The Day After Bulletin Board: Quotes from game two of the Edmonton Oilers – Winnipeg Jets

Welcome to the Bulletin Board where we take a look at what coaches and players said the day after a game. 

Oilers Quotables

Tyson Barrie and Darnell Nurse

Tyson Barrie on struggling to generate offence: “Give them credit, they’re playing a really tight game. They’re not giving us any odd-man rushes. We’ve had some looks, we have to capitalize on them — we got to find a way to get one on the powerplay.”

Barrie said the defencemen are trying to get lots of shots on net and generate rebounds: “We had a couple close ones down by the net.”

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Barrie on the 5-on-3: “I don’t think you lose the game in 20 seconds.”

Barrie on the reffing: “There’s no secret the playoffs are called a little tighter and they let more go. certainly don’t think that was the issue tonight. I thought it was a hard-fought game from both teams.”

Barrie: “If i’m not wrong, I think we have one of the best road records in the league. We like to play on the road, it’s not an issue. We’re looking to go in, play two big ones, and claw our way back into this one.”

Darnell Nurse on what’s next: “It’s a challenge. Playing in the playoffs is never easy. There’s lots of ways to have success and sometimes, having the first two games go the other way you have adversity in your face we’re in a place now we got to find ways to win games. We could sit here and dwell and say the sky is falling but let’s be real: we have a team that’s capable to show up in the next game in two nights and hopefully have some bounces go our way and have something to build off of. Nobody in our room is going to sit back and feel bad for ourselves or feel like we’re so far out of this one. it’s a challenge we’ve got to be up to meet.”

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Nurse said he felt the Oilers were able to generate lots of chances and liked that as a change from game one to game two: “There things we can look back in our game and say okay we need to build off this and take it to another level.”

Nurse said he didn’t feel the oilers changed much between the first and second period: “We’re going to face adversity, but you have to stick with your game. They had good pushes, we had good pushes. it was a one-goal game in OT.”

Nurse: “They’re tight games. You look at both and say they could go either way. We knew it was going to be a tight series coming into this, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy no matter what the regular season record was.”

Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

McDavid: “It’s fun to be a part of a tight game like that, it’s what you want. It’s a tight-checking game, zero-zero. We had some good chances we just have to find a way to bear down and get one. that’s the bottom line.”

McDavid on the powerplay: “We had our looks. That’s what you want from your powerplay. It would’ve been nice to get one, but it’s a tight game out there.”

McDavid: “We dug ourselves a bit of a hole. Both games could’ve gone either way. We’ve been a good road team and had success in (their) building as well and we’ve been good on back-to-backs. Somethings we can be positive about, I thought our battle level was great.”

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McDavid on smith: “Schmiddy was unbelievable for us tonight. You can’t ask much more from your goaltender.”

McDavid on breaking through despite being down: “Our desperation has to get up. We have to be hungry around the net, there’s some loose pucks laying there waiting to be put in the net and we have to send them on their way.”

Nugent-Hopkins: “We battled all game, we were still battling in overtime. We just needed one to break them. We didn’t get it, but we have to move forward here.”

Nugent-Hopkins: “It’s not the position we want to be in, but there’s no reason we can’t go out there and do what these guys did to us. We have to find a way to put one in and get a lead here.”

Nugent-Hopkins: “I think tonight we did a better job of getting bodies around the net, getting some more opportunities — that’s how we got our goal this series. We got to find a way to breakthrough. The confidence in the room is still there to do that.”

Dave Tippett

Tippett: “You have to just keep pounding away. We had some tight opportunities. It’s a tight game, you have to find a way to will one in the net. They’ve got a couple breaks and we haven’t got any breaks. Both goaltenders played well.”

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Tippett on 2nd, 3rd, 4th lines: “First game I thought they were good. We shuffled things up to see if we could find some momentum. We took that penalty early, three minutes in, and you start to get out of rotation early. It seemed like we were chasing a little bit. Second, third period I thought we played better and it comes down to a break. You’re trying to find somebody to make that play that counts for you, ya know?”

Tippett on the oilers facing adversity now: “I think our team has responded to adversity all year, so I look at it as I think we were tied with Washington for the best road record this year. There’s some things in our game we can do better and there’s some things you like about our game. we got to go in there and there’s going to be tight games. you have to find a way to win a game. that’s what our goal will be.”

Tippett: “Both teams during the regular season, I think they relied on more offence than defence. And it comes to playoffs and you got to rely on your defence as much as your offence. offense gets harder and you have to make sure you defend.”

Tippett on the Oilers growth: “We talked about it after the game. We’ve been continually getting better all year. We have to come out on the otherside. We have to take it one game at a time and find a way to win the next game.”

Winnipeg Jets

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