their lives? Of course you do. Shameful gloating is what fantasy sports are all about. Thankfully, our friends at DailyFaceoff released their NHL draft kit for the 2020-21 season for the low, low price of absolutely nothing at all thanks to the team over at OwnersBox. Yes, that means FREE!

With the NHL season less than two weeks from finally getting underway, the folks at DailyFaceoff.com wanted to make sure to get their draft kit into your hands during training camp so that you have all the time you could ever need to review the information and make the best picks possible in your own fantasy squads. Assuming you take fantasy hockey with the seriousness of advanced brain surgery, I know we all do around here, then you’ll want as much information as you possibly can in order to take out Gary from accounting or your buddies from high school in any upcoming matchup. Basically, our goal here is to turn you into the fantasy warlord you deserve to be and provide you with all the necessary tools for turning the dream of Office Pool Domination® into a reality. In the past, we used to charge $5 for the draft kit but we decided that it would be better to put it out for free so that everyone can have access to it, doing what we can to ensure that all of you are much better fantasy hockey GMs.

GDB 3.0: Let's Hab a Good Time (5pm MT, SN)

Check out the draft kit here and keep checking back as the DailyFaceoff team will be updating the info/lineups/projections as news happens. Good luck, everybody!