Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Battle of Alberta Recap and Preview

Good morning, fair Internet compadres, and welcome to a brand new edition of your ol’ pal Baggedmilk’s adventures in local Edmonton radio. As I do every Wednesday, I jumped on with the boys on The Locker Room for a few minutes to talk about Oilers, what’s been going on around the NHL, and try to make sense of this crazy life we’re living.

This week, we got started with a look at St. Patrick’s Day, specifically the traditions we have for this most spectacular of drinking days. Whether it’s cracking a beer at 8AM or wearing your finest green t-shirt to impress your co-workers, St. Patrick’s Day is always a good time and none of us can wait until the world is back in a spot where we’re able to celebrate again. Back to the Oilers, we looked back at the last two losses and dug in to see if there are problems going on or if the boys just need a little bit of luck. Put another way, I don’t think the losses to Vancouver or Calgary were anywhere close to what we saw against the Leafs and I actually feel pretty good about their ability to bounce back. We also spoke about whether or not the Oilers are lacking in toughness right now as a result of the injuries their working through and how that plays a factor in a game like the one we watched on Monday.

Listen to this week’s appearance below:

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