Baggedmilk on #theLOCKERROOM: Leon Draisaitl, President and CEO of the Nashville Predators

1 year ago
Happy Wednesday, Internet friends, and welcome to yet another chapter of your ol’ pal Baggedmilk’s adventures in radio. As I do every week, I jumped on the air with the boys on The Locker Room for a quick segment to talk about the Oilers while also offering my takes on anything else that’s going on in the world.
To kick off this week’s segment, we got started with a look at last night’s game against the Nashville Predators and how that was easily one of the most complete games we’ve seen the Oilers play in quite some time. Led by Draisaitl and McDavid, the Edmonton Oilers dominated that hockey game and there was simply nothing the Predators could do about it. From there, Grant wanted to know if I think there’s a goaltending controversy brewing in Edmonton, but I can’t subscribe to that at all even though I know we’d all love Campbell’s stats to be higher than where they are. Regardless of his save%, Campbell is getting a whole lot of run support and ultimately getting the job done, and while there’s plenty of room for improvement, the wins are coming so I’m not too concerned about it yet. Lastly, we wrapped up this week’s segment with a look at the insane numbers Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl are putting up so far this season, and how both guys seem to have found another gear when it comes to their production. Even though we know the good times won’t last forever, it’s important to smell the roses every now and then and enjoy the dominance those two are putting down.
Listen to this week’s segment below:

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