Looking for tickets? Check out FansFirst

The Nation Network is proud to announce a new partnership with FansFirst.ca, a Canadian ticket resaler that aims to connect hockey fans without heavy markups or processing fees that come with the big sites. If you want to go to a hockey game but don’t want the hassle of extras that can come with finding seats, FansFirst is the place to get your tickets.

Why buy tickets through FansFirst? That’s easy:

FansFirst is for Canadians, by Canadians and we truly don’t charge our buyers a single penny. We’re not trying to be the next StubHub or Ticketmaster. We are season ticket holders who couldn’t make it to every game and we think there should be an efficient option to resell these extra tickets for every Canadian team. We want tickets to be more affordable for real fans and we want season ticket holders to be able to sell their tickets quick and easy without expensive middlemen. It’s really that simple.

That all sounds well and good but what about the fees?

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Lots of businesses claim to be the cheapest and it’s hard to believe them. At FansFirst you truly DO NOT pay buyer fees of any kind! There are no fees or markups included in our prices. This results in huge savings for buyers. Canadian users of sites like Ticketmaster and StubHub pay fees of 22% to 30%. Other sites say they don’t charge fees, but just include fees and markups in their prices – as much as 40%!

Why else should you use FansFirst.ca?

  • Safe, Easy, and Secure — you can use your credit card!
  • Mobile Transfers guarantee you’ll get the original ticket from the team’s ticketing system.

If you’ve ever tried to get tickets to a hockey game but the scalpers and big sites are charging too much, FansFirst will wipe out that problem and help you get into the arena for less money. We all know that going to a game can be expensive so why not eliminate all of the unnecessary fees and extras that come with buying tickets online? At FansFirst.ca,

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